Theres no I in Love.

This is for the Valentines Day writing competition:
Ok, so Ivy and Ben have been dating for two years. Ivy is super committed and loves Ben. Ben is lacking romance now that Ivy is getting more serious. Ivy notices and starts losing interest. When Ben realizes Ivy is the love of his life, he realizes she is almost gone. Can he get back the love they used to have? Or will Ivy be out of his life forever? Find out, in There's no I in Love


1. How long has it been?

Ivy came out in a short, strapless red dress and 6" heels. "Well?" She spun around hoping Ben would like it. Ben was sprawled on the store couch, bored out of his mind. "Huh? Oh year sure it's nice." Ivy sat down next to him. "You said that about the last two." Ivy pouted. Ben through his arm around her shoulders. "Baby I love dress shopping with you but why can't we just skip the party and catch a movie?" "I can't beleive you! That's my twin sisters eighteenth birthday party! Then we're having mine!" She stood up and smoothened her dress. "You know what? I'm gonna go change, buy the clutch and heels and we'll go."

Ben sat on the couch next to Kevin. "Dude, when are you going to dump that chick?" Kevin asked. "Ivy? No way man. You're kidding." Kevin shook his head. "She's hot and rich, but Bethany from high school. She's a babe. Not clingy, loves you. Ivy's kinda nice. Still, Bethany called me yesterday and asked about you." Ben rolled his eyes. Kevin had had a crush on Ivy since the seventh grade. He even asked her to senior prom. "Oh come on, you like Ivy, don't you?" Ben laughed. He grabbed his phone to see that Ivy had texted him three times. "Dude, come on. One date with Bethany, and Ivy will never know." Kevin pleaded. "Fine. One date."

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