Shake My World

Evil arises and crushes planet earth. Demons take people away. One day, the world shakes and in the chaos only two survive, both enemies of each other. A beautiful but nerdy girl, and the boy that bullies her at school. They must learn to survive together and bring back the stolen population. An unlikely friendship and love develops and they strive to be world-saving heroes.


1. Come, Cut, Cry

Dev's POV

I sighed as I flung myself onto the couch and pulled out my homework. I neatly scratched out "Devlyn Sanchez" with my pencil, started my Pre-Calculus problems. Although I am a straight A student, today I just couldn't concentrate.

No, I couldn't do it....

I couldn't.

I couldn't hide the fact that I was depressed.

Am I really that ugly?I closed the book, wiped the tears off my face, and ran to the mirror, only to find my 16-year-old self, as normal as always, staring at me. "I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!" I screamed, even though nobody was home to hear me. My parents were both at work, so it was just me.

I felt so alone... And with that, the populars at school....well, they were like a different species of dominant, blood-sucking predators. Well, I would rather have this blood spilled than sucked.

I marched back to my desk and just cut with a staple until i couldn't bear the pain anymore. The distant sound of the garage door sounded in my ears and I quickly covered my wrists, threw away the staple and went back to my desk to pretend that I was working the entire time.

This was a very typical weekday for me. Come home, cry and cut. All of this, because of a few bullies. Or should I primarily highlight, the worst of all, Saxton Crawford.

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