"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


24. N I N E T E E N

Copyright © 2014 Izzy Saphira


Elsah wiped away the moisture from her eyes with the back of her hand, and headed back to the bathroom. She quickly shoved away all the things that sat on the counter of the sink - the contacts holder, the soap, the face wash, the toothbrush stand, contact solution, and then reached for the cabinet to pull out the small pouch that Louis had given her last time, with the tools inside. 



She set the tools down onto the counter, and then stepped back to the bathtub, where Harry lay, still unconscious. She bent down, keeping her eyes on his face as to not accidentally see anything else, and she put the back of her hand to his forehead. He’d cooled down a bit, with the help of the ice bath, but he was still warmer than normal.



Louis entered the bathroom, crossing his arms as he looked at Elsah bent over Harry’s side. “How’s he doing?”

“Better, but still not good enough.” She answered him. 



Louis frowned, but he immediately spotted the pouch he had given to Elsah, and then spoke up, “You ready?”



Elsah looked back to him, nodding, “Yeah.”



He motioned for her to come to him, tapping the counter top. “Sit up on the counter.”


She immediately obeyed, climbing up onto the counter, resting out her arm on her lap, exposing her arm to him. 



He pulled out the platinum needle from the pouch, expertly connecting it to the tube as if he had done it hundreds of times. He slipped the tube into the vial, and then grabbed hold of her arm gently, pulling it from the elbow so that he would have better access to where her vein rested under the snowy skin. 



When he pierced her skin with the platinum needle, she let out a small gasp, closing her eyes and grimacing. 



Louis expertly removed the needle from her arm, leaving the tube in to collect blood. 



Elsah kept her eyes away from the blood that was draining out of her arm, so that she wouldn’t be sick. Instead, she focused on Harry, who lay in the tub, his eyes still closed. 



“That’s enough for now,” Louis said, pressing down firmly on her skin where the tube was inserted with his thumb, stopping the flow of blood through the plastic tube. 



He slowly removed the tube from her arm, all the while pressing down tightly against her skin so that she wouldn’t bleed, and then he reached for a bandaid from the cabinet, sticking it onto her. But by the time he uncovered his finger to press the bandaid onto the small cut, it had already stopped bleeding, so there was no point. 



“I didn’t take too much,” Louis explained, holding up the vial for her to see. “Just a few ounces - I know you’re not feeling too well.”



“Yeah,” she said softly, “but it’s okay.”



“Well, let’s get this blood inside Harry,” Louis replied to her, “and then I can give you some blood hormones if you’re feeling sickly.”



“Blood hormones?” Elsah asked, confused.



“Yeah. Louis said preparing the blood so that he can transfer it to Harry. “They’ll make you stronger, and they’ll help replenish your blood faster.”



In the back of her mind, Zayn’s voice was warning her of taking drugs she knew nothing of, but she quickly pushed the thought away. 



“If it’ll help…then okay.” Elsah agreed, closing her eyes as she leaned back against the mirror of the bathroom, still seated on the counter. She felt so exhausted, giving Harry a little bit of her blood everyday without giving herself the chance to even partially recover. She knew it was unhealthy, but she would feel guilty if she knew she could help out but wouldn’t. 



“Yeah, you’ll feel better shortly. Let me just finish helping Harry, and then I’ll fix you up some.”



Elsah nodded once again, just barely able to open her eyes. She felt so, so drained. She wanted to worry about Zayn and where he’d left to, but she had no energy to. She wanted to worry about Harry, and make sure he was doing better, but again, she was completely spent. 



Louis grabbed Harry’s arm, who still lay unconscious in the ice bath. Harry’s lips had turned an icy blue color - either a sign of under oxygenation, or a sign that he was extremely cold. 



When he injected Harry with the few ounces of Elsah’s blood, it only took a few minutes before there were visible effects of improvement in Harry’s condition. 



The reddening of his face lighten slightly, and he was breathing more readily now. His face, which had been scrunched up into a scowl of agony, relaxed into a an emotionless one.



Slowly, he started coughing, and his body sat up, allowing him to cough more easily, and his eyes fluttered open, coughing into his hands. 



Elsah stood up off the counter as quickly as she could without getting dizzy, feeling the exhaustion seep through her as she stepped closer to Harry who now was fully awake, and sitting in the ice water. 



“You okay, bro?” Louis crouched down next to the tub, patting Harry’s back harshly to help with the coughing. 



After a few seconds, Harry nodded, croaking, “Yeah.”



“Harry, how are you feeling? Are you okay?” Elsah crouched down next to him, equally worried. 



When Harry realized Elsah was in the bathroom, while he was very much stark naked, he felt blood rush to his cheeks, somewhat embarrassed. 



“I’ll be right back, I’m going to prepare you your drink, Elsah,” Louis stated, knowing that Harry would probably want some privacy with Elsah right now, so he left the bathroom, leaving the two alone together. 



Harry quickly moved his hands to cover himself, and then he looked to Elsah, his dark green eyes softening when he realized how worn out she looked. “Mind getting me a towel?” He asked her softly, softer than any time he’d ever spoken to her. His voice was so low, so quiet, so unlike him.



“Yeah,” Elsah immediately stood up, opening the small linen closet in the bathroom. She pulled out two towels, setting them down onto the counter, before taking one and handing it to Harry. 



Harry hesitantly stood up as quick as he possible could, but he was still unsteady and dizzy, and Elsah immediately stepped closer to him, grabbing hold of his arm and resting her hand at his bare back to support him and prevent him from falling. 



He quickly wrapped the towel around his lower half, embarrassed at the fact that he felt so vulnerable and weak, and that Elsah was helping him. 



But she didn’t say anything, remaining quiet as she helped him out of the icy bath water. When he stood out of it, she bent down, draining the bath tub of the ice water. 



Harry watched her quietly as she stood back up, and turned around to face him. She gave him a small, reassuring smile, grabbing the other towel and patting it to his chest. She worked quietly, her touches ginger and gentle as she dried his arms, his chest, and very carefully, his back. 



She patted the towel to his skin, which was somewhat cold to the touch because he’d been submersed in the cold water.  



As she worked up to his shoulders, she moved her hands to his neck slowly, patting away the water droplets, until Harry clasped his hand around her wrist, stopping her. 



He brought her hand up to his lips, kissing it slowly, before slipping a cold arm around the small of her back, pulling her against him. 



“Thank you so much for saving me,” he was the first person to break the silence between them, before pressing his cold lips over hers. 



She immediately melted into his kiss, her hands reaching up to cup his face and move up to his dripping wet hair, tilting her head in order to kiss him more fervently. 



His lips felt heavenly against hers, addicting and forbidden. She craved more the second he put his lips to hers - and the same for him. 



Harry had never felt such a desperate need to be close to someone like Elsah - he wanted more and more of her, to feel and touch and make every part of her his. He wanted to wrap Elsah in his arms and make her feel things she’d never felt before, and experience sensations and emotions she’d never felt before. He didn’t know why, but her lack of flaw pulled his flawed self and personality in like a strong magnet. 



Harry enjoyed the soft sound of lips pulling apart as he pulled away from Elsah, only to crush them down even harder against her lips, molding around hers, warm and so tempting.



“Elsah?” Louis’s voice called all the way from the kitchen. “Come get your drink!”



Elsah finally pulled away this time, her amethyst eyes hooded with attraction, and her soft lips swollen from Harry’s kisses. “I’ll leave you to get dressed?”



“Yeah,” Harry nodded. “I’ll be out in a minute.”



Unable to resist, Elsah pressed her lips to Harry’s enticing ones for a short moment, before pulling away and leaving the bathroom, closing the door behind her. 





Elsah headed back to the kitchen, where she heard Louis open and close cabinets, as if looking for something. 



When she stepped inside the kitchen, Louis was mixing a large glass of water with the end of spoon, tapping the spoon on the side of the glass when he was done, and tossing it into the sink. 



“Here,” Louis said, handing her the glass of clear water. “This’ll help.”


The glass of water was completely clear, looking as if it was untouched. If Elsah hadn’t been told there were blood hormones inside, she would haven never assumed. 



She cautiously took the glass from Louis’ hands, still not very comfortable with the fact that he was a full blooded demon, but she pushed away the fear she felt in her gut, and brought it up to her lips. 



“Hold on, let me get you a…” Louis turned around, grabbing a straw off the counter, “straw.”



He placed the straw into her cup, and motioned for her to follow him to the living room. 



“It’s imperative that you drink the entire glass,” Louis demanded, “so that you’ll feel better.” 



Elsah nodded, bringing he flips around the straw hesitantly. “Does it taste bad?” 



Louis let out a laugh, shaking his head, “no, of course not. It doesn’t have any taste, actually. It’s undetectable.”



“Oh,” she answered, relieved. 



“But you’re only supposed to have so much, just this glass. If you take more, it has shitty side effects.”


“But this much is okay?” Elsah’s eyes widened in curiosity. 



“Mhmm,” Louis answered her, and motioned for her to take a seat on the couch. ‘You’ll feel much stronger and healthier after this. It’ll stimulate your bone marrow to speed up the process of hemopoiesis, which is making new blood cells.” He explained to her.



She drew her eyebrows together, “You seem to know a lot of biomedical terms…how? Why?” 



“Long story,” Louis let out a bitter, dry laugh, shaking his head. “For another time.”



Elsah nodded, not wanting to press for answers because that would be rude of her, so she just took a seat on the couch, both hands closed around the glass of water that was mixed with the blood hormones, and slowly began sucking the liquid. 



Like Louis had said, it tasted like plain old water, with no kind of aftertaste. Nothing at all, not detectable, even with her sharp senses. 



She closed her eyes, exhausted as she continued to slowly drink the rest of the glass Louis had prepared for her. She wanted to worry about Zayn, and where he had gone to, or what he was doing, but she didn’t have the energy. She just wanted to lie down, to sleep, until the dreadful feeling of being weighted down and sluggish went away. 



Louis shut off the lights in the living room, heading back to the kitchen and leaving Elsah some space so that she could rest without feeling uncomfortable sharing the same room with a demon. 



After a few minutes, Harry stepped out from the hallway and into the living room, his eyes falling on Elsah, and her half-drunk cup of water, almost on the verge of sleep. He wore only a pair of shorts, hair still damp and he was completely shirtless, the dark ink of his tattoos still vibrant even with the pink scars that scattered his arms and chest.



“Elsah, babe?” Harry spoke softly, walking to her. “Finish your drink? I’ll be right back, babe.”



She nodded, just barely hearing him, and brought the straw between her lips once again. 



Harry headed to the kitchen, where Louis was, and that was when Elsah heard hissing. 



“Louis, I told you I didn’t want any more blood from her! She’s going to get hurt if I take any more! I told you not to.” Harry accused him in a low voice, in attempt for Elsah not to hear him. But what they didn’t know was that Elsah could hear them. 



Louis’s voice came out bitter and annoyed. “You were dying. I had to do what I had to do. You should be thanking me.”



Harry stuttered, “I’m sorry, but-”



Louis brushed off the apology, shaking his head. “She’ll recover quicker with the blood hormones in her water, so you don’t need to worry. I’m going to head back to my apartment; you coming?”

“No, I’ll stay here for tonight. Thanks, though.”



The demon shrugged his shoulders, making his was to the exit,“suit yourself. I’ll see you tomorrow.”



“Bye,” Harry frowned as Louis left the apartment, feeling guilty that he’d yelled at him after Louis had done nothing but help him. 



When Harry returned to the living room, Elsah opened her eyes, smiling up at him from where she sat, elated to see that he was doing better again now that Louis had injected him with her blood. 



“Hey,” he smiled down at her genuinely, feeling an undeniable sort of connection to her. He yearned to to pick her up, to pull her into his arms, to hug her tight and kiss her all over. Harry didn’t understand this overwhelming emotion he was feeling, but all he knew was that he it was growing stronger and stronger the longer he stayed with her. It’d only been a week since she’d rescued him, but it felt so much longer than that. 



And although he knew a whole lot about Elsah, he didn’t know anything about her own personal experiences, her own likes and dislikes, and her pet peeves and favorite foods. He found himself longing to hear her soft, feathery voice talk on and on about these things, about everything that she was passionate about.



What was she passionate about, anyways? Harry thought to himself as he held her amethyst gaze with his viridian eyes. 



“Hi,” she smiled up at him, her eyes lighting up even though she felt completely drained. 



“How are you feeling now?” Harry asked gently, turning around and sitting down directly next to her. 



The bare flesh of his arm brushed and pressed against her arm, still cold and icy from the ice bath. She shivered at the feel of his smooth skin against hers, and closed her eyes again. She rested and leaned her head against Harry’s bare shoulder, and when she did so, a satisfied grin pulled on the corners of his lips. 



He threw his arm over her shoulders, pulling her closer to his body, regardless of the nagging pain that he felt shoot up his spine. 



“M’doing better,” she replied honestly. “I think these hormone things really helped.”



“That’s good to hear,” Harry replied, his free hand coming to rest on her knee. “I’m glad you’re doing better.”



She opened one eye, peeking out in a humorous way. “I should be telling you the same thing. I’m so relieved that you’re not sick anymore.”



“Me too,” Harry replied, drawing patterns with his thumb onto the bare skin of her knee. “Are you tired?”



“I’m a bit sleepy,” Elsah replied groggily. 



“Let’s sleep then.” Harry insisted, scooting down to the completely opposite end of the sofa, and then pulled Elsah into his arms, laying the two of them down. 



At first, Elsah tensed, unused to the open affection and Harry touching her so easily, but she immediately relaxed, turning to face him as they both lied down on the couch. She snuggled her head into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her in an embrace, before she looked up at him with a lazy smile. 



“Your nose is adorably red,” Elsah let out a soft laugh, poking his nose, which was indeed still cold and red. 



“I’m not adorable,” he let out a chuckle, “I’m handsome.”



“Naah,” she teased him, laughing. “You’re adorable.”



“No, you’re adorable.” He brought down his teeth against her bare shoulder, nipping it lightly. 



Elsah’s laugh was light and feathery, like her voice - soft, and relaxing. Harry loved hearing the sound of it - he never wanted her to stop laughing. It was just something about her - something about the fact that he was was so flawed, so imperfect, so corrupted - and she was faultless, flawless, and so pure - the complete opposite of Harry - that drew him in. 



Once her laughter ceased, she rested her head against his chest, her eyes on his tanned skin. Slowly, she brought the tip of her finger to his chest, slowly tracing one particularly long scar, that went straight down his chest and curved slightly to the left just above his navel. 



There were plenty of other scars and blemishes and wounds, but this one stood out. It looked as if someone had intentionally tried to attack in between his ribcage, directly aimed at his heart, but had missed or gone astray before it could do serious damage. 



“What happened?” Elsah whispered, referring to the damage inflicted upon Harry. “These aren’t all from the Blood Dealers.” She stated. “And the burns on your back?”



“That’s a long story,” Harry sighed. “For another time.”


And because Elsah was no longer stressed, and panicking, she was her normal, selfless and considerate self. She didn’t push Harry to tell her anything - she didn’t want to feel like she was intruding. “Alright.”



“Let’s get some rest.” He said, and she immediately agreed. He shifted from beside her, sitting up momentarily to grab the blanket that Elsah had used earlier, and tossed it over the two of them, covering them effectively. 



Since the lights were already turned off, he wrapped his arms tighter around his fragile Half, bringing her closer to him, and then closed his eyes, listening to the sound of her heart beat rhythmically. He pulled his eyebrows together momentarily when he heard that her heart beat much faster than a normal person’s, but shook off the suspicion when he realized that Halves must have faster heartbeats.



Her cheek pressed to his chest as he enveloped her, and she immediately began to feel the exhaustion seep through her, listening to Harry’s calm, steady breaths. She closed her eyes, and within a few minutes, she was completely unconscious. 



“Goodnight, Els,” Harry whispered quietly, pressing his lips to her forehead shortly, and then he himself joined her in her slumber.





When Zayn returned to the apartment, he wasn’t surprised to see all the lights had been turned off. It was almost three in the morning, and he had spent all of his gas driving around town aimlessly, consumed by his thoughts and anger. 



But after a long while of cursing both Harry and that demon - Louis - repeatedly, he realized that it wasn’t worth ruining his friendship with Elsah over them. Zayn knew he was being controlling of Elsah - but it was all in her best interest. He wanted her to be safe, and to not get hurt. 



But he came to the realization that the demon was in fact right - if Zayn were to keep controlling her, Elsah would push him away, just like he’d witnessed for the first time tonight when Elsah snapped and asked him to leave. 



He’d never been so shocked his entire life. Elsah, talking back to him? Snapping? It seemed surreal. 



But it definitely acted as a wake-up call to Zayn - that Elsah wasn’t a child to be taken care of, and controlled. She was a friend. 



Just a friend. 



Nothing more. 



But what Zayn found when he entered the living room, where the only light came from the moon that shone through the window, made something inside him sink. 



Her platinum blonde hair, with the purple tips she dared to dye, fell out from over the couch, where she was cocooned in Harry’s arms under the blankets.




Zayn felt a deep pang of pain and longing, but he bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from saying anything and disturbing their sleep, and then stormed off to his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.


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