"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


6. T H R E E

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S. 



That was the question this beautiful man, with his hard set jaw, forest green eyes, and stubble had asked her. Why.



Elsah tried to convince herself that the reason why she'd helped him was because of her half-angel nature - kindness and empathy were some of the many characteristics that made up the gentle Halves.



And again, although Elsah would never admit it, there was something - something different about Harry. Something that drew Elsah to him subconsciously.



Maybe it was the fact that he was just in desperate need, being attacked like that.



Or maybe because he was unbearably attractive. Everything about him radiated his handsomeness, his masculinity; and that drew in Elsah, whether she wanted to admit it or not.



"You're up already?" Harry asks the platinum-haired beauty, his voice husky with sleep. "You should rest more."



"I heal faster than humans." Elsah replies simply, walking over to Harry's bedside. "Are you feeling better?"



"Yeah, much better, thanks to you."



"Don't mention it." Elsah flashes him a kind smile.



Harry slowly sits up, pushing the covers off him. "Whose place is this, anyways?"



"A friend of mine used to live here, a long time ago. The place is empty now. Would you like some tea?"



Harry nods, grinning. "I didn't know half-angels had an appetite for tea."



"We learn something new each day, don't we?"



"I guess we do."






Elsah sat down on the couch across from Harry, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a  cup of hot tea in her hands.



"Tell me about yourself, Harry."



"What do you want to know? I'm boringly human."



Elsah shakes her head in disagreement. "Humans fascinate me." Maybe not all humans, but at least this human did.



"As Halves fascinate me." Harry sighs, and takes another drink from the sweet, hot liquid that the Half had made for him. It was delicious - nothing like he'd ever had before. Maybe it was because Elsah was really good at making tea, or maybe it was because she was a half-angel, and that somehow affected everything she did -- including the most trivial of things, like making tea.



"Tell me about your life. Family? Favorite things? How old are you?" Elsah looked up at him curiously.



Harry bites his lip, playing with his fingernails. "I am twenty-three." He looks to Elsah expectantly, waiting for her reply.



"Nineteen, in human years." Elsah replies.



"What about angel years, how does that work?" Harry asks, and for the first time, it is a question which he does not know the answer to.



"That's for me to know, and you to figure out." She teases him, earning a chuckle from the attractive man. "Anyways, go on. What do you like to do? What is your favorite color?"



Harry grins at her, and nods before speaking again. "My favorite color just so happens to be the color of your eyes." He says daringly.



Because half of her was human, the blood in her veins rose to her cheeks, and she looked away, embarrassed by Harry's lovely words.



"You're blushing," Harry remarks, suddenly feeling a bit more courageous as he leans over the space in between them and cups her face with his hand, turning it to him.



Harry's touch burned her, a tickling fire under the skin where his hand met her flesh. "Look at me," Harry says softly, and Elsah found herself looking up into his jade green eyes.



"They're lovely." Harry whispered, his warm breath tickling her face.



"Thank you." She replies, and her eyes are drawn to his lips, perfect and moist.



Suddenly, the hand that cupped Elsah's face twitches, and he pulls it away, sitting back. "Sorry."



The skin that Harry had touched still burned with sensation. Elsah ignores his apology with a smile. "Anyways, go on?"



"Oh, right. Um, you said something about family? Yeah, I think you did." He stutters a bit, suddenly nervous, but continues talking. "I had a mother and a sister once. Long story, though. What else would you like to know?"



And that's how the rest of the day was spent - Harry did most of the talking, while Elsah listened, until Harry shot a question at Elsah, and she replied.



It wasn't until the sun began to set that Elsah realized that something was off about Harry. "Harry, are you okay?"



His face was flushed, his eyes reddened. At first it was unnoticeable, the involuntary movements in his hands, but now they had become more violent and more frequent. "Yeah," he lied, until his hand arm shook again. "I don't know. I feel...weird."



His breathing was rapid and shallow, and Elsah looked to him with concern in her eyes. She stood up, walking over to his side of the couch. "What are you feeling?"



"I feel quite dizzy, to be honest with you." His hand came up to wipe at his forehead, which nad gathered an unreasonable amout of sweat.



Elsah leaned over, closing the distance between the two and put the back of her hand to his forehead. He looked up at her silently, his cheeks flushed warm.



"Your skin is hot." She said suddenly. "Maybe you're having an infection? I cleaned your wounds as best I could, but something could've gotten in."



"I don't know. Maybe?" His breathing was ragged, labored.



"Is there a way we can get some sort of antibiotics?" She asked, standing up. Wherever the would be, she would go and get them. She couldn't let the fragile human die while she was able to do something about it - that would be outrageous.



"Can't." Harry's breathing becomes more labored by the second, and he sits up, leaning over the side of the couch.



"Why not? I'll go get some, just tell me where!"  The pitch of her her voice had risen with worry. "Tell me, Harry."



"There aren't anymore," he pauses to take a long breath, "outlawed."



What? Why? "Okay then what can-"



Suddenly, he jolted upwards, his jade irises looking at her in panic. "I'm going to be sick!"



Elsah jumps off the couch and grabs his hand, rushing him to the bathroom.



The second he's at the toilet, his body wretches mercilessly, his stomach emptying its contents. His hand comes up to try to push me away, to tell me to leave, but I wasn't budging.



Her hand rubbed soothingly against his back as he continued to throw up.



After a few minutes, his body started to relax, and he kneeled down on his knees. His finger comes to flush the mess he'd released from his stomach. "Sorry." His voice rasped, harsh from the burn of bile in his throat.



Elsah just shook her head. "There's nothing to apologize for. Are you okay now?"



"Better, but I still feel like absolute shit."



Elsah flinched when Harry cursed -profanity was not something her ears were used to hearing. She was only accustomed to clean language, language not tainted by sin, even though she was half-human.



"Okay, maybe you should lie down and rest. Do you know of any sort of medication that will help that aren't antibiotics?"



He shook his head, sweat glistening across his forehead in the most attractive way. "No, I don't. I think I'll just have to rest."



Elsah helped the sick man up from the floor, and led him back to the bed where she had originally put him after bringing him back from the brink of death not too long ago by giving him her blood.



My blood. Elsah thought, her eyes widening. "My blood!"



He looked up at her from where he lay, confusion in his forest green eyes. "Your blood?"



She shook her head quickly. "Yes, my blood would heal you, quickly!"



Harry's hand came up and closed around Elsah's wrist, stopping her from going anywhere. "No. I don't want to take anything from you; you already gave me so much blood. I can tough this infection out, whatever it is."



Elsah protests, worry in her voice. "But-"



"Elsah. It's okay. Relax, I'm going to rest, though. If worse comes to worst, then we can figure out what to do later, okay?" He assured her.



Slowly, she nodded, sighing. "Alright."



He slowly relaxed his head back onto the pillow, and closed his eyes shut for a minute. A grimace made its way onto his full lips, and he squinted his eyes.



"I'm going to be sick again."



With that, he rushed to the bathroom, Elsah following behind closely as he dry heaved into the toilet. And for the rest of the night, that's exactly what happened.



He'd go back to the bed to relax for a few minutes, and then have to run to the bathroom, dry heaving.



Each time Elsah thought that he'd get better after his stomach calmed down, but then it would start up again, and she couldn't be any more wrong.



And as the night progressed, so did the condition that Harry was in.







Hey loves! So in case you didn't know, the role of Elsah is Taylor Momsen.

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