Us. ((n.h))

"Why does it feel like us against the world...when truly it's you against me" The letters of a heartbroken girl who fell for selfish boy. Copyright © 2014 ✔maria


14. 1.4




When you apologized yesterday, I thought that maybe you had changed. But, oh, I was oh so wrong. You'll never change but  I always hope that maybe one day you will. Maybe one day you'll realise that this is not the way you should be. I love you and I hate myself so much more than you can imagine. Why are you doing this? Can't you see how much you're hurting my heart? I never thought that someone could die from heartbreak but you're pushing me to my breaking point! This is the longest letter I've written you and probably the last. I can't believe you did that! You kissed me! What is wrong with you? You didn't say anything you just kissed me than walked away like it never happened. Than you had the audacity to kiss her, while I stood five feet away from you. I hope she can taste the deceit on your lips. I've been rubbing my lips for the past hour hoping to scrub you away. But I cant. I never can. You frustrate me to no end. I hope karma gets to you because I would just love to see you so vulnerable. You know I finally realised why you left.. You said that I was weak. But we both know that's a lie. You left me because you knew that maybe I would find someone better but do you want to know a secret? I never loved anyone but you and that is the biggest mistake of my life.

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