"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


10. S E V E N

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S.

"You carry a platinum knife on you?" Louis asks, incredulous.



Elsah slowly nods, and frowns. Why was it such a big deal?



"Not to be rude or anything, but don't you think that's not the brightest idea?" Louis remarks snarkily.



Elsah doesn't take note of Louis' tone, though. "Well, I keep it just in case."



The demon shrugged his shoulders, and brushed his hair out of his eyes.



"Okay, well, lucky for us, Elsah, I have just the tools to easily draw blood for Harry."



Although this information might have sounded a bit peculiar to a person more wary and less innocent, Elsah didn't think anything of it: the fact that Louis had these tools on him, and that he knew exactly how to do it.



Elsah nodded, and took a seat on one of the chairs in the small dining room. She pulled up her sleeve, and put her right arm down onto the table, resting it.



Louis came back with a small bag in his hands, and walked over to Elsah's side after setting the bag down.



Out of the bag, he produced a shiny, white needle, a small vial, and a clear,  thin plastic tube.



"Platinum?" Elsah asked, eying the needle that sat on the scratched wood of the table.



"Yea." He answered her, flashing her another one of his demonic smiles. He was fairly attractive for a fallen angel, with his angular face and stubble that sprinkled his jaw. His eyes were a hauntingly beautiful blue, brighter than any blue eyes she'd seen on a human.



"Now you said that you had to draw blood from your wrist?"






"Okay, well, it's easier and more effective if you get it from the underside of your elbow. Right at the brachial vein."



Elsah slowly nodded, suddenly become all too aware of the needle that Louis was attaching to the clear tube."You know human anatomical terms?" Elsah asked, in attempt to distract herself.



She closed her eyes, nervous, and Louis immediately noticed.



"You okay, Elsah? And yeah, I do."



She exhaled slowly, her eyes still closed, and then nodded. "I...think so?"



"Open your eyes."



When she did, she looked away, not wanting to see her arm.



His touch is ice cold - freezing in fact, and Elsah flinches away when he puts his hand around her wrist.



"Sorry." Elsah apologizes immediately, trying to relax with Louis' hand around her arm.



But as much as she tried, she could not. She could not shake the feeling that she got when he was near her, and it almost terrified her when he touched her.



Immediately, Louis noticed that Elsah was shaking, and withdrew his hand for a second, before reaching out for her forearm and bringing it down on the table.



"Elsah, relax. I'm not going to hurt you." He reassures softly.



She nods, and closes her eyes again. "Just do it, quick."



Her heart pounds in her chest, and her breaths become more shallow and rapid.



And when the needle pierces her skin, she lets out a pained gasp.





Louis connected the needle to the plastic tube, which collected blood into the small vial. The vial only held up to approximately eight ounces in volume, but that was more than enough.



By the time it was full, Louis expertly withdrew the needle and tube from her arm, and covered the cut with a band aid, even though it would heal in a matter of minutes.



Had she not felt so weak, Elsah would have questioned how and why Louis knew how to draw blood that easily, and knew basic anatomical terms.



But Elsah was weak. She'd lost a great deal of her blood over the course of the past few days, not giving herself enough time to recover and allow her body to replenish the blood she'd lost.



"Do you know..." Elsah whispers slowly, concentrating on each word. Light-headed was a understatement when describing how Elsah felt right now. "Do you know of anything that'll stop me from getting dizzy and will help?"



Louis brings his arms up and around Elsah, picking her up from the chair she sat in and carries her to the other couch, where he carefully sets her down.



"Orange juice, I think." He answers. "And little salt crackers. I believe that's what humans have after giving blood. And you're half human, so it should help."



Elsah lets out a soft moan as a dizzy spell washes over her, and closes her eyes. "We don't have orange juice here."



"Just rest for a bit," the attractive demon responds. "I need to get Harry fixed up, and then maybe I'll go out and get you some orange juice, okay?"



Elsah agrees immediately - Louis is right. Harry needed to be attended to first.



"Will he be okay? I gave him blood several times, but he gets better only for a short while."



The fallen angel nods, turning away from Elsah and stepping over to Harry. "Yes. Angel blood works wonders on humans. Even if it is only half angel."



"They why does he keep relapsing and getting sick again?" Elsah asked him, her words coming out slower as sleep began to claim her. 



"Probably because the blood wears off, and his own body can't fight the infection. Give it a few days, and he'll be better. Now get some rest."



Elsah nods, her eyes already closed. "Thank you again...Louis."



The last thing Elsah felt before she fell asleep was the brush of a blanket being thrown across her body, and then everything went black. 


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