"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


20. F I F T E E N (part 2)


“Morni-” Harry spoke up, freezing in place when his observant eyes fell on Zayn in between Elsah’s legs, who sat on the counter, and Zayn’s hand at her chest.



Harry’s lips parted slowly, and then he spoke up, “What the fuck?” 



Elsah flinched immediately at the profanity, and Zayn turned around, narrowing his eyes at Harry. 



Zayn stepped in front of Elsah, shielding her from Harry’s lustful eyes, “watch your language.” 



Harry ignored him completely, taking a step towards the two. “Elsah, what is he doing-“



Out of embarrassment, Elsah hugged her body, covering up the exposed skin, turning red under Harry’s colorful eyes. “He just spilled juice on me-”



“You’re letting him touch you like that? He probably did that on purpose, to-”



Enough.” Zayn said in a stern voice. “If you think you’re going to try and control her, then you can leave.” 



Harry let out a forced laugh, shaking his head. His eyes fell upon the white shirt that sat next to Elsah on the counter, and reached for it. Sure enough, there was what looked like orange juice spilt on it, but he didn’t care. 



Harry tossed the shirt to Elsah, raising his eyebrows at her. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up, Elsah, and he and I will finish making breakfast, okay?”



Elsah grabbed the bunched up shirt, clutching it to her chest, and nodded. Slowly, she slid off the counter, stepping behind Zayn, using him as some kind of shield. 



Zayn looked as if he was about to argue with Harry’s demand, but he too realized that it’d be better to get Elsah away from whatever was about to erupt between the two, so he just nodded. “Yeah, go take a shower?”


Elsah grimaced, cringing back behind Zayn, not wanting to tell him why she was using him for cover, but wanting to ask him to come with her. Or not necessarily come with her, but to shield her back so that he and Harry wouldn’t see. 



She gave him a look, and Zayn immediately understood, so he stood in front of her, blocking Harry’s view, momentarily while Elsah turned around, and fled for the bathroom. 



Once she was completely gone, Harry turned to Zayn, a disgusted look on his face. “Keep your filthy hands off her, fucker. She’s mine.”



Zayn let out an angry snort, flicking Harry off. “She’s not yours. She’s not anyone’s for fuck’s sake. She’s her own person. And you have no right to tell her what to do.”



He raised an eyebrow, tilting his head, “Did you not just tell her what to do as well, Zayn?”



Zayn was about to protest, but stopped himself by biting down on his lip. Harry was right. 



Harry knew he was right, and because of that, he could have easily rubbed it in Zayn’s face, but he chose not to. Besides, even though he was angered that Zayn had been touching her, he really wanted to get along with him. Maybe even become friends…because Harry didn’t have many friends. 



He didn’t let anyone know that he was lonely - tired and sick of having no where to stay, and no one to lean on. Most of his “friends” had abandoned him after what had happened between him and his father, sickened and disgusted with Harry. 



The few friends that remained had also left him after he became obsessively controlling of his friendships, worried that they too, with betray and ditch him. 



But that’s exactly what had happened when he became too possessive of his last remaining friends. They too abandoned him, leaving him on his own, to fend for himself and try to find a way to live without any kind of support. 



Louis, who Harry had found out came from a well-known family of demons, was the only one who took Harry in for a few weeks while he recovered. 



Louis wasn’t rich or anything - in fact, he was just the opposite. His family lived paycheck by paycheck, and maybe that was why Louis had felt unnaturally sorry for Harry.



The nature of demons - what made them different from humans and angels - was also in their genetics. Their genes coded for darker personalities, engrained anger and violence into their very being, and replaced compassion and empathy with mercilessness, and intolerance. They were dominating and controlling by nature, agile,  highly persuasive, and influential. They easily lied their way around things, coating their words to make them appear pleasant, when in fact, they were nothing but deceiving. 



In society, it was the demons who took the niches of the most powerful and controlling. They controlled the banks, the governments, law enforcement, and the militaries. Of course, there were a few exceptions - humans here and there, as well as the occasional half-angel or half-demon, but those were rarer.



On the other side, engrained into the genetic make-up of the angels, was complete and utter compassion. Love. Peacefulness, instead of violence. Understanding. Nurturing. They were charitable, considerate, and amiable. The spoke the truth, and nothing but the truth.



They carried themselves in a soft manner, aware of the world and the nature around them. They walked the earth, leaving it growing and thriving beneath their feet - a huge contrast to all of the destruction and pollution the demons continuously do. 



The angels and Halves were often found in nurturing settings, such as hospitals, schools, and libraries. 



They were kind to everyone, and always saw the good in everyone. 



Perhaps that was why they had been taken advantage of, lied to, and abused. 



Once the discovery that angel blood worked wonders for numerous things, they’d become a target. Blood Dealers sprouted everywhere, building up their own gangs to hunt and drain angels for their blood to sell it off for a larger price. 



As the number of angels depleted over time, the rest took cover, and went into hiding. They became a rarity, making the prices of angel blood skyrocket by the ounce. And because of that, some Blood Dealers had taken to attacking half-angels as well, even though their blood was no where as valuable as full-blooded angel blood. 



So it was a rare case that Louis did not even think twice about taking the ostracized man into his home, giving Harry his sister’s empty room while she was off study abroad. Even though it wasn’t in his demon nature to feel sorry for others, maybe the fact that he once also had nothing made him feel sympathetic towards Harry. 



So Louis was the only person Harry had left as a friend; and that was why Harry was so desperate to have others around him. 



“Look, I’m sorry.” Harry finally spoke up, crossing his arms. “I really am.”



Zayn looked up at Harry skeptically, setting the eggs from the skillet onto a ceramic plate, and then placing the skillet into the sink. 



“I’m not normally like this…” Harry continued, trailing off. “I’ve just been through a lot of shit lately.”


Zayn raised an eyebrow, ignoring him momentarily, and brushed past him to set the eggs on the table. When he returned to the kitchen, he grabbed a paper towel, wetting it under the faucet of the sink, and bent down to wipe up the mess the orange juice had left on the floor. 



Zayn didn’t reply to him again, unsure if he was trying to kiss up to him or not. He was very iffy about Harry, and he didn’t like the fact that he’d only known Elsah for a week, and he was already being unhealthily possessive of her. 



Finally, Zayn spoke up, “If you’re trying to get me to pity you, it’s not working.”

Letting out a frustrated groan, Harry ran his hands through his hair, exhaling. “I’m not trying to-“



“Save it.” Zayn cut him off stiffly, his head looking up to see Elsah walking back to them. 



“Sorry guys,” Elsah apologized immediately as she approached them. “I didn’t mean to take so long. You guys should’ve not waited, and started eating.”



Zayn looked at her, “Don’t worry about it, come eat.”



Zayn and Elsah took a seat at the table, leaving Harry standing awkwardly. Elsah motioned for Harry to sit down on the other chair, but instead, Harry just shook his head. 



“I’m…I’m going to go,” Harry spoke quietly, his eyes trained on the ground. 



“Wait, why?” Elsah frowned, and Zayn bit down on the inside of his cheek to fight off a smile. 



Harry just shook his head, not wanting to tell her that he felt unwanted, so he lied, “I have to go meet up with Louis, anyways. I’m going to be late.”



And as quick as he could, Harry grabbed his leather jacket from where it was tossed onto the couch he’d fallen asleep on earlier that night. 



“Harry wait, what’s wrong?” Elsah stood up from the table rushing after him, and putting a hand to his shoulder. 



He pulled away from her touch, as much as he craved more, and opened the door of the apartment. “Nothing’s wrong, Elsah. I’ll see you later. Have a great weekend.”



And with that, he rushed off, leaving behind a very confused Elsah, and a triumphant Zayn.

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