The New Girl

Celeste is from Australia and just moved to London by herself.SHe goes to high school senior year when she meets the bad boy,Harry Styles.Will she fall for him or will he fall for her?Read to find out!!!!!!


3. Starting My Day

I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes so I took a shower got dressed and went down stairs."Good Morning"I said and Claire responded "Good Morning to you to".Today was the first day of senior year so I wore dark green jeans with a black knitted sweater and my combat boots .My hair was in a fishtail and my makeup was normal since I didn't know anyone there.I ate breakfast and thanked Claire and went to start my day of.I stopped at Starbucks for a vanilla bean and a muffin for lunch.When I arrived from school everybody was looking at me and whispering to there "friends".I ignored the looks and went to my first period,Language Arts.Since I stopped first at the office to get my schedule,I was late and got detention.Great first day of school and I already get detention,man what a bad first impression.


School ended and I got my bag ready for another hour of just sitting there doing nothing.When I got to detention,there was a boy with messy curly hair and green emerald eyes that sparkled.He had tattoos and piercings.I went to a seat in the class and took out my book I was reading.The boy kept on looking at me like every 5 minutes.Wierd,Right???Anyways when detention ended I packed my stuff and left out the door when a strong hand took my wrist.I looked over at who it was and it was...............



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