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The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


5. Vegeta Tries To Feed Baby Jackie

Dragon Ball Z | FanFiction

Vegeta Tries To Feed Baby Jackie

"Woman, the brat won't eat!" Vegeta glared at the innocent-looking baby in front of him. "Hmph. But you're not innocent at all, are you, little brat?"

Jackie looked up from her high-chair tray. She stared blankly at her father. Vegeta snarled.

"Stop doing that!" he yelled. But Jackie continued to look up at him. "Eat!" Vegeta stated, "Eat! You're a Saiyan! You love to eat!"Jackie blinked. Her tiny fist that rested on the tray grasped Vegeta's right thumb. She raised the thumb to her mouth, drooling on it. Vegeta smirked. "See, you do want to eat. But don't eat my thumb," he pointed to the can of baby food, "Eat this!" But the baby continued to drool. Vegeta growled and pulled his thumb away. Jackies' chin quivered and her small arms stretched out desperately trying to get her Daddy back. She let out a whimper. Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "Don't start crying, brat. You know you're hungry. Eat," he said and spooned out red mush from the can. Jackie whimpered again. Her tail, which hung down behind the chair, shivered. She began to wail.

"Waaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaah!"

Immediately, Bulma rushed out of her workroom. She ran over to the high chair, carefully picking Jackie up. "What did you do to her, Vegeta!?" she questioned angrily while whispering softly and soothingly to Jackie. Vegeta set the spoon down and folded his arms.

"The damn brat won't eat."

"My poor baby," Bulma cooed, ignoring Vegeta, "Daddy yelled at you, didn't he?" She glared at Vegeta. "Well?"

"She's crying because I took my thumb away."

"What?" Bulma stroked Jackies' back.

"She wanted to suck my thumb, so I took it away."

Bulma giggled. "Anyway," she began, setting the now happy Jackie back into her high chair, "You said she won't eat?"

Vegeta nodded. Bulma rolled her eyes. "You're obviously not feeding her properly." She dug the spoon back into the red mush. "Here, sweetie. Open up wide!" She inched the spoon towards her. Jackie eagerly cooperated, happily swallowing the baby food. Vegeta blushed slightly.

"Woman, I swear, I did the same thing and she still won't eat," he protested. Bulma handed the spoon to him.

"Well, then. You try." She stepped back, awaiting the results of Vegeta's parenting skills. Vegeta held the spoon up to Jackies' mouth.


Jackie blinked, then slowly gulped the red mush down. Vegeta stood up proudly, smirking. "Ha! So, the brat does know not to mess with me!"

Bulma laughed softly and turned, walking back to her workroom. Jackies' eyes followed her until she was no longer visible in the twisting hallway. Vegeta scooped up more baby food. "Alright, child. Eat." He thrust the spoon at her. The baby's mouth wouldn't budge. Vegeta dropped the spoon with disgust. "Brat!" he yelled. Annoyed. Jackie looked up at him blankly. Vegeta growled. "Fine, brat. If you want it the hard way…" He lunged at the baby in front of him, grasping the upper and lower parts of Jackies' mouth.

Vegeta began to pry Jackies' tiny lips apart. Or he tried…A few minutes later, Vegeta was Super-Saiyan. Sweat dripped off his forehead into his eyes. Jackies' face remained calm, her emotionless expression still fixed on her panting father. And her mouth had still not moved. Vegeta collapsed on the floor in utter defeat. "Damn you, little thing!" he muttered. He had been conquered by a mere child; his own child.

Without warning, Vegeta leapt up. "But I haven't been vanquished yet!" he shouted. In the other room, Bulma had stopped working on her designs for a solar-powered stroller. Instead, she sat in her chair, her head propped up by her hand, listening to the conversation going on ion the kitchen. Every so often, she would hear her mate insist that he "was not defeated yet." But mostly it was just screams of a power struggle between two opposing forces.

But she hadn't heard a peep out of Jackie. Curious, Bulma decided to check what all the commotion was about. She strode out of the room, winding around the hallways, then nearly collapsed with laughter when she saw her mate and daughter.

Vegeta glowered at Bulma, who seemed to think it was hilarious to see him in this predicament. "What's so funny, Woman?" he questioned while continuing to try to open Jackies' mouth. Bulma leaned on the wall for support, but still could not speak. The stubborn Jackie slowly turned her head, saw her mother and began to smile. Vegeta blushed and let go of Jackie. He powered down to his normal form and folded his arms. "Woman. This-this brat refuses to eat if you're not around," he explained, frowning. Bulma giggled again.

"Don't be ridiculous, Vegeta. Just relax. He'll let you feed him if you're less-less aggressive toward her," she advised and winked, "Maybe if you're silly she'll let you."

Vegeta blinked. "Silly?"

Bulma nodded. "Yeah. Playful."

Vegeta's scowl deepened. "Woman, I am a warrior. I do not act 'playful.'" He shuddered at the thought. Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Just be nicer." She turned slowly, laughing, and walked back to the world of science. Vegeta looked back at Jackie, whose smile had turned back into a blank expression. Vegeta cursed under his breath. "Be nice…" he muttered. He picked up the spoon from the floor, rubbed the back on his shirt and set it on the tray. He lowered his head so that it was an inch away from his daughter's.

"You listen to me, girl. You will eat this baby food. You are a disgrace to the Saiyan race if you don't. Got it?" Vegeta ordered. Jackie blew a spit bubble. Vegeta jerked his head back disgustedly. He scooped up the red mush and held the spoon in front of Jackie. "Open your mouth. Now." Vegeta said sternly. Jackie blew another spit bubble. Vegeta slammed his hands against the wall, shaking the house. His onyx eyes sparked with anger. "Goddamn it, child! Just eat the f*cking food!"

For Vegeta, a miracle occurred. Jackies' blank face broke into a smile. Her blue eyes shone with playfulness. And she giggled. Vegeta blinked. He eyed the food, then the laughing baby, then the food again. He lunged for the red mush, grabbed the spoon and quickly stuffed the mush down Jackies' throat. The laughing ceased abruptly. Trunks did nothing for a few moments. Vegeta smirked triumphantly and held the baby above his head.

"Ha! You could never defeat Vegeta! Never! What do you have to say about that, huh!?" Vegeta laughed. Jackies' tail twitched, then was still. Her chin quivered. She threw up.

Bulma heard Vegeta calling her from the kitchen. She rolled her eyes. This was the last time he would interrupt her! "What is it, Vegeta!?" she cried. Vegeta screamed curses in another language, then replied.

"Woman, the damn brat's-regurgitated on me!"

Bulma sighed and laughed softly. "Well, Vegeta, welcome to Daddyhood!"

More impatient screaming.

Vegeta glared at Jackie, who was back in her high chair. Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "You've really done it this time, brat!" He struggled to control his actions.

Jackies' mouth curved up into a smile. And a little pink tongue protruded from it.

(( So, how was it? I hope it was funny!

Please, tell me your questions, comments, suggestions. Thank you! ^~^ ))

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