Theres no I in Love.

This is for the Valentines Day writing competition:
Ok, so Ivy and Ben have been dating for two years. Ivy is super committed and loves Ben. Ben is lacking romance now that Ivy is getting more serious. Ivy notices and starts losing interest. When Ben realizes Ivy is the love of his life, he realizes she is almost gone. Can he get back the love they used to have? Or will Ivy be out of his life forever? Find out, in There's no I in Love


3. Ivy lets go

It was Sunday morning, Ivy and Ricardo were sharing chocolates. "Wow!" Julia came in. "Guess you to really hit it off." Ivy pecked Ricardo on the cheek. "I guess I should thank Ben, if I wasn't looking for him. I wouldn't have met you!"

Ben sat in Chez Alara, a nice cafe on Main Street. He dialed Ivy's number. "Hello?" Ivy asked "Hey it's Ben." "Um hi..." "Where are you?" "Watching a movie with-... Watching a movie" "We had lunch plans!" "I cancelled last night." "No you didn't." "Um, Ben I'm kinda busy right now" "Ivy, I get you're mad but I'm sorry! I didn't mean to miss the party." "Whatever! I have better things to do than be waiting around for you to show up as if it's a waste of your time! For your information, I met someone else last night. He's with me right now. Goodbye!"

And Ivy hung up.

Ben stared at the wall. She met someone? Is that chick code for "I'm breaking up with you"? Obviously, Ivy was pissed. Ben left and drove to Hallmark. He picked up some chocolates and a bracelet. "Someone special?" The clerk asked. "Yeah, she's uh, she's really special."

Ivy heard the doorbell ring. "I better get that." She opened the door to see Ben with two wrapped boxes. He walked in and kissed her. "Ben? What are you doing here!" She exclaimed. "Just thought of my gorgeous girlfriend when I saw this bracelet." Ben handed her the bracelet. Letting out a squeal, Ivy threw her arms around Ben. "Woah, who's the dude?" Ricardo asked. "Ricardo, this is Ben. Ben, this is Ricardo." The boys shook hands. Ivy unwrapped the second heart shaped present. "Chocolates?" She opened the box. Several chocolates were missing. "Aha!" Ricardo yelled "What kind of boyfriend would steal chocolates." Ben rolled his eyes. "Ivy hates coconut! Any good boyfriend would know that. I picked them out and threw them away." Ivy hugged Ben. "So Ric, what'd you get Ivy?"

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