The New Girl

Celeste is from Australia and just moved to London by herself.SHe goes to high school senior year when she meets the bad boy,Harry Styles.Will she fall for him or will he fall for her?Read to find out!!!!!!


1. Arriving In London

I was standing outside my parents house saying goodbye to them.They had tears running down there cheeks.My little brother and sister said there goodbyes and went inside since it was snowing here in Australia.My parents helped me with my luggage and put them in the trunk.The taxi man was waiting in the car while I hugged my parents.As soon as I went in the backseat they waved goodbye and I looked over at my parents house as it was disappearing by second.I laid my head back on the seat and sleep took over me.



I felt someone shake me to wake me up.I opened my eyes and saw we were at the airport.The taxi man was waiting for me to wake up.I paid him and he helped me with my luggage.My airplane was going to leave in 20 minutes so I decided to go to a store in the airport and buy something.My plane was leaving in 5 minutes so I rushed over there and eventually I was on time.When I got to my seat I decided to take a little nap and listen to music.I got my beats out and plugged it in on my iPhone and put the Justin bieber album in "heartbreaker".My eyes fell shut and eventually sleep took over me again!

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