Something About You (Luke Hemmings Punk Fanfic)

Lucy Has Been Crushing on the bad boy that isn't good for her. Luke Hemmings is the type of boy your parents wouldn't even allow you to talk too, let alone fall for, but there's something about Luke that intrigues Lucy. Something that makes every bad thing about Luke Hemmings disappear.


16. Trouble

Lucy's POV

I haven't seen Luke for a while. The boys and I began to worry because everytime he was gone this long and alone for that matter nothing good ever happened. I paced back and forth in the room thinking. What if something happened to him. I grabbed my phone and called him again. It rang and rang, but no answer.

To Luke: Luke! Where the f*** are you?!?!

It was about the 10th text messaged I sent him.

"Calm down Lucy. I'm sure that knuckle head is okay" Michael reasured me.

Hopefully I thought. I tried to calm down and just try to think positive. Maybe I was underestimating Luke. Maybe he was doing something good instead of bad. Boy was I wrong. About a few minutes later Luke came inside and had bruises on his face.

"Luke!" I said as I rushed over to his side

"What do you want!" He snapped

"Why are you getting mad at me!" I said "You're the one who didn't fucking tell us where you were and didn't answer our messages. Don't fucking snap at me." I said in anger.

"Whatever" Luke replied pushing me away going upstairs

Here I was worried for that fucking prick and he just snaps at me. I went upstairs behind him. He turned around.

"What do you want from me Lucy" He said "Stop fucking following me" He continued

"If you don't fucking remember, we share a room dumbass" I replied rolling my eyes

"Why don't you sleep with Calum instead!" He snapped

"Because he's not my fucking boyfriend! You are!" I snapped back at him

"Whatever" He said again .
"What's you're problem Luke" I said

"Right now? Well you are Luce" He said anger in his voice

"Don't call me Luce" I mumbled

"What?" He said

"Don't call me Luce" I replied through gritted teeth

"Oh does Calum call you that? Is that why I can't?" He said

"What the fuck are you talking about? What does Calum have to do with any of this!" I snapped

"Stop acting like you don't know" He said rolling his eyes and crossing his arms "I fucking heard him telling you he likes you" He said in anger

I stayed silent for a moment

"Exactly" He said

"Exactly what? I like you Luke" I said "YOU!" I continued pointing at him

"Sure you do" He said

"Why are you so stubburn? You know what I don't like you" I said in anger

"Hah! I knew it! You like Calum!" He said in so much anger that scared me

"No idiot. I mean I don't like you because I Fucking love you. You jerk" I said storming off

He just stood there shocked. I felt the tears stream down my face. Why did I tell him I love him? Ugggh!

"Lucy wait! I'm sorry" Luke called out

"No if you fucking think I don't love you and I like someone else then screw you because I would never be with you if I had feelings for someone else" I said

"I'm sorry Luce" He said his eyes beginning to water

"No Luke I am. I'm sorry for waisting my time on someone like you" I said

"Lucy please" He begged "Don't leave me. You're all I have" He said tears beginning to drop out of his face as he quickly wiped it.

"I'm sorry" I said as I walked out the door.


Shit guysss! Hope you liked it!

Ohhh and guys can you please check my new movella? He's a Pervert It's a calum one love ya!!!

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