"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


23. E I G H T E E N

Copyright © 2014 Izzy Saphira


The door flew open, and then Louis and Harry stumbled in. “Elsah!” Louis called.



Louis’s arms were wrapped around Harry’s body, supporting his weight, and Harry’s eyelids drooped, as if he was just barely awake.



Elsah rushed over to them, a horrified expression on her face as she took in the mess that had stumbled through the doorway. “What’s going on?” She panicked, her eyes taking in Harry’s limp form. “What happened to him? Is he okay? What happened?”



She put her hands on Harry’s shoulder, trying to get a response from him, but all he did was let out a soft moan, his eyes shut, unconscious. 



“Harry?!” Elsah squeaked, worried sick to her stomach. She felt like throwing up, seeing Harry completely unconscious, with reddened skin, and sweat running down his forehead.



“Let’s get him to the couch!” Louis demanded, pushing past Elsah. 



She nodded, following after him quickly, and then rushed to the large sofa as quickly as she could, clearing it off the pillows that decorated it. “Here!”


When Louis set Harry down on the couch, he scooted him so that he was fully lying down, Harry’s arm falling out over the side of the sofa. “It’s happening all over again, whatever sickness he keeps getting. I found him in my apartment, throwing up and about to pass out,” Louis explained.



“What’s going on here?” Zayn rushed into the living room, a toothbrush in his hand, and foamy toothpaste in his mouth. His eyes widened at the sight of Harry, and then narrowed, but he completely lost it at the sight of an unfamiliar demon, in his house, with Elsah just feet away from him. “What the fuck?”



But no one paid much attention to Zayn at that moment - everyone was lost in trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with Harry.



Harry let out another soft moan, his dark green eyes fluttering open momentarily. They look out of focus, darting back and forth as he gasped for air, before they came into focus on Elsah, who stood above him, watching him with a terrified, worried expression on her face. 



The first word that came out of Harry’s mouth was her name, “Elsah?”



When it clicked that it was her, standing above him, he immediately panicked, cringing back into the cushion of the sofa as far as we could, putting a hand out as if to say “stop”. 



“Louis!” Harry shouted, his voice filled with anger, but it he was still weak. “I told you not to bring me back, I don’t want to take any-”



When Louis ignored him, Harry turned back his vision on Elsah, who stood like a deer caught in headlights, her eyes wide with worry. 



“Elsah, listen to me.” He begged her, coughing. His hand came up to cover his mouth as a fit of coughs attacked him, and then he drew his hand away, blood splattered violently in the palm of his hand. 



“Harry-” she bent down next to him, taking his wrist into her hands. “You’re coughing up blood again. Oh my gosh, Harry, please-“



“Listen,” He begged her, taking his wrist out of her hands and grabbing hold of her forearm with his clean hand, “Please, Elsah, don’t-“



“Elsah, go inside to my room!” Zayn shouted, pulling her away from Harry, and the demon. Zayn was completely and utterly horrified at what was going on, terrified at how Elsah was so near a demon, someone that could end her life if he ever found out what she was. 



“Zayn, let go!” She pulled her arm away from Zayn, stepping back to Harry, who was have another fit of violent coughs. 



“Who the fuck are you and why are you here? Get out! Get the fuck out!” Zayn shouted at the demon, pulling Elsah back away from Harry, pushing her behind himself and spreading his arms out to shield her from the demon’s view. 



Zayn’s heart was racing at an alarming pace, and his eyes were wide, focusing in on the threat that this demon posed to not only himself, but to his best friend. He would stand his ground, making sure Elsah would not get hurt by him. 



Zayn’s stance was ready to attack the demon at any moment, his brown eyes zeroing in on the demon with the large, black feathered wings, and the pitch black eyes. He would not let the demon near Elsah - not even if it cost him his own life. 



“Zayn!” Elsah wrapped her hand around Zayn’s arm, pulling him back gently. “That’s Louis, leave him alone!”



“What?” Zayn’s response came out breathless as he looked from the demon, to Elsah, and back to the demon again. 



“Don’t worry,” Elsah assured him, exasperated. “I know him. He’s Louis; he doesn’t mean any harm!” 



Louis’ eyes, which were now black as the dark of the night sky, narrowed at the strange human who stood in front of Elsah, wondering who he was, and what he was doing at Elsah’s place. 



Taking advantage of Zayn’s momentary confusion, Elsah dashed past the two, and stepped back to Harry, who was struggling to keep his eyes open as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. His shirt was completely drenched in sweat, clinging to his overheated body. 



“Elsah,” he called to her softly, and she took his hand in hers, nodding for him to continue.



“Don’t give me…any more of your blood. None. Nothing at all, you hear?” He said sternly - well, as sternly as he could while just barely staying awake. His voice was weak, and his eyes kept losing focus as his dizziness worsened.



“I can’t promise you-” Elsah started, but he cut her off.



“No, Elsah! I’m… serious. I…” he struggled to speak, his hands coming up to his throat, as if he was choking on his words. “Don’t…give me any…thing. You’re going to drain…yourself…”



He blinked a few times, his eyes rolling in an unfocused, dazed manner, before closing his eyes for the last time, and passing out. 



“Oh my fucking god,” Louis shoved past Zayn, who was in the way, fixing himself between the demon and Elsah. 



Elsah pressed a palm to Harry’s forehead, flinching at how scorchingly hot the skin was. “I’m going to go start an ice bath for him!” She made up her mind, quickly thinking of any solution that could possibly help cool his temperature down. 



As Elsah rushed to the bathroom, she slammed the door open - something that was not typical of her gentle manner. But she was in a rush, and she was terrified that the fever would kill him if she  didn’t get him to cool down fast enough, so she moved with haste and purpose, quickly pushing aside the shower curtain and turning on the faucet for the tub.



She plugged the drain, and ran her hand underneath the water, making sure it was cold, before turning around to run back to the living room - but Louis had already brought Harry, and both him and Zayn were standing in the doorway. 



“Oh, hurry, get him in the tub! I have a bag of ice in the freezer - we can use it!” Elsah demanded Louis, again, something that was not in her nature. Normally, she would never demand anyone to do anything - she would ask politely, and if they would refuse, then she’d leave it at that. But not now, not this time. 



Zayn’s jaw dropped in awe at the Elsah he’d thought he’d known for years - this was a side of her that he’d never, ever seen, and it caught him off guard. 



Louis brushed past Elsah, all of Harry’s weight against him, as Elsah rushed out of the bathroom to head to the kitchen.



She, because of the blood in her veins, had the ability to run much faster than the average human, so she made it to the kitchen in a few short seconds. 



She quickly ripped open the the door of the freezer, her eyes settling on the almost full bag of ice that she’d bought a while ago so that she wouldn’t have to make her own ice with the annoying ice trays. She’d originally planned to use it for making her drinks cold - but now it would come in handy in a completely different way. 



When she returned to the bathroom, Harry’s clothes had been stripped away, lying tattered on the floor, and Louis and Zayn were both in the process of putting him into the near full tub of water. 



Her eyes landed on Harry, and she was horrified at what she saw. His entire back was covered with burns and scars - something she’d never seen before. All the times that she’d helped him and undressed him to cool him down, he’d always been lying down, and she’d never seen his back. She’d always seen the cuts and bruises that scattered his arms, shoulders, and legs - but his back - it was so much worse. 



Elsah was bewildered at how she’d completely missed this before - how she’d never even thought twice about seeing Harry’s back. But now that she had seen the burns and the bruises on his back, alongside the deep cuts on his arms, legs, shoulders, and chest from the Blood Dealers whom had attacked him, she took a step back, feeling an overwhelming sense of pity for him.



“Oh my gosh,” she said softly, her eyes filling with moisture as her heart wrenched for him. He must have gone through so much, she thought. So much pain. 



“Elsah, step out,” Zayn took the bag of ice from her. “Please,” he added more softly. He wasn’t trying to be rude - he just didn’t feel comfortable with the fact that Harry was completely naked in the tub, and he wanted to shield Elsah from seeing that. 



Elsah hesitated momentarily, and then she shook her head, “No, Zayn, I can’t-”



Louis snatched the bag of ice from Zayn’s hands, ripping it open, and dumping its contents into the bathtub.



“Elsah,” Zayn pleaded. “Please, can we just go outside to talk for a few seconds?”



“Zayn, he’s sick-”



“Just two seconds!” Zayn begged, his eyes widening in despair - anything to get Elsah out of the small bathroom. “Please, Elsah? Please?”


She felt torn between staying to make sure that Harry was okay, and going outside to talk to Zayn. Harry was sick, but Zayn seems so, so upset. His eyes were wide, and he had a worried look on his face.



Finally, Elsah gave in, feeling guilty that she had been pushing Zayn to the side. She brushed past him, walking outside of the bathroom, and Zayn quickly followed after, rejoicing in this small victory. 



Zayn leaned against the wall, staring Elsah up and down before frowning. “Elsah-” he hesitated, trying to contain his hurt.



“What is it?” She asked softly, putting a hand on his arm, worried at why he looked so upset. 



“You never told me you knew a demon?” His tone was accusatory, but betrayed at the same time. He was hurt that Elsah had never mentioned it, especially with something so major like this. Elsah, with what she was, knew a demon, and was friendly with him? 



When Elsah didn’t answer him, Zayn continued. “Elsah, what were you thinking? You know how dangerous this is for you? Why in the world would you even think this was a good idea? And Harry? He’s obviously friends with demons - he associates with them? Don’t you think this is all so fishy?”



Elsah looked away, a weird feeling bubbling up inside her. She didn’t recognize the feeling at first, because it was something she rarely felt because she was normally so patient. Annoyance, her subconscious told her. Elsah was annoyed.



But she didn’t answer him, to Zayn continued, unleashing all his built up worry for his best friend. “I mean, c’mon, Elsah. Please, please see some sense! I’m so afraid for you, and you’re just trusting everyone!”



“No, I’m not,” Elsah finally let out, trying to keep herself calm. She hated being yelled at - something she was not used to - so she cringed as far away from Zayn as she possibly could. “I haven’t told either of them anything about me.”



“Well, they obviously both seem to know that you’re a Half!” Zayn yelled, wrapping his hand around Elsah’s arm, trying to make her see sense. He was so afraid that she would get hurt, and he knew that it was his job as her best friend to keep her safe. But she just wasn’t listening - she needed to listen.



“Zayn, please…” she wanted him to stop yelling at her, her voice cracking as her eyes filled with moisture. It terrified her the way that Zayn yelled at her, and it made her feel horrible and sick to her stomach. 



“Dude, leave the girl alone,” Louis butted in, stepping out of the bathroom. He ran his hand through his disheveled hair, obviously stressed.



Zayn turned to the demon, a disgusted look on his face. “Leave me the fuck alone, this is my place and you can get out,” Zayn seethed.



Elsah’s jaw dropped slightly - it wasn’t like Zayn to blatantly curse in front of Elsah. Or at least, if he slipped up and did curse, he would always immediately apologize to Elsah - but he didn’t this time. 



“Zayn, what’s gotten into you?” Elsah asked softly.



“I should be asking you the same thing!” He retorted, anger getting the best of him. 



“Elsah, we’re going to need more blood-” Louis interrupted, concern on his face. “I don’t know how much longer Harry can take. He’s in the ice bath, but I highly doubt that will be enough.”



Zayn crossed his arms, turning back to Elsah with stern eyes. “Elsah, I swear to god, if you give up any more of your blood, I’m going to leave.”



“Zayn,” Elsah pleaded. She didn’t want him to leave - she would feel terrible about that - but Harry’s life was at risk. “Please…”



“You have five seconds to make up your mind.” Zayn’s face was emotionless, even though it as tearing at him to treat Elsah this way. But he knew that this would be the only way to get to her - was to make her feel guilty, and then he’d be able to protect her. 



“Don’t make me choose,” Elsah pleaded with him, wiping away at the tears that had betrayed her, and were beginning to leave her eyes. 












“She’s not a child, dude.” Louis shot at him, annoyed at the audacity of this stupid human that for some reason thought he had a say in Elsah’s decisions. Louis didn’t know who the human was in relation to Elsah - maybe her boyfriend? But Louis didn’t like that, especially because he had a feeling Harry took an interest in Elsah. 






“Leave.” Elsah surprised herself when she finally snapped. She bit down on her cheek, hard, trying to stop herself from trembling and crying out loud, and she looked away bitterly, turning to Louis.



Zayn was just as shocked as she was - if not even more shocked - at Elsah’s response. He wasn’t actually planning to leave -  he just threatened her so that she would give in, and not hurt herself for Harry’s sake. 



But now that she had actually told him to leave, he swallowed uncomfortably, trying to meet her eyes - not believing what he had heard come out of her mouth. “What?”



She didn’t answer him, turning around and brushing past Louis, back into the bathroom. 



“Elsah!” Zayn called out to her, but Louis got in the way. 



“Dude, get the fuck out, and go chill or something. You need to cool off.”



Zayn glared at the demon, “Fuck off!”



Louis raised his eyebrows, shaking his head. “Shut up, human. Sooner or later, she’s going to realize that all you’re doing is controlling her, and she’s going to get more and more distant from you. You need to go cool off.” 



Zayn wanted to attack the demon, to force him out of his apartment, but instead, out of anger, he turned around and made his way down the hall. 



His keys had been left on the coffee table in the living room, so he quickly snatched them up, and rushed to the door. He felt so angry, so betrayed that Elsah would choose hurting herself over him staying. He couldn’t believe what measures she’d take to make sure that Harry was okay - measures that were risking her entire life. 




He headed out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him. 


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