Something About You (Luke Hemmings Punk Fanfic)

Lucy Has Been Crushing on the bad boy that isn't good for her. Luke Hemmings is the type of boy your parents wouldn't even allow you to talk too, let alone fall for, but there's something about Luke that intrigues Lucy. Something that makes every bad thing about Luke Hemmings disappear.


14. How's Life

Lucy's POV

I was mad as hell , but I knew it wouldn't last long. Ashton and Luke were the two people I cared about most , but still. 

"Oh come one Luce you can't stay mad at us forever" Ashton said for about the billionth time 

I rolled my eyes at his desperateness of getting me to talk to him, which was happening anytime soon. 

"Lucy please talk to us"Luke pouted 

I rolled my eyes , yet again along with crossing my arms. I was mad , but the constant nagging was annoying me. 

I cleared my throat and they looked at me with hopeful eyes.

"Do you guys no where Cal is?" I asked with a smirk spread on my face.

"Oh so that's how you're going to be?" Luke replied

"You gonna ask him how life is Lucy?" Ashton asked smirking

"Naah , I just need a good friend to talk to right now" I replied eyeing both him and Luke.

I then turned around , leaving them there , and began my search to look for Calum.

I looked around Luke's place in search for the asian looking boy. I swear he says he's "not asian" , but I wouldn't be surprised if he told us he was. I went inside Luke's room to find Calum laying on his bed. He had his phone held up to his face.

"Hey Cal" I said

He ended up having his phone fall in his face. I held in my laughter , but as I saw him began to chuckle I began to laugh as well.

"Don't sneak up on me next time" Calum said lightly punching my shoulder

"Sorry I just had to get away from the guys. They were annoying me" I said

He began laughing "You still mad about the how life thing?" He asked

"Yeah a little" I replied

We stayed quiet for a moment.

"Lucy can I tell you something?" He asked

"Sure" I replied 

"I um have this crush on my best friend's girlfriend and I don't know what to do" He said looking at me in the eyes.

"umm calum I -" He cutt me off

"Lucy I really like you" He said



Heey guys well plot twist xDD I'm doing this in school haha 


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