And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


7. While The Woman Is Away Pt. 2

6:23 am…

Was the world against him? Was Kami punishing him for the bad deeds he has done in the past? Or was Jackie just out to ruin his day?

Those questions ran through Vegeta's head as his ears picked on the sounds of his crying baby. He placed his head under the pillow, hoping it would block out the loud wails if even by just a little. But like thunder cracking on a stormy day, the cries penetrated his weak barrier. Even so, that was not enough for Vegeta to get up. No matter how loud those screams were…

He finally did, however, when he swore he felt a vibration shake the walls. He was pretty sure it was caused by that loud mouthed little brat…

He swung the sheets aside in a hurry and ran to Jackies' room, shoving the door so suddenly that it scared the baby into silence. The door smashed into the adjacent wall, but that didn't bother the saiy-jin prince at all. No, no, no. His coal black eyes were settled on the little spawn of the devil inside the crib. His shoulders road up and down as he took in breath deeply, his heart threatening to jump out. How can such anger result from something so small and defenseless?

Remember you must feed her so she can live…feed her …feed …Bulma's letter went through his head. 'Is she just hungry?' Vegeta thought. 'What do I feed a baby?' And then he remembered…

Vegeta had just walked out of the bathroom after a shower when he noticed the light peaking through Bulma's slightly opened bedroom door. He was going to train at this early morning, but it wouldn't hurt to stop by her room and see why she was awake.

Without even knocking, which he did so rudely all the time when he needed something from her, he walked into the room. And just as fast, ran out the room, his eyes wide.

"Vegeta!" Bulma called after him with a little laugh. She obviously didn't mind, but Vegeta's heart was racing. "It's ok! I'm feeding the baby!"

"Feeding the baby!?" Vegeta yelled, refusing to leave his spot. He was not scared; he was just shocked, and a bit embarrassed. He could even feel the blood rush to his cheeks. "What kind of method is that?!"

"Oh, stop freaking out, Vegeta. I'm sure your mother fed you like this at one point in your life…as a baby of course!"

Bulma saw Vegeta walk in, but noticed he didn't look at her or Jackie, who was suckling on her breast. She did see, however, a tint of blush on his face.

"Don't worry, Vegeta," Bulma said, holding back her laugh, "I won't feed Jackie like this forever. In a few months, she'll be able to use a bottle."

Vegeta refused to ask why this was so, but he did question himself why should a bare breasted Bulma feeding her baby drive him out of the room? He'd seen her in less clothing, actually no clothing at all once before…

A bottle? Is that how he should feed the baby? It couldn't eat food like…rice or anything? Well, whatever it is, he was happy that the baby was now able to use a bottle. He had also seen Bulma once fed her a little jar of baby food, which simply looked like apple sauce to him. But where did she keep the baby food?

Picking up the baby, who, for some reason, had a questioning look on her face, Vegeta placed her in one arm against his waist. Of course, he had seen Bulma carry her across her chest or over her shoulder, but he wouldn't risk having baby drool all over him. Besides, the baby seemed to enjoy it because it made happy squealing sounds as its small pudgy arms moved around as if it was flying. For some reason, Vegeta felt himself give a little smile.

Vegeta reached the empty kitchen. It felt so cold without the ever-so-happy mother of Bulma to dance around and sing as she cooked at the same time. In fact, the whole entire building was quiet without them. There were no robots running around to clean, and there were no workers…it was, to Vegeta's surprise, completely empty for him and his son. He wouldn't be bothered, just like he had always hoped for…But why did he feel a tad nervous?

On the fridge, besides plenty of magnet pictures of Bulma and her family, except for himself, was a little blue note. He snatched the little paper and read it.

"Vegeta, Jackie likes warm milk. I placed some bottles in the fridge, just microwave it. But not too hot. And in the fifth cupboard to your right, there should be baby food. "

- Bulma

Vegeta silently thanked Bulma because that was the only way he could-and would-do it. "Ok, girl, let's get you some milk."

After microwaving the milk as the letter said, he handed it to the baby. It screamed. "What the-?" Vegeta started as it knocked the bottle aside. "What's wrong with you? Fine! We'll just give you some of that food in the cupboards."

'Gross,' Vegeta thought as he pulled out a little jar of green goo in it. 'Babies actually like this?' He opened it and smelled it. He grimaced. The smell was just as bad as it looked. But this is what babies like…so be it…

From the drawers, he took out a spoon that had a purple soft end. He placed the baby in a high chair and tried to feed him, only to have it fling it away and cry.

"Kami!" Vegeta said aloud. "You're hungry aren't you?!" 'Was the baby not ready for food like this? Would…he have to feed it the way Bulma…-NO!' Vegeta fumed. His…his chest was not capable of such a thing!

"Eat it, dammit!" Vegeta ordered, but the baby only smacked the spoon away again when he tried. Her fists clenched and unclenched. Suddenly, the phone on the wall rang. He looked at it as it rang, unsure if he should pick it up. He never had before, but he did see those humans do it. It shouldn't be hard.

He walked up to the phone and picked it up and placed it to his ear. He waited, but there was nothing. "Well?!" he practically screamed into it. "I'm waiting!"

"Vegeta!" the voice on the end gasped. It was Bulma. "You're supposed to greet the caller with a 'hello' or something!"

"Why would I do that?"

"To let us know you're there and that you actually picked up the phone!" before he could say anything more, she continued. "I'm just calling to check up on the baby. I know around this time, he'd be awake. Did you feed him?"

"I'm trying!" Vegeta said, completely frustrated. He growled when the baby began to cry. "It won't eat anything! I heated the milk like you said, but he didn't want that! You said he liked it hot. And then I tried feeding him that…disgusting looking piece of crap you call baby food, but he didn't want that either! What the hell am I supposed to do?!"

Bulma stifled a giggle. The only time she would see him frustrated was every time he walked out of the gravity room, obviously angry because he hadn't turned super saiy-jin yet. To know he was frustrated over a baby…was completely bizarre and almost funny.

"Not hot milk, Vegeta. Warm milk. I'm sure you must have heated it to a boiling point. Let that cool down for a few minutes. But for now, try to feed Jackie again the baby food. What I do is that I pretend to like it-"

"Oh, no, I won't!" Vegeta raged into the phone, completely angered at the thought of putting that crap in his mouth. His stomach was for food of…delicious delicacy…not baby food, something that was way too far from delicious.

"It worked for me, Vegeta. Just try. And if that doesn't work, you can try the milk, once it's cooled down a little of course. And then when you're done feeding her, you'll need to make her burp. Check once in a while if she needs a diaper change. Vegeta I do hope you know how to change diapers."

"Of course not! I've never had such…such a burden put under my responsibility. I was trained to fight and kill, not baby-sit!"

"Well, Vegeta. She is your responsibility. You're a father now."

"Even my own father never changed my diapers! We had servants do that! Where are yours? Those mechanic…things…?"

"I had to turn them off, Vegeta. They use a lot of energy, and I don't think you know how to recharge them."

"You could have shown me that!"

"I would love to, but you always seclude yourself in that gravity room. I'm sorry, sweetie, but you'll have to deal with this for now until I come home."

Vegeta blushed at being called 'sweetie', an endearment name given to a significant other. And he, the prince of all saiy-jins, was far from being a 'sweetie.' But he couldn't help but feel his heart jump with a little joy at being called that.

"Don't call me 'sweetie.'" He said, voice dark, purposely holding a hidden threat behind it.

But Bulma mistook his meaning. "Of course I'm going to have to call you once in a while, sweetie. I can't really trust you with the baby." She sighed. "But, look, I've got to run, ok? I'm not sure when I'll be home, but please, take care of the baby." Without another word, she hung up. Vegeta placed the phone back on the hook and turned around very slowly, in a dark deadly way that made his victims fear of what would come after he fully faced them, to look at the baby, who still cried.

He picked up the jar and took a spoonful of the icky goo.

He grimaced and, in a monotone voice, said, "It's good. It's really good." And then he thought that maybe Bulma's idea might actually work. He was willing to try anything at this point. Anything but his…chest.

"See?" He placed a spoonful in his mouth. Not a split second went by before he started gagging on it. "Disgusting!" he yelled. Then he looked at the baby, understanding why it disliked it, too. "Why would she feed you this?! Did she actually force it down your throat?!" For the first time, he felt sorry for the baby. "Now what am I going to feed you?"

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