"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


8. F I V E

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S.

"Harry, you can't just 'tough it out'. It's obvious that your body can't take this infection, or whatever it is!" Elsah protested, and stood up off the couch. 



She had put away the remainder of the pizza into the fridge, only to return back to a Harry whose face was flushed and was sweating profusely. 



"Elsah, I'll be fine, okay?"



She bit down on the inside of her cheek, worried. No, he wouldn't be okay. He almost died last night, coughing up blood like that. That wasn't normal. "Please, just let me-"



"No." He said sternly, and put a hand up to refuse her offer. "You've already given me so much blood these past few days. You're going to drain yourself out." His voice was pained, and forced. 



Elsah exhaled in defeat, and then walked over to the kitchen to see if there were any kinds of pain relievers in one of the cabinets. 



She opened every single one of them, scavenging through them all, but with no luck. They were bare of any medicine. 



When Elsah spotted a towel folded away in one of the cabinets, an idea struck, and she grabbed it into her hands. 



She walked to the sink, pulled open the faucet, and let the towel soak with cold water. Once it had completely absorbed the water, she wrung out a bit of it so that it wouldn't drip, and headed back to where Harry lay on the couch. 



His eyes were closed, and his face was bright red. Sweat covered his forehead, and his curls were damp against his head. His breathing was labored, and there was a grimace on his strikingly attractive face. 



Carefully, Elsah set the cool, damp cloth against his forehead in attempt to somewhat control his fever. 



One small towel can't be enough.  She thought to herself, and headed back to the kitchen to look for more. 



It took the Half a good fifteen minutes to ravage the entire apartment looking for towels, but in the end, she had gathered a decent amount, soaked them all in cool water, and then took them back to Harry. 



"Harry, I found some shorts for you. Put them on, and take off your shirt? You're body temperature is still rising." She pleaded with him, shaking his shoulder. 



He let out a stifled groan, and turned away from her as he lay on the couch. "M'cold."



"You just feel cold, but you're burning hot! Please?"



He lets out a sigh, before fluttering his eyes open for just a second and sitting up. His fingers grab the hem of his white t-shirt, and pull it up and over his head. 



Elsah couldn't help but look away in some sort of embarrassment, even though there was nothing between the two. She was just a Half, and he was just a terribly sick human who needed tending to.



But it was something that she couldn't deny - he had an aphrodisiacal characteristic to his appearance, something that drew Elsah in like a moth to a flame. 



When he slipped out of the jeans, he didn't even bother to take the shorts from Elsah; instead, he lay back down, and closed his eyes without another word. 



His eyebrows were etched together, his face scrunched up in a grimace, and Elsah immediately got to work, despite how timid she was around him with so little clothing. 



A fresh damp towel across his forehead, several across his chest, covering the intriguing tattoos that were scattered across his torso. A couple more on his arms and legs, and then she was finished. 



Pacing back and forth, she gave him some time to cool down, changing the cloths every ten minutes or so. But unlike what was supposed to happen, Harry's body temperature did not drop. In fact, it seemed to get even hotter when the Half pressed the back of her hand to his body again. 



"Harry? How are you feeling?" She shook his side once, twice before he answered. 



"Like fucking shit."



Like before, Elsah cringed at his dirty language, but she didn't say anything.



"Elsah." He breathed slowly, screwing his eyes shut tightly. "Can you get my phone? It's on the counter." His voice was hoarse when he spoke.



She wasted no time in retrieving the cellular device, and walked back to the couch where Harry lay. 



"Go to my call logs. Louis. Find Louis."



Elsah struggled a bit to operate the device - she never had a phone before; it was never needed. But she had used them before, so she managed to look up his call logs and scroll until she found the name of the person.



It took two rings before the person on the other line picked up. 





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