Something About You (Luke Hemmings Punk Fanfic)

Lucy Has Been Crushing on the bad boy that isn't good for her. Luke Hemmings is the type of boy your parents wouldn't even allow you to talk too, let alone fall for, but there's something about Luke that intrigues Lucy. Something that makes every bad thing about Luke Hemmings disappear.


20. Fights and Sex


A/n 16+ Extreme sexual context. 

Lucy's POV
I woke up next to Luke and it was the best feeling ever. I missed it, I missed this. He held me as tight as he could. I tried getting out of his grip and it was impossible. 
"Luke" I said poking him slightly
"Hmmm?" He mumbled
"We need to get up" I told him
He shook his head and held me tighter "stay?" He asked
"I can't Luke. I need to get a job" I told him
He immediately stood up "A what?!?" He asked
"A job" I said calmly
"No Lucy you're not. You have to go to school not get a job" he said 
"Luke I can't go back to school. I've missed way too much. I'll end up repeating so there's really no point" I told him
"So you're dropping out of school?!?" He shouted at me
"Yes Luke" I told him
"No Lucy you can't!" He yelled at me
"Luke" I sighed 
"Fine then I'm dropping out of school too. I'll just work boxing full time then" he replied
"You cannot do boxing!!!" I yelled at him. "You have to quit" I told him
"I can't just quit Lucy. It's how I control my anger" He told me
"But you have me. I don't like seeing you with bruises Luke." I told him
"Lucy" He said 
"You know what if you're not going to say "okay I'm quitting" I don't want to hear it" I told him.
He stayed silent but I knew he was angry. He was heading out the door and I knew exactly where he was going. I rushed to him before he could. 
"Lucy get ou-" before he could finish I placed my lips on him kissing him. He immediately kissed me back as held me firm by the waist. He slid is tongue through my mouth exploring it as I tugged at his hair. I jumped on his waist as he slammed me against the wall. He lowered his lips to my neck kissing ever spot until his lips found my sweet spot and tugged at it. 
His name escaping my lips as he did so. He moaned himself as my hands wandered around his member. Growing large as I escalated my hand through it. He pushed me towards our bed falling on top of me tugging my at my shirt then completely taking it off. He slid off his boxers I was wearing moaning seeing me in his clothes. 
"I love it when you wear my clothes" He whispered in my ear
I took off his boxers considering he doesn't wear a shirt when we sleep. 
He grabbed a condom from the bedside drawer. He slid it on immediately as he got on top me. He gave me time to adjust as he thrusters into me. I could tell by his facial expression he was nearing his high. 
"I'm close" He moaned to me 
I took the chance to stop him. He looked at me confused. I took the chance to get on top of him. I took the condom off his member and began to stroke it. 
"Lucy" he moaned 
I began to put my lips near his crotch. Just by my touch I could feel his precum. 
"Ohh god" He moaned
I began to slip it in my mouth as I sucked I pounded what I couldn't fit in my mouth with my hands as he began moaning loudly now. His foot curled up knowing he was about to reach his high and I stopped there.
"Really Lucy? Please I want you. I want you to ride me baby girl" He said needingly. 
I knew exactly what I was doing I wanted him to come more than he ever had. 
"Baby girl just ride me" He said sounding desperate. I knew I couldn't leave him like this. 
He got sexually frustrated. "Sit on my face" He sighed
"What?" I asked
"Sit on my face I want to make you feel good" He said
I did as he said and he slid his tongue through me. His tongue worked wonders I moaned loudly as I knew I was reaching. My face was still close to his dick and he knew it. He stopped his actions.
"Work on me and I'll work on you" He smirked
I slid my mouth into his dick as I sucked him sliding his tongue through me. I was so close.
"I'm close" I told him mumbling as I continued 
"Come for me" he told me and I did just that as he swallowed
"You taste so good baby" he said as he ended up coming on me as well. 
"It's still not over babe" He said slipping his condom on and flipping me over. He thruster into me as my moans were all over the place as well as his. As he finished he layed beside me holding me in his embrace. 
"You still mad?" I asked him
"No" He said kissing me
"So will you quit?" I asked
So I hope you like it (: it's going to be rated r now .-. Can you guys please read my new Ashton fanfic? It's called Learning to Forget it's in my page ily 😚😚💖 what do you think?

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