The New Girl

Celeste is from Australia and just moved to London by herself.SHe goes to high school senior year when she meets the bad boy,Harry Styles.Will she fall for him or will he fall for her?Read to find out!!!!!!


4. Surprise?!?!

I turned around and saw that It was the boy with the green eyes.I was speechless."Hello love"he said with a strong British accent.I looked around and saw that we were the only ones in the room."Um.....Hi"I said."What's your name love"he said "Claire and yours?"I responded"Harry,Harry Styles is my name." Before I could say anything else he asked me for my number and twitter.We exchanged numbers and gave each others twitter.After we were done all I could do was look at his beautiful green eyes that sparkled.We were silent until he spoke "See you later love"and with a wink.





I just couldn't keep thinking about him until my phone rang.I looked at the phone number but couldn't figure it out.When I answered I heard the British accent from earlier and my heart fluttered.WAIT SLOW DOWN CLAIRE!!!You can't be in love with a stranger you just met him!!!!



What will she do?!?!?!?!Is she in love?!?!?!Harrys pov will come later!!!!10 likes and 40 reads for the next chapter!!!!Good luck!!!If anybody wants to be a co-author then In the description write down why and I will accept!!!!!!#carry

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