Copper and Tears

She didn't chose to be depressed, but she'd do anything to be happy again.


2. Happening

The next day, the girl didn't see the boy from the courtyard in the halls or in class. She was a bit glad, because she didn't want a confrontation from a stranger she had only properly met for a few moments. I never even got his name, she thought to herself as she daydreamed during an English lecture. Next time I see him, I'll apologize and introduce myself. She seemed satisfied with her plan until the tiny voice spoke up once more. "He wouldn't want to talk to you," it said, scoffing. "He wouldn't want to associate himself with a fat girl like yourself." She held her breath for a moment while she thought about the voice's point; who would want to associate themselves with her? 

"Sophia?" the teacher's loud voice said, calling on her. "What famous author died from his own insanity, as some said? And what was the real cause of death?" She was startled the teacher even remembered she was in the class, and every students' eyes were on her as she answered quietly.  " 'I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.' Edgar Allen Poe," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "The apparent cause of death was due to his alcoholism." The teacher's face showed he was overjoyed and exclaimed, "That is a good English student!" He and a few other students gave a quiet round of applause while a few students around her made snide remarks. Her cheeks got hot with tears and she excused her class for a few moments to hide in the bathroom. The hallways were empty yet again, except for a few students here and there- including the green-eyed boy. She was surprised to see him, especially where he was. He had this arm across a window and his head pressed against it, gazing out to the dreary world. His other hand was pressed against the glass in a wanting way, as if he wanted to escape the situation he was in. "I skipped class," he said suddenly, filling the once empty air. Somehow he knew she was there but she wasn't actually hiding; she was only praying he didn't see her. "Oh," she said quietly in response to him, not sure of what she was actually supposed to say. "Some days you just don't feel like going," he chuckled, face still pressed against the glass sadly. She could tell he had been crying from the way he laughed, and the way his voice was soft and breathless. "I know how that feels," she told him, stepping closer to him though they seemed to be miles away. The both of them could be in trouble for being in the hallways even though she was excused, but it clearly wasn't on either of their minds. "How come I've never talked to you before?" she asked, pulling away from the rain-splattered window. Another April storm had set in, setting a mood for the school no one really cared for. "I'm not too fond of talking to my classmates," she responded, looking down at the ground. He had begun walking toward her and she felt uncomfortable; never in her life had a boy come off so strong as he did. "I don't even know your name, Red," he said with a small smile on his face. Red? she thought to herself. Why Red? "It's Sophia," she told him, looking up into his eyes. The boy was very handsome with bright green eyes and tousled brown hair; surely he was far too popular to even look  at Sophia, let alone talk to her. "The name suits you," he said, his smile growing wider. "I'm Issac." All she could do was nod, because she was immediately reminded of his name. He was Issac Patrick, the star quarterback on the varsity football team, the school valedictorian and- "Dating Alyssa Partman," the voice in her head reminded her. "It wasn't like he'd be interested in you."

What confused her was how easily Issac had skipped class, not even thinking about risking his grades or his football career. I guess once stress and sadness takes over, you don't really care anymore, she thought to herself. "Why'd you skip class?" she asked him, almost defensively. "You could get in a lot of trouble and-" By this time he was close to her face, and he leaned in slowly. She was startled but didn't resist the way he grabbed her waist and pulled her close, or the way his lips met hers in a delicate, sweet kiss. For moments everything around them had disappeared, but it didn't last long as Sophia pulled away gently. "Sorry," he said sadly, pulling away and stepping back. "I just-" "Don't apologize," she said to him, a smile of her own appearing. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about it." She then turned towards her classroom and left Issac alone in the hallway as the voice in her head screamed at her once more, "You're such a slut. You're a foolish, idiot girl."

But I'm not, she responded in her own voice. I'm not foolish because nothing even happened.

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