Theres no I in Love.

This is for the Valentines Day writing competition:
Ok, so Ivy and Ben have been dating for two years. Ivy is super committed and loves Ben. Ben is lacking romance now that Ivy is getting more serious. Ivy notices and starts losing interest. When Ben realizes Ivy is the love of his life, he realizes she is almost gone. Can he get back the love they used to have? Or will Ivy be out of his life forever? Find out, in There's no I in Love


2. If the shoe fits...

Ivy sat in the living room of her huge house. "Okay, we have the dancers, the giant ice sculpture of my face, the presents, the caterers. Now we just need the gift bags the cake, the food and that other stuff on the list." Julia said, pacing the floor. "Jules, calm down. I'm gonna make sure my twin sis's party is perfection." Ivy reassured her. "Ivy, is Ben coming?" Julia asked, raising her eyebrows. "I'm sure, he went dress shopping with me." Julia shook her head. Julia hated Ben for Dumping Bryanna.

Ben sat down with Bethany. "Well, it's about time." She said, picking up her menu. "Heh, sure. So what are your college plans?" Ben suggested. Bethany laughed. "I don't have to go to college. I don't have to work a single day in my life with the money I have." Ben awkwardly nodded his head. "So, the vegetarian Alfredo looks good."

"Where is he?" Ivy complained looking at the clock while Julia's party was in full swing. "Excuse me?" Asked a boy with deep brown eyes and tan skin. "Are you looking for something miss?" He kissed her hand. "Oh!" Ivy blushed bright pink. "Let's dance!" She explained and led the guy to the dance floor. Ivy forgot all about Ben. "So Ricardo!" Ivy shouted over the loud music. "How do you know Julia?" Ricardo and Ivy leaned against the bar. "Her boyfriend, Pierre is my younger brother." Ivy raised her eyebrows. They danced some more.

"Wow, it's getting late I should..." Ben started. Bethany went inside. Oh my god, Ben thought. I missed her party

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