And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


8. While The Woman Is Away Pt. 3.

7:00 am.

Vegeta had just finished feeding the baby, of course minutes later when the milk had cooled down. The baby had happily taken it and drank. It was so easy that Vegeta didn't know why he was going crazy before. Panic can affect your decisions and thoughts…

"Ok. Let's put you back to bed." Vegeta said to the baby as he picked Jackie up and held it against his waist. "I need to do some serious training. I already wasted too many minutes. I need to eat."

Vegeta finally reached Jackies' room where he placed the baby not too softly into the crib. They stared at each other, not really sure of what to do next. Vegeta was hardly there to see it do anything. What did babies do when they're alone?

Slowly, Vegeta inched out of the room, not taking his eyes off the baby in case it would cry all over again. He was so close out the door when the phone rang. Glancing at the baby once more, he picked up the cordless phone than hung on the wall. "What?" he growled into the phone.

"Vegeta, did you feed the baby?"

It was Bulma. Thank, Kami. "Yes I did. It took a while, but I finally fed it. Now what do I do?"

"Her…fed her…" she corrected.


"The baby is a person, not an item."

"Whatever. What do I do now?"

"Play with her for a bit. Keep her company."

"What? Until when?!"

"Uh, the whole day maybe? Or at least until I get back?"

"What can you possibly do with a baby for a whole day?"

He heard her give out an irritable sigh. "Well, since you're always locked up in that space ship of yours, I like to go outside with the baby. Like take a stroll in the park, or go out and shop."

"Park." He said into the phone, with a dark voice that clearly showed how stupid he thought it was. "Shop. Why would anyone enjoy that?"

"I don't know, Vegeta. Ask the people who do it. I do it. It is enjoyable. To go out and-" she paused for a moment and Vegeta heard her be interrupted by someone in the room. It sounded like a man. That didn't take him aback as much as when he heard Bulma give out a little shy giggle.

"Who's that?" he demanded into the phone. "Are you sure this is a business trip? Or are you seeing a lover?"

"Vegeta!" she said with shock, but he could tell she was smiling. "I'm shocked by that idea! I have no lover, and who could I love but you?" she said in a teasing voice.

He humphed in response, but was satisfied anyway.

"Anyway," she continued, "I have to go again. Just spend some time with the baby. Father-daughter bonding, you know? She's had too many mother-daughter bonding already, ok?"

"The only bonding I would want is training it-uh, her to be a strong warrior! That's the only bonding we'll do!" he yelled into the phone, but she had already hanged up. Irritated, he slammed the phone into the cradle.

"Blasted woman," he muttered to himself. Suddenly the baby began to cry. "Blasted baby." He walked into the room, stomping his feet on the way. "C'mon!" he growled as he roughly picked up the baby and held him to his waist. "We're going to the park!"

He looked through the drawers for appropriate outside clothes. For a moment, Vegeta could only stare at the different colors of clothing, all fit for a baby. But not for his It was unacceptable! With his pointer finger and thumb, he picked up a blue shirt with happy faces all over it. He could on gape at the thing, completely disgusted with the idea that his daughter wore these things…all because of that woman, Bulma.

Something pink in the drawer caught his attention. Dropping the blue shirt, he reached out for the pink material and…pulled out a pink shirt! His mind reeled back to a memory where he once had to wear a pink shirt. This one, like his own, had little buttons on the front and a little collar. He was too afraid to turn it over, but he did. And on the back it said "Cutie Pie".

He almost collapsed. Crumpling the shirt in his hand, he quickly burned it with his power until it was nothing. Satisfied, he rummaged through the thousands of tiny shirts. After what seemed like hours, he found a suitable shirt for Jackie: a simple black shirt with dark blue stripes. He checked the second drawer and was happy to find blue jeans, all looking the same…until he picked up one and watched it unfold to see little cats on the front. He pulled another and found this time little lady bugs on them. He began throwing jeans aside as he searched for a good pair of jeans.

"At least a normal one…" he pleaded. As the jeans lessened in the drawer, he began to panic, his eyes frantically searching the drawer. No baby of his is going to dress like every little infant out there. He was not going to be dressed in ugly pathetic cute things…no, not his baby who will grow into a strong warrior. Finally he found blue shorts that had a smiling sun on the back pockets. Compared to the others, this was fine.

With the chosen clothes, he dressed his daughter. He even put on a little yellow beanie on her head. Still holding onto the child, he walked into his own room. In there, he dressed himself in a regular black tank top and gray sweatpants.

"Time to go to the park," Vegeta said.

The morning was sunny with the grass and leaves still wet with morning dew. The busy city had already woken up as people filled the sidewalks, and cars on the streets drove by to get to work. The clouds above were in little puffs, scattered in the bright blue sky. Vegeta found himself thinking of Bulma's eyes…so blue…

Women shrieking caught his attention. He turned from the sky and watched as three women in different hair colors came running up to him. He took a step back, as they screeched to a halt and stood before him, eyes all shiny as they stared at Jackie.

"What a darling baby!" squeaked one woman. She had dyed her hair blond, but Vegeta could see that her natural hair was black by the dark roots. She was bending over, holding onto Jackies' outstretched arms.

"Tell me! Are you the father?" the purple-haired woman asked, but before he could answer, she giggled and lightly slapped her forehead. "Of course you're the father! The baby looks just like you!"

The orange-head laughed and told her friends, "Look how he's holdin' the baby!"

The other two glanced at his arm and giggled. "This must be your first time having a daughter!" Blondie guessed. "What's her name?"

"Where's your wife?"

"Are you single?" the purple haired seem to hope. "What's your name?"

Vegeta could only tilt away from them for his legs didn't seem to move. At first he was surprise, but now he was annoyed. They were all giggly and flirtatious that it annoyed him a bit. He looked down at his daughter, who was enjoying their attention.

"We're busy at the moment." He stated as he moved, signaling that this conversation was over and that he wanted to leave.

The purple-haired woman dared to grab his arm. He was tempted to take her arm and throw her over his head, away from him, and away from the city. "Why are you in a hurry?" she asked, a little insulted.

"Yeah," orange-top agreed, "We're just askin'."

Blondie didn't seem to mind, she still played with the baby, making weird baby noises as Jackie giggled.

Vegeta didn't know what to say. "Yes," he growled a little, "This is my first time being a father. Her name is Jackie. I have no wife-" at that, the purple-haired woman's eyes seem to glow and glitter -"and neither am I interested in one. We're leaving."

He pushed passed them, having to shove them aside. They gasped, completely insulted. "Some kind of father ya are!" orange-top yelled at him, but Vegeta kept walking, not once slowing his pace. "Ya don't even know how to hold a baby!"

"Jerk!" the purple-haired said.

"Bye, Jackie!" Blondie said, waving.

'Idiots,' Vegeta thought to himself, gritting his teeth against each other. He reached a cross walk but didn't bother to press the button. He walked into the street as a car quickly turned to dodge him, crashing into another. He didn't care. He didn't care if someone died or was hurt or that they now had to pay thousands of dollars to get their car fixed. Nope.

"What are you? Blind?" the angry driver said as he jumped out of his car, stalking towards Vegeta. Vegeta could sense him coming to him from the back. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" He placed his hand on Vegeta's shoulder to stop him. But the saiy-jin prince simply grabbed onto his hand, squeezed it tight, and threw him over his shoulder. People gasped as they saw a huge man fly in the sky and crashed into a tree. Vegeta kept walking.

"Now, where's that blasted park?" Vegeta muttered. He was walking down a random street, the baby in his arm squirming. "Stop moving." He ignored the weird stares at him for the way of holding the child. Jackie didn't seem to mind. She liked it; and if she liked it, then screw everyone else.

Vegeta stopped in front of a store, looking at the window where female mannequins modeled clothes. They showed a lot of the clothes that Bulma wore, revealing lots of skins and were very…intimate. He was, to be honest, enthralled.

Finally he reached his destination. Setting her down, he stood with his arms folded, watching as the infant crawled around on the grass. Her eyes then spotted a butterfly. Cooing,she began to follow it,happily giggling. A small smile played on the prince's lips. If she was happy then so was he.

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