"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


12. N I N E

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S.



"Have you been here before?" Harry asked the Half as he helped hoist her up and onto the low roof of the abandoned coffee shop.


"On the roof?" She asked, amused. "No."


Chuckling, he shook his head, wrapping his arms around the Half's torso, and pulled her upwards to the roof. "No, I meant to this coffee shop. Before it closed down a few years ago."


She let out a soft grunt as her feet touched the cement of the roof, attempting to balance herself.


His arms left her sides as she pulled away, looking out over the edge of the building into the dark arid night.


"I've been here once, I think. I could never really go out that much," she started, biting down on her lip in thought. "It really wasn't safe for me to go out."


Harry remained silent for a moment, walking carefully over to the edge of the top of the building, looking out into the dark. His hands reached into his pocket, pulling out a small butane lighter, and a cigarette. Elsah watched him carefully, curious.


“I didn’t know you smoked,” she said quietly, looking down as she sat down on the edge of the roof, kicking her legs over the side.


He didn’t reply immediately, instead, sitting down next to her, and kicking his legs over the edge of the roof as well.


“I don’t normally,” he explained slowly, “just whenever I’m in the mood. It’s not like it’s a habit or anything,” he defends himself, lighting the cigarette and placing it delicately in between his lips.


Elsah nods, but she doesn’t reply. She had never liked the smell of the burning tobacco anyways, but she believed it was in her inner nature to be kind and considerate of others, so she refused to make Harry feel uncomfortable.


Finally, Harry spoke up, trying to pick up the conversation from where they had left it a few moments ago. “You said it wasn’t really safe for you to go out? Why?”


Once again, Harry knew the answer to his own question, but of course Elsah didn’t know that.


She smiled at him, but behind the smile, what Harry could not see, was pain. “Because of who I am.”


“A Half,” Harry says, his eyes flicking to the platinum blonde, waiting for approval as he inhaled from his cigarette once again.


Elsah nodded slowly, looking away. “Yeah.”


“Why isn’t it safe?” He asked her once again, his viridian eyes attentive, not missing a single detail. Once again, he knew the answer to his own question, but he wanted to see what the Half had to say.


She paused momentarily, taking in a deep breath. “Have you heard of Blood Dealers?”


Harry shook his head, again, lying. “No. What are Blood Dealers?”


Elsah let out a humorless laugh, shaking her head, wondering how Harry could be so oblivious to the cruel world they lived in. “They are what their name suggests. They deal blood. Angel blood. And Half blood, too. And for some reason, they attacked you as well, that night. And I still can’t figure out why.” She shivers, goosebumps raising on her skin at the thought of such corruption and violence, even though the night was warm.


“What do you mean?” Harry scrunched up his eyebrows, playing the part of cluelessness impeccably.


“I mean, you’re human, Harry. Fully human. And they attacked you. Why? You’re not an Angel nor a Half.”


Harry removed the cigarette from his lips, holding it in between his fingers. His next response strayed slightly from Elsah’s question, but he did it so effortlessly, and she didn’t notice the fact that he had completely avoided her question. “Do you believe in God, Elsah? In Angels, and Demons?”


Elsah let out a deep sigh, “I’d like to believe that there is someone greater, and that if you do good, you’ll be rewarded.” She answers him honestly, but Harry can tell that she has more to say.


“But?” He asks her, sensing that she had more to say.


“But,” she says reluctantly, “the world is such a cruel place. I find myself doubting what I so desperately want to believe.” Her voice is low, full of sorrow, and she pushes a few straying hairs from her face, tucking them behind her hears.


Harry nodded, putting out his cigarette. “I don’t believe in it at all.”


“At all?” Elsah raised her eyebrow, “even Angels and Demons? And Halfs?”


He shook his head, “It’s more complicated than that, Els. Sure, there are supernatural sort of beings, it’s quite obvious,” he motions to Elsah.


“But,” he continues, “it’s all a product of humans messing with things they shouldn’t. It’s not some magic and random beliefs and godly powers granted to some, and not to others. Humans messed with genes, and experimented. In effect, it allowed for the more powerful to control and ostracize people with these extra genes. Like you, Elsah.”


She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “but what about the discomfort I feel around Demons? That’s not genetics.”


He scoots over to Elsah, the corner of his lip pulling up into a seductive smirk. His fingers tapped her forehead lightly,”it’s all in your head.”


Elsah’s skin flamed at his touch, and she ducked her head down in embarrassment. “What do you mean?”


His arm snakes around her back, wrapping her to him, making Elsah’s heart beat, adrenaline rushing through her veins.


“I mean, that’s what they want you to think,” he says, staring into her violet eyes.


Although the manner of this topic was serious, Elsah could no longer concentrate as Harry’s hand rested on her knee, his other arm around her. His eyes bore into hers, holding their gaze, and his lips were painstakingly close, inviting.


“Have I ever told you how mesmerizing your eyes are?” His voice is husky, and his warm breath tickled the skin of Elsah’s face, and her breathing hitched as he leaned towards her.


“N-no.” She stuttered, enraptured by Harry’s spell - the mixture of his proximity, his scent - an intoxicating mixture of cigarettes and mint and cologne - and his hand that had moved up from her knee to cup her face.


“Can…” he paused momentarily, “can I kiss you?”


His question immediately snapped Elsah out of Harry’s trance, and she blinked, leaning back in surprise. She pulled away, her eyes wide in surprise.


The human’s smirk dropped slightly, but he didn’t say anything.


“Sorry,” Elsah began to apologize, sputtering, “you caught me off guard and I-”


Harry pressed a gentle finger to her lips, stopping her from speaking. “It’s okay, Elsah,” he chuckled. His arm pulled away from around Elsah, and he used his hands to push himself upwards from his seated position to stand up.


He reached out a hand towards Elsah, who was still seated, offering to help.


With a smile, she took his hand, and he pulled her upwards so that she stood next to him.


“I’d still like to kiss you sometime,” he laughs, “just when you’re ready.”


Elsah’s face burned brightly, blushing hard. “Okay.”


He cocked an eyebrow, flashing her a perfect smile, “Alright?”

She nodded. “Alright.”


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