"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


14. E L E V E N

Copyright © 2014 Izzy Saphira   


She wiped away at her tears with her free hand, the other in Harry’s as they ran back to her apartment. Her heart beat rapidly, dread rising in her stomach in the form of bile.



“I’m so sorry, Els, I didn’t think we-“ he began to apologize, squeezing her hand in reassurance.



She shook her head, “it’s- it’s fine. I should have said no – this is why I never go out.”



“I’m sorry,” he turned his face to her, slowing to a jog as he breathed heavily.



“What are we going to do?” She hissed in a low voice, fear storming in her amethyst irises.



His jog slowed even further to a walk, now that they had finally left the premises of the side of town that was infiltrated by the darker supernatural beings, and a few daring humans.



Where Elsah’s small apartment was located, was on the safer side of town. Demons, Blood Dealers, and other darker beings generally did not lurk around there. Mostly, the apartment was surrounded by hundreds of other apartments, most of their inhabitants human. There was an occasional Half, but they hid themselves well, blending in with the humans as much as possible.



Full-blooded angels were even rarer - they concealed themselves even better than the Halves. They had to - it was much too dangerous for them. If anyone found out, the news would spread like fire. Angels were almost like a miracle, only heard of every once a few decades or so, but none of them have survived a week after being exposed.



The minute the news of an angel being found hit the the ears of both the Blood Dealers and or the demons, the angel’s grim death was imminent. The Blood Dealers and demons  would take off, their eyes attentive and observant, senses heightened with the rush of adrenaline through their veins. Finding an angel was like hitting jackpot - the payoff was boundless and immeasurable. They would be set for life after draining their victim, selling their blood at ridiculously high prices; and of course, like always, because there was such a high demand, it’d sell out in minutes.



Finally, his face turned to her, observing the tears that fell from her eyes, his sensitive ears picking up on the frightful beating of her heart. “The question is not what we are going to do,” he paused momentarily, choosing his words with great care. “I’m not getting you involved with this. I brought this mess onto us, and I’ll get us out of it, okay?”



The Half bit down on her lip, her eyes scanning over Harry’s alluring features - his dark eyebrows, bright viridian eyes, and a strong jaw sprinkled with stubble. She noticed the way he continued to say ‘us’, a nameless emotion bubbling up inside of her because of it.



“How?” Elsah finally answered him, her voice just barely a whisper.



Harry looked down at his feet, finally breaking eye contact with the stunning Half, shuffling. “I don’t know. I’ll figure something out, though. Alright?”



As he stopped speaking, he let go of Elsah’s hand, boldly wrapping his arm around her back, bringing her closer to his body.



Elsah’s breath hitched as she bumped into Harry’s chest lightly, which was firm and strong. She found herself frozen by his intense gaze, as if his green eyes were burning a hole through her. It was unsettling, but flattering all at the same time.



His other arm came around Elsah as well, both hands resting at her hips as he stood her only a few inches away. Finally, his gaze dropped, his eyes tracing down the features of her unflawed face, settling on her soft, parted lips.



Elsah felt her heart hammer in her chest, and for some reason, she didn’t feel frightened anymore - the incident that had happened just fifteen minutes ago long forgotten as she found herself mesmerized by his lips, by his scent, by his hands on her hips, by Harry himself. The only thing that bubbled in her stomach now was nervousness, and maybe even a little bit of anticipation.



She could feel his warm breath tickling her face, smelling faintly of lemons; and then she slowly let her eyes flutter close, leaning into him.



He couldn’t control himself - Elsah’s lips were much too enticing, and her body was inviting - as he leaned forward, inching closer to her angel-like lips.



But just as his lips were a mere inch from hers - so close that she could feel his breath hit her lips, he pulled back a bit, shaking his head as if he had forgotten something.



Just as Elsah was about to pull away in embarrassment of the rejection, Harry blurted, “Can I kiss you, Elsah? God, fuck, I’m trying to control myself, but you’re so tempting-”



And just as those words spilled off of those damned, desirable lips, Elsah grabbed at the collar of his shirt, and brought his lips down on hers.



Her body was nervous and tensed as he pulled her closer to him, tilting his head slightly as his lips closed over hers. He immediately took control of the situation, pulling Elsah’s hands and resting them at his sides, dropping the groceries from his hands onto the floor as he did so. His hands, one cupping the side of her face, and the other resting at the side of her neck were warm and calloused, further ignited the fueling kiss.



His lips brushed over hers in an almost primal, carnal way, claiming them as his. The soft gasp that left her lips only encouraged Harry further, nipping her lower lip with his teeth, pushing his tongue past her lips, deepening the kiss.



An involuntary moan left Harry’s lips, the vibration of the deep sound sending shivers down Elsah’s back. Elsah felt something foreign - a sensation she’d never felt before, but the second he pressed and shaped his lips into hers, she was instantly craving more of this delicious man.



When he finally pulled away for a breath, he let out a soft laugh. The sound was pleasant, contagious, and then Elsah found herself laughing lightly as well, even though she didn’t have a reason to.



 “I’ve never kissed a Half before,” his eyes lit up in amusement, the dimples in his cheek flashing as he smiled at her.



She grinned back at him, feeling jittery and exhilarated, “and I’ve never kissed a human before. I haven’t kissed anyone, actually.”



His laugh dies off to just a confused smile, his green eyes skeptical. “Really? You’ve never kissed anyone?”



She nodded slowly, ducking her head in embarrassment when blood rushed to her cheeks. “No…” she trailed off for a moment, “is that bad?”



His eyes widened, shaking his head, “no, of course not! I kinda like that, actually. That I was your first.”



“Oh, okay,” Elsah smiled, feeling a sense of relief rush through her.



Before she realized it, Harry leaned down quickly, pressing his lips to hers for a few, short seconds, catching her off guard.



Again, when he pulled away, his lips left a pleasant burning sensation on hers, and she brought up one of her hands to her lips, gingerly brushing over the scorch of his kiss. Her breaths were still shallow with delight as he took her hand in his, intertwining his fingers with hers, and then bent down to grab the fallen groceries. “You’re my first, too. Well, my first Half, at least.”



And although it wasn’t exactly the same thing, Elsah felt somewhat rejoiced by the fact that she was the only Half he’d ever kissed, and that she shared something with him that no other Half had had.



“Let’s go?” He let out another light chuckle, flashing her another exhilarating smile. “I’d like more of those kisses when we get back, yeah?”



His cheeky demand was responded to with Elsah’s laugh, and a bob of her head. “Whatever you say, Harry.”



And then, they took off back to the apartment, their pace brisk with anticipation.






She stood against the white vinyl counter of the small kitchen, watching Harry as he prepared a meal for the two of them.



Her eyes watched him closely,  the way the muscles in his arms moved underneath the tanned skin as he pulled out the olives from the jar with a spoon, setting them onto the cutting board he’d found in one of the cabinets. There was a slight smile that settled on those kissable lips, dimples prominent as ever.



As he worked, she caught him glancing up several times, sneaking a few peeks at her, and he chuckled every time she caught him. She found herself blushing, but she couldn’t even deny the fact that she liked that Harry was looking at her if she was asked. She stood there, an amused smile on her lips, watching him as he chopped the green olives with the stuffed red peppers into small rings.



He had already made two sandwiches filled with turkey breast and vegetables, which were sitting out on a plate and set to the side. They would be ready to be eaten once he was done making whatever it was he was doing with the olives. “It’s a spread I’m making, for the sandwiches” he explained, referring to the olives he was cutting.



Once again, Harry unashamedly looked up from his work to Elsah, this time, his eyes lingering longer than just a mere glance. Elsah let out a laugh, gazing back at those alluring green irises of his, before she finally let out a breathless, “What?”



He set down the knife back onto the cutting board, the corner of his lip pulling up into a smirk, before he took one quick stride to her, placing his hands on her hips.



“I’m kissing you again, I can’t help myself. You look so irresistible standing there.” He answered her, not giving her a chance to react before pressing down his lips against hers.



As he shaped his lips to hers, she moulded her body to his, running her hands up and tangling themselves in his dark, unruly hair.



His hands closed tightly around her sides, pushing her up and onto the counter, leaning further into the fiery kiss. Something about her was just so addicting, the way her lips moved in an innocent, inexperienced manner, the way small gasps left her lips when he kissed her harder and more roughly, and the way goosebumps rose on her skin wherever he touched her. He wanted to elicit more reactions from her, to hear more of her surprised gasps, her breath hitching, and her heart beating fast. He wanted more of those goosebumps to rise on her skin, he wanted her to shiver with delight - all because of him, because of his hands, his kisses, and his affection.



He pecked her lips one last time, before pulling away, his green eyes illuminated with excitement and adoration. He let out another chuckle, a giddy chuckle, before he turned back to the olives her was chopping.



Once again, as Elsah remained perched on the counter, she found herself tracing his burning kisses with her fingertips, a wondrous look in her eyes as she watched him finish making their meal.



Once he had cut up a decent amount of the olives, he pulled out the small foil package of cream choice, pulling it open and placing it in a ceramic bowl, and then placed the olives into the bowl as well.



“Where are the spoons?” He asked Elsah, looking back at her with a smile, his heart also thudding in his chest. He wanted to make the food quickly and get it over with, so that he could take the Half in his arms again and kiss her all night long.



Just something about her, something he could not fathom, drew him in inexplicably. Almost like a moth to a flame, except this time, he was the flame, and he was drawn in by the fragile moth.



“Here,” Elsah jumped off the counter, grabbing him a spoon from one of the drawers. He thanked her with a quick peck to the lips, before he turned around and began to mix the olives with the cream cheese.



“I’m going to go the bathroom real quick - I’ll be back.” Elsah said quietly, before giving Harry one last longing glance and turning to leave the kitchen.



“Don’t take too long,” Harry insisted, “the food’s almost ready.”




She nodded, assuring him, “it won’t be long.”






When she returned, two plates with sandwiches had already been set out on the coffee table, along with two large glasses of soda. The TV was on, but the volume was set low, so that they could barely hear it.



“Come, sit,” Harry motioned over for her from where he was seated on the couch. She immediately did as he asked, making her way over to where Harry was seated.



When she sat on the opposite side of the couch, Harry frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything regarding it. “Here’s your plate, and your drink.” He handed her the plate that sat on the table, and she took it from him.



“Thank you,” she said appreciatively, biting into the sandwich.



It was full of colorful flavors, tantalizing her tongue in a surprising way. “Wow, this is really good, Harry. You can cook?”



His face lit up at her compliment, and he smiled. “Well, making a sandwich doesn’t really classify as cooking,” he  paused, laughing, “but yes, I can cook.”


She swallowed the food in her mouth before speaking again, “Well, it’s amazing.”



And so they sat there, an occasional word spoken between the two, but most of the time the were eating, they were silent.



Until Harry spoke up, of course.



“You’ve got a little something -” he smirked, his thumb reaching out to run across her bottom lip, drawing out the motion slowly, in an almost seductive manner.



Once again, her breathing hitched as she watched his finger movely slowly across her lip, her eyes flicking up to meet his.



He knew what he was doing to her, making her heart pound at the intimacy of the gentle touch. He knew that he’d get a reaction from her, one that clearly exposed how inexperienced and new she was to all of this, and maybe that’s why he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to see more.



And then, he leaned over, pressing his mouth over hers once again.






Once the plates were cleared and the glasses were empty, Harry finally convinced Elsah to come closer, pulling her into his arms, and kicking his legs out across the couch so that they were both lying down.



It took her a while to calm her racing heart and quick breaths, the proximity of his body affecting hers.



But finally, after running his long fingers through her hair in a soothing manner, Elsah was finally able to relax into Harry, closing her eyes, feeling overwhelmingly sleepy.






She had been asleep for quite some time, when Harry tried to get up without waking her. He felt sick, sick to his stomach, and the temperature of his body had gone up again to a searing hot.



However, he wasn’t successful when Elsah shot her eyes open, confused. “Harry?” Her voice was still thick with sleep.



“I’m going to be sick again,” he panicked, standing up off the couch and rushing to the bathroom.



Worry and concern in her violet eyes, she immediately jumped up, and ran after him.



And then, once again, his stomach wrenched, emptying out everything he’d eaten into the toilet, just like the previous night.



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