The New Girl

Celeste is from Australia and just moved to London by herself.SHe goes to high school senior year when she meets the bad boy,Harry Styles.Will she fall for him or will he fall for her?Read to find out!!!!!!


2. Arriving In London pt2

When I woke up I got my luggage and left the plane.I waited for my best friend,Claire to pick me up from the airport.After I saw a sign saying my name I headed over where it was.The first thing she said to me was "Still got the same style eh?".I laughed at what she said and I said" We'll hello to you to!!!"Me and Claire have been best friends since we were babies so we knew each other very well.Claire had black hair and hazel eyes and while I on the other hand had brown hair and blondish on the bottom and I had blue and green eyes.For the airport I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a cardigan and black skinny jeans with some combat boots.My hair was in a messy bun and my makeup was only foundation and eyeliner and mascara.



We went to her car and went to our flat since I sent her have of the money to rent it each month.My room was an aqua and green color with flower print on it.My bed was a king-size and nice green sheets that looked like they were bought.I hate it when people buy stuff for me because it makes me feel bad for them.The time I arrived at the flat it was about 8ish so I put my luggage in my bag and I changed into some shorts and a Rolling Stones t-shirt and laid down on my bed.Eventually,my eyes started to shut down and I feel asleep.



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