And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


40. The Prince's Transformation

Vegeta stared down at his fallen mate. He closed his eyes and shook his head. She felt so heavy in his arms, her body limp and lifeless. A wave of guilt washed over him. He could have stopped this. 'Could you really have stopped her from dying?' his mind questioned him. The answer was most likely not. He couldn't have stopped this. Bulma was Bulma. If she had this plan in her head she would have done it regardless. No one could stop Bulma Briefs. Apparently Cell could.

Vegeta could hear the rest of the fighters around him dealing with the current situation in their own ways. There was a pain in his hard so bad he thought he would die on the spot. The unbroken bond was telling him to give up and be with her. He was going to die because of this bond. Because of this Woman. But he couldn't give up. Vegeta finally pulled himself together and slowly lowered Bulma's body to the ground he breathed in deeply and stood up. He could hear Cell's undying laughter.

Something in Vegeta snapped. A trigger had been pulled. A familiar animalistic rage began to burn inside of him. Vegeta rose slowly to his feet. His eyes began to flicker. They turned teal first then faded quickly back to onyx. His hair was also changing color. Vegeta's once jet black hair was now a deep gold.

Cell was still laughing hysterically as Vegeta started to advance. The Z fighters stood stock still, taken aback. They had only seen this transformation once but never from the Prince. They could feel the anger radiating from him. His power was electrifying. "I am Vegeta Prince of All Saiyans and I am going to kill you," Vegeta said.

Cell stopped laughing and a mocking smile was nicely poised on his lips. "Oh what? Is the little prince cranky? Does he need a nap?"

Vegeta let out a roar and launched himself at his opponent who was easily seven feet taller than him. All Vegeta could see was red. He was blinded by it. He reached Cell and began lashing out with numerous calculated hits and kicks. Cell blocked every one and met them with equal fervor.

Vegeta went at him with a right hook but Cell moved. Vegeta received a knee in the gut for his troubles. Cell then pushed him back. Vegeta stumbled but regained his balance.

"You are very powerful Vegeta but you are still no match for me," Cell said staring down at him.

"How about all of us together?" Yamcha called out his anger starting to take over. He could see his ex-girlfriend's body out of the corner of his eye. He could feel his friend's power levels rising along with his.

"Is this all because of that stupid bitch?" Cell asked.

"Don't you dare talk about her that way," little Gohan said.

"Oh waa," Cell replied twisting his fist back and forth by his eyes in a crying gesture. "What are you going to do about it kid?"

"He's not doing anything. We are going to kick you're ass. Get ready for an all out attack Cell!" Yamcha cried.

"Oh here we go. Well, hit me with your best shot," Cell said.

"No!" said Vegeta, who had regained his senses and was floating a little above the ground. "This is my fight. Don't get in the way."

Piccolo, who hadn't said anything yet stepped forward. "Vegeta you can't do this alone."

"She was important to us too Vegeta," Tien said. "And we are going to fight. Just give us about ten minutes. We promise to leave some for you."

Cell began laughing and the air was filled with that awful sound. "You all really think that you can beat me. You're power levels are almost nil next to mine. You won't stand a chance, not even together," he said sounding so sure of his self.

"Maybe not but we can at least tire you out a little," Yamcha said. "Ready guys?"

A chorus of "Yeah" and grunts of agreement went around and the fighters began to power up. Vegeta stepped aside trying hard not to look at his Woman. The pain inside of him was growing. Soon he wouldn't be able to fight. They needed to hurry up so he could finish this monster.

The Z fighters charged at Cell, lifting their feet off the ground as they reached him. They surrounded him on all sides and formed a circle. They stood on the ground legs hip width apart. Arms bent and fists clenched in a fighting stance. "Get ready Cell," Yamcha said before he let out a roar and came at him. The rest of the fighters joined suit. They took turns fighting, letting out their anger and frustration on him. Unfortunately Cell blocked every shot. Suddenly Tien received a punch to the face and flew through the air. (A/N: That's why I call him the one-hit-wonder. It only takes one hit and he's out of the fight. LOL!" Next to go was Krillen. Then went Yamcha. With him gone little Gohan and Piccolo were the only ones left.

Gohan backed off a little and levitated until he was eye level with Cell. Cell was laughing again. "Alright kid show me what you got."

"Gohan step back," Piccolo said.

"No Piccolo. It's my turn," Gohan said determinedly.

"Yes little green man, let the kid fight his own battles," Cell said. "I'll give you two free shots. Give it all you've got." He backed up and held his arms out showing that he wouldn't block it.

"Right," Gohan said. Then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. 'Father give me strength.' Then Gohan heard his father's voice in his head. "Hang on son, I'm coming. Give him all you've got."

Gohan's eyes snapped open when he heard this. His mouth was agape with shock.

"What is it Gohan?" Piccolo asked concerned.

"It's my dad. He said he's coming," Gohan said.

"That's not possible," Piccolo said. "He's dead Gohan. He can't come back. Now focus on the fight."

"Yes kid focus on me not your dead father. If he was weak he doesn't deserve to live," Cell said getting mad. "You have two hits."

"Fine," Gohan said. He came at him and threw the hardest punch he could muster. When Gohan's fist hit Cell's face Gohan had expected him to fall back a step. Unfortunately all Gohan managed to do was make his hand hurt.

"Alright that was your first shot. Give me your second."

"Here goes," Gohan said. He straightened his leg and slammed it into Cell's stomach. Cell leaned over holding his stomach.

"How does that feel Cell?" he asked proud of himself.

"Actually it kind of tickled," Cell replied.

"Alright that's it. Let's do this Cell," Piccolo said pushing Gohan aside. "Go with the others Gohan." The rest of the Z fighters were up and staring at Piccolo.

"Okay green man. Let's see what you've got. You seem powerful but you are still no match for me," Cell said smiling.

"I've heard that before," Piccolo said. "Pride is going to be your downfall Cell if we aren't."

"So sure of yourself," Cell said.

"As are you Cell," Piccolo spat.

"You're ten minutes are almost up," Vegeta called to him.

"Alright Vegeta keep your spandex on," Cell said looking past Piccolo at him.

"Let's go," Cell said.

Piccolo was happy to oblige as he launched into numerous hits and kicks. He attempted some signature moves but to no avail. It seemed impossible to beat this guy. He was more powerful than Freeza and the Androids. How were they going to beat him with out Goku? Was he really coming? No it was just a little boy's wish to have his father back.

Cell went for a right hook to Piccolo's face but he was side stepped. Piccolo backed off a little breathing heavily. Why was he so tired so early on? He just wasn't in it today. "Well, well looks like no one can beat me so why don't you all give up and let me kill you?" Cell asked.

"No way," Yamcha called to him.

"We are just getting warmed up," Piccolo said. "Why are you tired?"

"What by your little attacks? I think not," Cell said crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Back off it's my turn," Vegeta said walking towards the two.

Piccolo stepped aside. "He's all yours."

Vegeta walked until he was toe to toe with the big green monster. "Now let's finish what we started," Vegeta said looking up into his ugly face.

"Alright lets see what you've got," Cell said. "But you might want to turn your hair that funny color again. It gave you much more power than you have now," he laughed.

"If you want it you got it," Vegeta said powering up. He closed his eyes and saw Bulma dying all over again. The pain in his body almost made him fall to his knees. He had to keep it in check. He had to will away the pain. If he didn't acknowledge it then it wasn't there. Vegeta suddenly felt anger coursing through his veins. He had to do this, for Bulma.

A deep rumbling came from Vegeta's throat as he started to ascend to Super Saiyan. Finally he began to scream as the power coursed through his veins and throughout his body. Vegeta's hair began to flicker between gold and black again, as did his eyes.

Then he let out one more loud roar and turned full fledge into a Super Saiyan once more. He kept his eyes closed and breathed deeply. It was time.

Vegeta stepped forward and looked up into Cell's face. Vegeta opened his mouth to say those four words he loved so much. "Get ready to die."

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