Shake My World

Evil arises and crushes planet earth. Demons take people away. One day, the world shakes and in the chaos only two survive, both enemies of each other. A beautiful but nerdy girl, and the boy that bullies her at school. They must learn to survive together and bring back the stolen population. An unlikely friendship and love develops and they strive to be world-saving heroes.


2. First Author's note!

Hey!! My name is Apurva, aka Purvi, and I'm happy to say that I'm back in the game baby! If any of you read my movella Dumbledore's Heir, well...I sorta...deleted it. I had NO ideas to keep the story going, and I couldn't keep up! Sowwy :( anyway..... On a much happier note, I just wanted to share a few things abt myself.

1. I'm a vegetarian (because of my religion, I'm hindu)

2. My parents r indian but I was born and raised in America.

3. I LOVE DRESSING UP!! It's kind of a problem, because I dress up like a guy when I'm bored.

KK, thx for reading! Bye!!

Ps. I write short chapters and long author notes. It's funny :)

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