"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


18. F O U R T E E N (part 2)

Once he had filled Zayn’s cup, he slid it to him on the counter, and Zayn instantaneously stuck out his hands to stop the cup from sliding any further. Zayn picked up the cup, and brought it up to his lips, taking a drink.



Harry also gulped down the soda, and then ran a hand through his hair before speaking up. “You know, I think we got off to the wrong start, okay? I want to be at least okay with each other, especially if we’re both going to be around Elsah all the time.”



Zayn raised his eyebrow, “all the time?”



Harry nodded curtly, “look, I really like her, okay? I want to get to know her more. And the best thing for you to do is at least try to get along with me, because Elsah likes me just as much as I like her.”


Zayn remained silent momentarily, knowing that Harry had a point.



“Okay, but I swear to god, if you hurt her in any way, Harry-”



“I won’t.” Harry cut him off. He grimaced momentarily, grabbing hold of the kitchen counter to steady himself. It was as if a sudden dizzy spell swept over him, and he blinked a few times trying to get rid of it. His hand was still shaking, but it was visibly getting worse.



“Okay,” Zayn answered. “I’ll murder you if you hurt her.”



Harry blinked again, but blinking only made the world around Harry spin even more, and so his hands grasped the edge of the countertop tightly, struggling to not pass out.



“Dude, are you okay?” Zayn stepped closer, a confused look on his face. Zayn had immediately noticed Harry’s sudden change in behavior, and the sudden reddening of his face.



Harry bit down on his lip, hard, eyes jumping in and out of focus and he tried to take deep breaths. “I-I’m...I’m fine.” he gasped.



Zayn reached out an arm to steady the visibly shaking man. It was so strange - suddenly, there was beads of sweat collected at Harry’s forehead, and there was a blank look in his green eyes, completely out of focus.



“What’s going on, dude? Do you need to sit down?” Zayn stepped closer to him, putting his hand to Harry’s back.



Harry looked up at Zayn, his green eyes darkened - his pupils wide, before he completely lost balance, and collapsed to the floor.



Along with Harry fell the glass that was in his hand, shattering into thousands of shards as it hit the tile of the kitchen.



Shocked, Zayn immediately grabbed Harry under his arms, pulling him up and out of the mess he’d made with the soda and glass. Zayn shifted Harry’s weight against him, still limp and unconscious.



“What’s going on?” A soft voice filled with worry rushed to the kitchen. Sleep was still thick in Elsah’s voice as she took in Zayn and Harry, her eyes widening. “I heard glass shatter-”



Her lips parted in surprise, “oh my god, Harry, is he okay?” She screamed, rushing over to Zayn.



“Stay back!” Zayn warned her, “there’s glass everywhere!”



But of course, Elsah didn’t listen to him. Harry was hurt, and that’s all she cared about at the moment. And it wasn’t like it mattered that there was glass everywhere - that couldn’t cut her. Only platinum would able to break her skin.



She helped Zayn shift some of Harry’s weight against her too, and the quickly took him back to the living room, and laid him down on one of the couches.



“Harry? Harry?” Elsah’s voice was laced with panic as she took his face into her hands, running her fingers over his blemished skin. “Harry, please stay awake.”

Harry let out a soft groan, his eyes rolling back. His body jerked upwards, and he leaned to the side, gagging.



“Zayn, get me something I can give him to puke in! Hurry!”



Within a few seconds, Zayn had returned to Elsah’s side, a small waste basket in his hands. He handed it to Elsah, who then gave it to Harry, and he leaned his head into it, throwing up.



“What’s wrong with him?” Zayn demanded, his eyes widened in distress.



“I don’t know!” Elsah let out an exasperated sound, “this is what I told you about! It keeps happening!”



Zayn leaned closer to Harry, trying to figure out what the hell was happening to him. It seemed that his condition had deteriorated rapidly within the past fifteen minutes.



He watched as Harry continued to gag, his eyes flicking back and forth from Harry to Elsah. There was a torn expression on her face, as if she was trying to decide something, until she finally spoke up.



“Zayn, there’s a small gray pouch in the bathroom on the counter - get it for me quick!”


Zayn nodded and rushed off to do what she had asked for, running back to her as quick as he could.



“Here!” he unzipped the pouch, looking inside, when his lips parted in surprise.



“El, do not tell me you’ve been giving him more of your blood!” He shouted, pulling out the platinum needle and the plastic tube out of the small pouch. He couldn’t believe the things he held in his hands, baffled by the question of where she even got her hands on these tools.



“Zayn, not now!” She hissed back, reaching to take the platinum needle and tube from his hands, but Zayn only pulled it out of her reach.



“El!” Zayn yelled, “you can’t keep putting yourself at risk for him! It’s not worth it!” Zayn was so worried, so god damn worried that she was hurting herself to keep him alive. She had mentioned that he kept getting sick, but it didn’t occur to him the fact that in order for Harry to get better, she had to keep giving him her own blood.



“I decide what;s worth it or not!” Elsah shouted back at him. Normally, she wouldn’t dare raise her voice to her best friend, but Harry was dying, and she needed to help him.



“I’m only looking out for you, Ellie!” Zayn threw his hands up in exasperation, shaking his head. “How many times have you given him blood already? You’re going to drain yourself out!”



Elsah ignored his question, jumping up and yanking the pouch out of Zayn’s hands. “He’s going to die!”



Zayn grabbed Elsah’s arm, stopping her from moving. “El, you’re going to die if you don’t have enough blood!”



Elsah pulled out her arm from Zayn’s grasp, shaking her head and turning away from him. “If I die, then so be it. I’m not going to let him die while I can do something about it.” She spoke, her voice lower than it had been before.



She couldn’t let him die. He was a fragile human, and although she didn’t know much about him, she liked everything about him. She couldn’t even mind when he continuously pressed to kiss her, even though she wasn’t ready, and when he pressured her to curse. Sure, she didn’t like it at first, but those little things did not stop her from being drawn in to his flame.



She struggled to hold the platinum needle, her hand shaking with fear and nervousness as she brought it down near the skin of her wrist. She held her breath, closing her eyes momentarily and cringing.



She didn’t want to ask Zayn for help, even though she did. She didn’t want Zayn to be angry with her, but she had no choice.



“H-Help me?” Her voice came out unsteady as she looked up at Zayn.



Zayn’s coffee colored eyes softened, and let out a deep sigh. “Ellie.”



“Please,” she begged him, staring down at her shaking hands. Her hands shook with fear, fear that if she didn’t give Harry the blood on time, that he wouldn’t be able to make it. “Please,” Elsah repeated.



“I- I can’t hurt you.” Zayn stuttered, shaking his head. However, his actions contradicted his words as he stepped closer to Elsah and took the small platinum weapon out of her hands.



“You’re not hurting me,” she assured him, “you’ll only be helping me.”



A grimace overtook Zayn’s facial expression, but then he nodded, and brought the sharp point against the skin of her wrist, right at a vein.





To Zayn’s surprise, just as Elsah had promised, her blood immediately made changes to Harry’s condition. Not that it mattered to Zayn how Harry was doing, but at least he knew that it wasn’t a wasted effort.



Harry’s white-hot temperature had cooled, and although there were still beads of sweat, his face was no longer red. The sweat had dampened his curls, sticking them to his head, and he lay on the couch, fast asleep, a peaceful aura about him.



Elsah sat down on the floor next to Harry’s couch, leaning her head against the side of it, one of her hands intertwined with his. Her eyes was closed - she had been interrupted from her sleep, after all - but she was no longer shaking with anxiety and panic, now that Harry was back to normal again.



Zayn watched the two as he took the other couch, sitting down across from him. He checked the time on his phone - it was almost three in the morning.



“Ellie,” he spoke up, his voice just above a whisper.



“Mhhmm?” She mumbled sleepily, not opening her eyes.



“Ellie, you should go back to bed. Sleep there. You’ll be more comfortable.” Zayn said convincingly, hoping that she’d listen to him.



She yawned, before answering him. “I’m fine. I want to stay here to make sure Harry’s okay.”


Zayn frowned, trying again. “Please, El? For me? He’ll be alright.”



She didn’t answer him, so Zayn tried once more. “Please, Ellie?”



She let out a defeated sigh, finally nodding. “Okay. Fine.”



Zayn immediately stood up, rushing to her side. She was tired, and he didn’t want her to walk all the way back to her room, so put his arms underneath her legs and torso, and picked her up.



Elsah’s head rested lightly against Zayn’s chest, her eyes still closed, sleepy as he carried her back to her bedroom.



He kicked open the door lightly with the tip of his shoe, and then set down Elsah on the bed, throwing the covers over her.



But instead of going to sleep, she sat up momentarily, pulling her shirt up and over her head, staying in just a thin bra before laying back down. “Thank you, Zayn.”



Zayn, who was only her best friend, couldn’t help but look at Elsah. He was a man, after all, and Elsah was beyond attractive.



But he shook his head, snapping out of his momentary insanity, reminding himself that he did not have those kinds of feelings for Elsah. She was just his friend - his best friend.



“Anytime, Ellie,” Zayn replied back softly, switching off the lights. “Night.”




“Night.” She mumbled, but she was already halfway asleep as Zayn stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. 

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