"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


9. ➸ S I X ➸

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S.

"Hello?" A high-pitched male voice answered. It was high, but it was definitely male. 



"Um..." Elsah hesitated, and looked over to Harry. As she was about to hand him the phone, she realized that he had fallen asleep, and so she panicked. 



"Hello?" The voice came again. She heard shuffling in the background, and then the man's voice became clearer. "Harry?"



"Uh, this is Harry's...friend." She began, not knowing exactly what to say. She didn't know why Harry wanted her to call him, and she felt awkward speaking to someone she didn't know. 



"Well, hi, I guess? Why are you calling from his phone?"



"I don't know, actually. Harry told me to call you. He's sick, and i don't know how to help him! He keeps getting worse, and I-" Elsah rambles on, the pressure of speaking to someone unknown and the fact that Harry's condition was just getting worse was not helping.



"Wait, wait, wait! Slow down a sec. Say that one more time? Harry's sick?"



Elsah nodded, even though obviously the man couldn't see her. "Yes."



"Okay, he'll get over it."



"No, he almost died last night! I had to use-" Elsah stopped herself before saying anything. 



"Use what?" His tone became suspicious. "And how do you know he was going to die? He could be just really sick, but it's natural."



She ignored the first question, but answered the latter. "I just knew. His temperature kept getting higher and I-"



Louis cut her off, "Listen, uh - what is your name? I never got it?"



"Ella." Elsah lied quickly. She didn't know the man, and she was definitely not comfortable with giving him her real name. He could be a serial killer for all she knew. She immediately regret it, because she hated lying.



"Alright, Ella. I'll be there in a few minutes to see what's going on. Obviously if you're this distressed, it has to be something serious. Okay?"



Once again, even though Louis could not see, Elsah nodded. "Okay. Please hurry." She pleaded. 



"I will."






It took exactly four minutes and thirty-nine seconds until Elsah heard a knock on the apartment door. 



Of course, what she didn't know, was that Louis had been there less than a minute after she gave him the location. But he didn't want to scare her for arriving so early, so he waited silently by the door. 



Slowly, she opened the door. 



The man that stood in front of her had an air of indifference around him, an air of nonchalance. He had a rough look, stubble covering his jaw where he neglected shaving a good week or so. His entire presence was dark - his clothing, his aura, and even his shoes. The only thing that really contrasted the dark appearance was his light brown hair and bright blue eyes. 



His bright eyes widened when they took in Elsah's appearance, but he didn't say anything. He just nodded in acknowledgement, and brushed passed her in attempt to get to Harry. 



"He's here." Elsah said quietly, leading the shadowy man to the living room where Harry lie on the couch, sweating. 



Louis remained silent, and Elsah felt unreasonably threatened by his ominous presence. 



He stepped closer to the couch where Harry lay, leaning over to get a closer look at the sick human. "You put wet towels to keep him cool?"



Elsah nodded silently, and took a step back, away from Louis. She didn't know why she felt an almost fear deep down inside - Louis hadn't made a move toward her or threatened her.



"Well, I guess that's good. But I don't think it's going to help in his situation." Louis says, and steps back away from Harry. He walks over to the loveseat, and turns his back to Elsah, and begins to remove the cloak and jacket he wore.



"Normally, I wouldn't go about taking off my coverings and shit, but since you', I don't have to worry about anything." He says.



What? "What do you mean-" Elsahs starts, but is stunned into silence when Louis uncovers what he had veiled. Louis wings were dark, black almost, as if they were made of raven's feathers. Large and majestic, Elsah wondered how he even managed to keep them hidden so well, underneath the cloak and leather jacket. 



Louis flashes her a demonic smile, and nods. 



"You're- you're..."



"Call me a fallen angel, or call me the devil. It doesn't matter." He laughs, and puts his jacket down onto the cushion of the couch. Now that his arms were uncovered, Elsah could see the swirling ink that covered his arms - tattoos. Many, many, many tattoos. 



Now Elash understood why she got a bad vibe from him - he was a demon. He may have not meant harm, but that was what he was, and nothing Louis every did about it could change it. 



"W-what did you mean by not having to worry about me?' Elsah asked, suspicion in her voice. 



Louis stepped closer to Elsah, and she backed up, her back hitting the wall. She pressed herself as far as she could away from him, cringing into the wall. This was not something that went unnoticed in Louis' eyes as he inched even closer to her. 



"I meant," he breathes, his voice low. 



Elsah gasps when his hand comes up behind her, running up her back, and she cringed away even further. 



"I meant," he repeats, "is that you know exactly of my kind. You're not just a random human."



"How would you know?" She growls, trying to pull away from him, but her attempts are futile. She was like a cute kitten, trying to act mean and scary. It had no effect - it just made her seem more helpless. 



"You're a Half, aren't you?" His hand stops at the middle of her back, running his fingers above the shirt she wore, feeling for something. Two, hardened, slightly raised areas. 



The place where her wings would have been, had she been a full-blooded angel. 



"I'm right, aren't I?" Louis laughs, and pulls away. "Your wings never came out, and they never will."



Elsah is slightly relieved when he does, and she automatically knows that his intentions were not to touch her out of lust, but was just for the fact to confirm his suspicions - that she was a Half, a Half without wings. 



But still, she felt just in the tiniest amount violated. Especially because it was a fallen angel that had touched her, a creature that had been cursed. 



As if sensing her discomfort, Louis apologizes. "Sorry about that. I didn't meant to get all touchy, Ella. Where were we?"



"Elsah," she breathed, looking up into his blue eyes, the ones that she knew would turn completely black in a flash. 






"Elsah, my name is Elsah."



"Elsah? I thought you said your name was Ella-"



"I-I lied." She cut him off, dropping her head in an almost ashamed manner.



"You lied?" Louis says in disbelief, and then laughs. "Well, that's definitely a first, for a Half."



To save herself from being embarrassed further, she turned the attention away from herself. "Harry-"



"Ahhh, yes. I need to see what's wrong." Louis turns away from Elsah, and makes his way back over to the couch where Harry lay, asleep. 



His body was flush, hot, and clammy. When Louis bent over him to remove the damp towels, Elsah stepped in to help him. 



"Oh, Elsah. You said you gave him what to help him the other night?" He asks curiously, removing the last cloth from Harry's torso. 



Elsah hesitated, and took the remaining cloths from Louis, making her way over to the kitchen, Louis following closely behind. 



"I didn't know what to do - I didn't have another choice! He was dying - so I...I gave him some of my blood." She squeaked, looking away. 



"Oh." Louis' eyes widened, and he reached over to turn the faucet on. "Well, then what you did is good. That's probably the best thing you can do for him, if you didn't have access to medications."



Louis took a cloth from Elsah's hand, wringing it out before sticking it under the steady stream of ice cold water to soak it up again. 



When they finished wetting all the cloths again, Louis led her back to where Harry was, and asked her to lay them out on Harry once more. She did as he asked, and then he shot another question at her. 



"How did you do it?"



"How did I do what?" Elsah drew her eyebrows together, confused. 



"How did you give your blood to Harry?"



"Orally." She said simply. "I had no other choice. He had to drink it."



Louis just shook his head. "There's easier and quicker ways to do it, Elsah."



"I know, but I didn't have access to the materials. And it was kind of a life or death situation." She explained. 



 Louis paused, as if contemplating over the words Elsah said. "You know, the best thing we could do for Harry right now is give him more of your blood. Angel blood heals, and you've got half of it in you. If it weren't for angel blood in you, I'd be worried that Harry's body would reject it because of possibly different blood types. But since you have angel blood, it's safe to do so. I have the tools to easily do it."



Elsah sighs, torn between wanting to help Harry, but also afraid that she'd already lost too much blood in such a short amount of time. 



"So, are we going to do it?" Louis asks, impatient as he looks back to Harry. "He's not doing very well."



After a few seconds, Elsah nods reluctantly. "Okay. What do you have?"




Louis smiles. "I'll show you."



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