Something About You (Luke Hemmings Punk Fanfic)

Lucy Has Been Crushing on the bad boy that isn't good for her. Luke Hemmings is the type of boy your parents wouldn't even allow you to talk too, let alone fall for, but there's something about Luke that intrigues Lucy. Something that makes every bad thing about Luke Hemmings disappear.


4. Valentine's Day

Lucy's POV

I looked at the calendar. Great Valentines Day. Uggh! I hate how I'm single because you see everyone so happy and you're just home alone eating ice cream and watching Romantic movies. Well that's just me. I put on a light pink top with my black leather shorts that weren't too short, but not too long either. I combed my hair leaving into it's natural curls and put a red bow at the corner of my head. I looked at my black hair with the tips painted red. It was just perfect for Valentine's Day even though I'm alone. I always changed my hair color so yeah. Naturally I had light brown hair, but whatever. I put on some mascarra and eye liner and dabbed my lips red. I grabbed my bag and my balloons I was going to give Kat and the guys and a couple other friends. I told Kat I was going to walk today even though I had a lot of stuff to carry. I managed making it to school on time. I then hurried up to Kat and Michael giving them each a balloon. Michael gave me a valentine's day card filled with a bunch of candy and Kat gave me a balloon. I thanked them and headed to my homeroom class and immidiately saw Ashton and Cal. I rushed to hug both of them. I tightned them in a tight hug and then gave them their balloons. I have given everyone their balloons except for Luke. I'm not going to lie, but I was a bit nervous because I also thought of getting him a bear and I bought it. I was scared of his reaction though. Would he think I was weird? Would he think I have a crush on him? All these questions managed their way inside my brain. I felt so nervous I was shaking. I finally managed the courage to just do it. I plopped myself next to him. He looked up and smiled.

"Happy Valentine's Day" He said

"Happy Valentine's Day" I replied nervous

He took out something from his bag and handed it to me.

"Happy Valentine's Day" He said handing me a heart filled with chocolates and a teddy bear. I smiled handing him his balloon and bear. We looked at each other for quite a while just smiling.

"Hello???" Ashton said waving his fingers in my face

"Just kiss her" Ashton said

Luke poked Ash with his elbow, but he had a smile on his face. I dodn't know Luke could be sweet.

"Lets get this day over with" Calum said as we headed to first.


~Skips to the end of the Day~

Once we got out I felt someone grab me to the school's parking lot. I finally saw who it was. Luke. My heart fluttered as he grabbed my hand and led me to his new car. He opened the door for me and then went inside the car. I looked at him confused on what he was doing. He then pressed his lips against mine. I was shocked, but returned this kiss as our lips moved in sync. I pulled his hair a bit as he had his hands on my waist. How could someone so bad be so sweet?



Sorry been in the Valentine's mood even though I'm a single pringle on this day! But hope you beauties liked it!

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