Shake My World

Evil arises and crushes planet earth. Demons take people away. One day, the world shakes and in the chaos only two survive, both enemies of each other. A beautiful but nerdy girl, and the boy that bullies her at school. They must learn to survive together and bring back the stolen population. An unlikely friendship and love develops and they strive to be world-saving heroes.


6. yay!! (a/n plz read)

Yayyyy!!! I updated!!! And the chapter is longer than usual!!! So I'd like to say thanks to all of u, because I just hit 25 fans, and it's a big deal for me because I barely update, and so i know that there are ppl on here that are loyal and patient with me. It's the end of the school year for me, so I have crap loads of things to take care of.

I love u all, and I made so many friends on here :

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