"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


21. ➸ S I X T E E N ➸

Copyright © 2014 Izzy Saphira



“Did I do something wrong?” Elsah drew her eyebrows together in worry, slowly letting the door shut behind Harry, who had rushed off. 



Zayn stood behind her, shaking his head. “No, of course not, El. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just think that he’s pretty sketchy, and you should watch out for him. I don’t trust him very much.” He frowned. 



“But…but he seemed so upset,” Elsah frowned, taking a seat onto the couch, rubbing her temples in worry. 



“Don’t worry about it,” Zayn assured her, “but you need to come have breakfast, now. There’s still some more orange juice, and you need have eat eggs for protein. We need to nurse you back to health, El.”



Reluctantly, she let out a sigh. “Alright.”



As she stood up, her eyes fell on a small black device - Harry’s cellphone. She picked it up in her hands, turning on the screen. The lock screen read 10:56 AM. 



“He forgot his cell phone,” She frowned, shutting off the phone and setting it back onto the table. 



“S’all right, he’ll get it later. Now, come eat, El.” Zayn demanded, so like always, Elsah agreed, and followed him back to the dining room.  





The first thing that Harry noticed when he left the small apartment was that he had forgotten his cell phone there. He wouldn’t have realized that, though, had he not reached for his pockets, in order to call Louis. 



But when realized that his phone was not with him, he cursed, considering to go back for it. He quickly brushed that thought away though - he did not want to go back to that apartment, not now - not until he calmed down. 



So instead of heading back for the apartment to grab his phone and call Louis, he pulled up the hoodie of his jacket to conceal his face, and began walking.





Harry’s eyes grew wary as he approached Bar Daemonium, knowing that it was risky for him to walk straight into a bar strictly known for serving demons. It’d be full, but not too full during this time of day, which was why it was even riskier. It’d be easier for someone to point out and recognize him, rather than when the bar was full.



But he had to take this chance - Louis would probably be there, and Harry needed someone to stay with. 



His hands came up to pull the hood of his jacket up even further, paranoid by the fact that someone might realize that he did not belong here. 



He kept his head down as he pushed open the door of the bar, surprised by the fact that there were more demons in here than he had originally expected. It was only almost noon, but there was already a crowd of demons, drinking and taking shots. Cigarette smoke clouded the air, warming his lungs in a familiar way. 



He spotted Louis immediately, though - his dark wings large, and glorious as he sat on one of the stools at the bar. He was surrounded by other demons in a cacophony of laughter and chatter.



“Another bourbon!” Louis called to the bartender, and then turned his attention to the demon girl that sat next to him, her cleavage on full display.



Harry rolled his eyes as he approached Louis, knowing that he’d probably be taking her home that night, like he regularly did with hundreds of other demon girls.  



“Louis,” Harry spoke up quietly, keeping his voice low as he stepped near the full-blooded demon. 



When Louis didn’t hear him, Harry stepped closer, his voice coming out firmer than before, and he clasped his hand around Louis’ wrist. “Louis.”  



Louis whipped around in his seat, surprise in his features as he realized who had called his name. 



“Harry?” Louis hissed, his eyes narrowing. His voice was low, not wanting anyone else to hear. “What the fuck are you doing here?”



“I wanted-“ Harry started, but Louis cut him off. 



“Do you not understand how dangerous it is for you, here?” Louis hissed, immediately standing up off the bar stool. His entire attention shifted to Harry, wondering what the hell had gotten into him and brought him here. If Harry got caught, who knew what would happen to him.“Do you want to get killed?”



“No,” Harry snapped, “I wanted to ask you something.”


Louis rolled his eyes, shaking his head. He turned to the demon girl, who seemed pissed off that Louis was now ignoring her, and promised her that he’d be back, and then motioned for Harry to follow after him, out of the bar. 



“What’s up?” Louis asked him as the took the back door of the bar outside, remaining hidden in the alleyway. “Why are you here?” He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, placing one in between his lips and pulling out a small red butane lighter in his other hand. 



He tossed the packet to Harry, who caught it, and pulled out one of the rolled up fags with his long fingers, placing it in between his teeth. After lighting his own, Louis handed Harry the lighter, and then crossed his arms, waiting for Harry’s answer.



Harry checked over his shoulder to make sure no one was there, before turning back to his best friend to answer him. He bit down on the inside of his cheek, hesitating. “Do you…do you think it’d be okay if I crash at your place tonight?” 



His voice came out small, ashamed. He was especially embarrassed to ask Louis this, because it was a major kick to his pride. Just a week ago, he’d swore to Louis he had figured out where he would stay, and he promised Louis he would not have to continually annoy Louis with his presence, even though Louis had assured him that he didn’t mind. 



“Yeah, of course you can,” Louis answered him immediately, sympathy in his eyes. “My mother will be leaving back for the suburbs, so the room is yours if you need it. You’re not staying with that Elsah girl?” He breathed in the smoke, warming his lungs. 



“No,” Harry lowered his gaze, kicking a random pebble with the edge of his boot, and took another drag of smoke. 



“Oh,” Louis coughed awkwardly, “I thought you were planning to-“



“I’m so sorry-“ Harry began to apologize, but Louis only cut him off. 



“Don’t apologize, Harry. Seriously, I don’t mind. Do you need the keys?”



Slowly, Harry nodded, digging his hands into his pockets uneasily. He remembered how he’d rudely thrown the keys at Louis after he’d gotten angry, swearing that he’d never be back, and that Louis was a shit friend before storming out of Louis’ home. Now, Harry regretted that, but he would never admit it. 



But Louis, knowing Harry’s nature, understood that this was some form of apology for his behavior from before; and reached into his own pockets to fish for his keys. His raven black wings shifted as he shrugged his shoulders, looking pityingly at Harry.



“Here,” he tossed them to Harry, who caught them effortlessly, his hand zipping upwards at an inhuman speed despite the fact that he was holding a cigarette in the other. “Mother might be there, she’s visiting - she’s supposed to leave sometime today, but I’m not sure, so just be wary.”



“Thank you, Louis.” Harry bit down on his lip, shoving the keys into his pocket. “You’re not coming?”



“Fuck, no,” Louis laughed, a hand coming up to muss his hair. As he chuckled, his large wings shook with the vibrations of the laugh, and Harry watched them in a sort of nostalgic manner. “I’ve still got my bourbon waiting for me, and that chick. She’s too fucking easy; she’ll probably give me head in the bathrooms without me even asking her.”



Harry let out an amused sound, shaking his head teasingly. “Well, you have fun with that. Thanks for everything.” The corner of his lip pulled into a smile, the side of his cheek indenting with a dimple. He pushed the cigarette to the corner of his lips, and he shook his head again.



“Anytime, Harry. I’ll see you tonight, then?”



“Yeah,” Harry nodded calmly, and then adjusted his hood once again. “See ya.”


And then after Harry crushed the remaining of the cigarette under his boot, he took off walking - which was abnormal for him - he was always hasty and quick with things. But he wanted time to think - time to clear his head. 



Louis watched until Harry was out of sight, before turning to the door, and stepping inside the smoke filled bar once again. 





To Harry’s luck, no one was home when pressed the key into the lock, and then pushed open the door. It was completely empty, and silent - just as Harry had hoped for. He wanted to be able to relax and to contemplate, and perhaps even allow some time for self-loathing. 



His sharp senses immediately picked up the smell of freshly cooked lunch, and he assumed that Louis’s mother had just left only a short while ago. 



And as he walked into the small kitchen of Louis’ apartment and pulled open the fridge, he realized that she had made a whole tray of fajitas, and stuck them in the fridge Louis to have later.



They were still warm to the touch - not having had enough time in the fridge to actually cool down yet. So Harry grabbed a plastic plate from the cupboard, cut off a piece from the tray with his fork, and placed it onto the plate, and then headed for the room Louis had promised him.



The funny thing was, was the room was decorated like it was made for Harry. Harry was the one who had picked out the monochromatic colors for the room - the graphite walls, the black sheets, and the white ceiling. There were no paintings or anything of the sort; it took the word “simplistic” to a whole new level. There was no warmth to the room - full of dark tones and grayness. 



The full sized bed was neatly made, and Harry sunk down onto the mattress, feeling exhausted and drained emotionally. He carefully set down the plate of food next to him, letting out a deep sigh. He had a dull headache, another thing to add onto the constant feeling of pain he had to deal with. 



After taking one bite out of the food Louis’ mother had prepared, he could no longer eat - his appetite was gone, and he felt nauseated once again. 



Harry got up momentarily to trash the rest of his plate, before he returned to his bed, collapsing onto the cushioned mattress. 



He let out a sigh as he rested his head onto one of the swan feather pillows, and the shut his eyes, trying to block out the pain.





Elsah paced around her - no, Zayn’s - apartment quietly, growing restless as she walked aimlessly. 



Zayn was seated on one of the couches, trying to focus on his calculus assignment, but he could not help but glance up every minute or so, watching as Elsah grew more and more restless. Finally, he spoke up, “Ellie, sit down. What are you pacing for?”



She only grimaced at him, and then shook her head. She was worried about Harry - because this sickness of his had been attacking him every night - and she didn’t know whether or not he’d get it again tonight. She knew she had to rest - she had been trying to do that all day, with Zayn overbearingly force-feeding her. 



Not exactly force-feeding, but constantly pushing for her to drink more orange juice, to keep drinking other fluids and water, and to eat the soup he’d made for her after Harry had left. 



But she’d rested enough, and she just wanted to know where he was - and how he was doing. She didn’t want any harm to come to him, and she knew that she’d be willing to give up more of her blood for him to feel better, even if it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. 



Finally, because Elsah was not paying attention to him, Zayn stood up off the couch, walking over to Elsah, and grabbed hold of her wrist, halting her movements. 



“Listen, Elsah,” Zayn said slowly, staring into her eyes. “You need to relax. Worrying over him won’t do you any good.”



“I’m not worrying over him,” she denied weakly, but even Zayn wouldn’t fall for that. 



He raised his eyebrow, as if to say “yeah, right” in a sarcastic manner, but then he softened when he saw how much this was affecting his best friend. 



“It’s okay, Elsah. He’ll be fine, I’m telling you. Please, just come sit down for a while, and if he doesn’t show up by the time I leave tomorrow, we’ll figure something out, okay?”



“Zayn,” Elsah pleaded, taking her long hair and tying it up and out of her face, and into a ponytail, “what if the same thing happens to him again tonight? He could pass out unconscious - he could get hurt! How would he get help then?”



Zayn paused, biting down on his lip, wishing Elsah would just be a bit more rational. “Elsah, even if he came back here tonight and needed more of your blood, I wouldn’t let him take any. He’s already taken so much, this is getting ridiculous! You’ll hurt yourself! You need to give yourself time to heal from your wounds, and taking out more blood won’t help with that!”



Elsah cringed back from Zayn, flinching at his loud voice. Zayn had rarely ever raised his voice on her, and the fact that he was doing just that right now made her want to throw up and burst into tears.



“You tell me, Elsah!” Zayn continued, stepping closer to the Half. Zayn was angry, angry at this random man that had showed up into his best friend’s life and was taking advantage of her, and her blood. “Have your scars been healing?”



“Zayn,” Elsah pleaded, wanting him to change the subject. She despised how he kept bringing this up, and not letting her be. “Please stop…”



He ignored her pleas, desperate to get his point across to her - that she was hurting herself, for someone she didn’t even know. He couldn’t let her do that - a best friend would never let something like this happen. But Zayn lowered his voice, just slightly, when he spoke again. “Tell me, Elsah. Haven’t your wounds been taking longer than normal to heal? Have they not?”



She bit down fiercely on her trembling lip, forcing back the moisture in her eyes. “Zayn…



“I’m right, aren’t I?” He said softly, his voice lowering even more. “Aren’t I?”



Elsah looked away, blinking furiously, trying to pull away from Zayn, so that he wouldn’t see her burst into tears. 



But his grip only tightened, and he pulled her closer when he realized how his words affected her, and wrapped his arms around her body in a hug. 



As silent sobs shook her fragile body, Zayn pulled her into his chest, holding her tightly. “Elsah…” His voice was just above a whisper, almost guilty but not quite. He wanted to make Elsah understand that she could not keep doing this to herself, but he felt terrible at the fact that he’d made her cry. 



“Let me go.” She demanded, but her voice came out weak. She wanted to be angry at Zayn for upsetting her, but she couldn’t - it wasn’t in her nature to be angry. 



“No,” Zayn refused, tightening his hug, and resting his chin on Elsah’s head. “I want you to be safe.”


“Zayn,” she demanded again, “let me g-“



“Are you okay?” He asked her worriedly, “don’t cry. I never wanted to make you cry.”



“M’fine.” She sniffled, finally giving up on trying to break free from Zayn’s grasp, and relaxed into his arms. She rested her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat rhythmically. 



His fingers circled patterns carefully at her lower back, slowly inching upwards, when he paused. “Elsah…can I…can I see your scars?” His fingers slowly tapped at her lower back, too afraid to move upwards as to not accidentally hurt her. 



At this, Elsah tensed, and she shook her head, “there aren’t any scars…yet.”



Confused, Zayn pulled away, looking into her eyes. “What do you mean, there aren’t any scars?”



She just shook her head, and stepped backwards, away from Zayn’s warm embrace. Elsah took that very opportunity to change the subject, and then spoke up. “Zayn, do you want to come visit Niall with me? I’ve been meaning to go see him, but I’m to frightened to go alone…” she asked, wiping the remaining tears from her eyes. 



Zayn narrowed his eyes, shaking his head as he realized that this was Elsah’s way of changing the subject, but he sighed, and let it be. “Sure.”



He knew he’d have to bring up this subject again, but he would let it wait now, for Elsah’s sake, and go along with her diversion of topics. He would be more than happy to escort her to Niall’s home, especially because he didn’t approve of Elsah going out alone.



The corner of her lip pulled up into a half-smile, and then she reached up to kiss Zayn’s cheek. 



“Thank you so much. Can we go now, for a few hours?” And although all Elsah wanted to do was to curl up in bed and worry about where Harry was and if he was okay, she knew that if they stayed at home any longer, Zayn would convince her to show Zayn her wounds, and she didn’t want that. So the only solution to that was to leave the house, until late night, when they came back to sleep.



“Yeah, of course,” Zayn nodded, caught off guard by Elsah’s kiss, reminding himself that she thought nothing of it, and that it was nothing more than a friendly kiss. “Let me just grab my wallet and phone, yeah?”



“Thank you,” Elsah gave him a smile, “I’ll go get dressed.”



Zayn nodded, and watched Elsah until she disappeared into the room and closed the door behind her, before making his way to the coffee table and grabbing his things.


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