This is the Part When...


1. This is the Part Where I Wake Up

    Every story I've read begins with waking up. Is it because morning represents the beginning of the day therefore the beginning of a story? Or is it because beginning a story with the onomatopoeia "Ring Ring" to describe the sound of my alarm clock seems like a logical way to start. On the day this seemingly normal character's life takes a turn, they meet a hot guy who happens to be of something unhuman, the usually female character finds out she is the same unhumanely thing as that guy, then later finds out she's the most important unhuman thing of the unhuman things and-oh yeah- her and the guy fall madly in love. Then all the people reading the story relate to one of the girl characters, hopes their that same unhuman thing, follows fan blogs, and it goes on and on. 
    The problem with that story line, is that it is so repetitive. I would know, since all I've read in the public library are those types of books. The second problem, is that it unrealistic. I've accepted my fate. I know this is my life. I know that all I have is this life. I know my life will never change. Because working at a coffee shop to earn enough money for some cheap lunch and maybe dinner (breakfast was outed a long time ago) and living on the street doesn't exactly change. I've tried to save up for a house, but that ended when I found an abandoned house. And by the way, I am not starting this story with waking up. I'm going to bed. Nighty night. 

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