Something About You (Luke Hemmings Punk Fanfic)

Lucy Has Been Crushing on the bad boy that isn't good for her. Luke Hemmings is the type of boy your parents wouldn't even allow you to talk too, let alone fall for, but there's something about Luke that intrigues Lucy. Something that makes every bad thing about Luke Hemmings disappear.


22. Please Stay As Long As You Need

Lucy's POV

 It hasn't been going as well as I thought. Luke had forced me into going to school. Let's just say I have a lot to catch up on or I wouldn't be able to graduate on time. Luke and I hadn't said much to each other based on the fact I had so much to catch up on and he joined the football(soccer) team. I honestly didn't expect that from him, but if it keeps him out of boxing I'm fine with that. I had my english paper due and for fuck's sake the book was so goddamn sad, it had me hooked then bam she dies. They gave us John Green's "Looking For Alaska" and can I just say that was one sad book. I finished typing it and emailed the link to my teacher. Finally I finished all the things I missed. I turned the tv on playing a rerun episode of 'Orphan Black' (A/N btw this is my favorite tv show) 


As the end credits of the show appeared the boys walked through the door. All in their uniforms. I smirked seeing Luke in his. Never would I thought I'd see the day that the "punk" Luke Hemmings would be in a football uniform. Luke sat next to me putting his hand over my shoulder as I cuddled closer to him. 

"You're sweaty" I teased him

He brought me closer and rubbed his face with mine "of course I am" He winked 

I wiped the sweat he put on me "Dork" I told him kissing his lips gently.

The boys jumped on the sofa squishing me and Luke to the point where I didn't have a seat no more, I was basically on Luke's lap. Luke noticed that too and smirked. 

"LETS WATCH FRIENDS!" Calum said snatching the remote from Michael's hand and changing the channel to a re-run episode of friends. 

Luke laced our fingers together and snugged me closer to him. He kissed the top of my head as he then focused his eyes to the television screen. 

Luke then began running circles on my thigh. His hand slowly went higher. I faced him to see that he was already facing me. I cupped his face as kissed me gently and then began kissing me harder. We let go and went upstairs and Luke quickly shut the door. 

"I've missed being with you so much babe" He said as he came closer towards me

"Me too" I told him as I pushed him towards me , kissing him as hard as I could.

"I wish I could stay and lay with you forever" He told me

"Please Stay with me as long as you need" I said as he pushed me against the wall kissing me neck and then bringing his lips towards mine. 

"You have no idea what you do to me Lucy, I love you so god damn much" He said kissing my lips needingly. 

"I love you to Lukey" I told him pulling closer to me. I just needed him as close to me as possible. I haven't talked to him much these past few days and honestly it was killing me. He roamed his hands through my back , putting his hands inside my shirt. His hands wandered around my skin. They felt so good and so right. No one could ever make me feel the way Luke Hemmings does.


​hey guys sorry this took long , it's just that my mom took my electronics and only lets me use my computer for homework, well i guess my "homework" is done x'D

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