And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


37. The Perfect Plan

Bulma sat on the couch in her bikini. She was still reeling from her and Vegeta's discussion earlier. She was beyond disappointed. She loved him so much and yet he felt nothing for her? That couldn't be right. They had a child together. No, she wouldn't use little Jackie against him. That would be cowardly. No, she had to think of something else. But what.

Vegeta was out training. Tomorrow he would face Cell with the rest of the Z fighters. It seemed that this enemy might be more powerful than any enemies before. And the worst part of it was that they didn't have Goku to protect them. Well now it was up to Vegeta, the second strongest fighter.

Bulma crossed her arms in front of her chest and let out a big sigh. She slumped even farther down into the sofa, imbedding herself. She thought for a couple minutes then stood up and went to look out the window facing the GR. She could see Vegeta. He was kicking and punching inside the GR. She noticed his strong arms, his muscled torso covered in scars like his back. Then she noticed his hands. She closed her eyes and remembered them sliding down her body, touching her in all the right places. It was always his hands first then his lips followed in their path. She remembered running her hands through his coarse mane of hair. She could feel his scalp under her hands. She could hear his ragged breathing and her moans as he ravished her over and over again.

A piercing cry snapped Bulma out of her reverie. She gasped and put a hand to her chest. She felt guilty, as if she had been caught with her hand in a cookie jar before dinner. Bulma took one more good look at Vegeta before heading upstairs to console her crying child.

Vegeta on the other hand was letting his frustrations out on an invisible enemy. He secretly wished he was doing what Bulma had been remembering a few moments ago. Oh yes, he had seen every memory that she had brought up. The damned bond had done it again. It was infuriating. Would he never be rid of it? At that moment he knew that if he could destroy anything at that moment it would be the bond, the only cord besides his child that tethered him to the blue haired woman. The child would be easy to get over. His father had gotten over him quickly hadn't he? How hard could it be to thrust aside that little nuisance? Then he could leave this planet forever and forget her.

'Why don't you leave now?' his mind asked him. 'What's holding you back? Why did you come back and fight with those losers?' In all honesty Vegeta really didn't know. But a nagging inside him was pointing to the Woman. Damn her. She was the only person in the universe that he had ever let himself get attached too. And she was trying so hard to get him back. That made everything worse. Why couldn't she let him be? She kept doing things to make him possessive again. And it was working. He could have killed that Max guy. Vegeta breathed deeply and shook the memory from his head.

No, he had to focus on Cell. They would fight him tomorrow. He would be tougher than the stupid tin cans. Vegeta decided it was time for a break. He turned off the GR and walked to the house. When he opened the back door he got the surprise of his life. The Woman was sitting in the kitchen, her shirt and bra off, feeding their child. Vegeta did a double take. Bulma looked up startled. "Vegeta I thought you were training."

Vegeta couldn't find his voice for a moment. "Woman what are you doing?" he asked finally.

"Feeding our child," Bulma said.

"Why are you doing it in the kitchen half naked?" he asked not being able to take his eyes off her revealed breast. He only had a good look at her left one the baby was sucking on the right.

"You walk around half naked all the time. Why can't I?" Bulma asked with a smirk.

"Woman just put your shirt on," Vegeta said finally finding the courage to look away.

"No, I won't because you want me to," she said looking down at the feeding child.

"Woman you are so childish. Put it back on before your parents come in and see," Vegeta said still looking away.

"It isn't like you haven't seen them before. And besides I think that I should walk around with my shirt off all the time. I might start a trend around town," Bulma laughed.

"You most certainly will not," Vegeta cried out looking up disbelievingly. How could the Woman even think he would let her out of the house in the state she was in right now? Then suddenly all Vegeta could think about was how she looked. The curve of her exposed breast, her flat belly. Even after she had given birth she looked as beautiful as ever. Vegeta shook his head and sighed.

"What's wrong Vegeta are you imagining things?" Bulma asked slyly.

"You bitch! You are doing this on purpose just to get me riled up!" Vegeta screamed.

"Well I don't have anything else to do," she said shrugging her shoulders and shifting Jackie who was done eating.

"Woman if you don't want to die tomorrow then you will stop this show and let me train so I can keep your pathetic life alive for a couple more years," Vegeta said turning around and walking out the back door.

Bulma sighed and went to the stairs. She walked up to the nursery and put Jackie back down. She leaned over the crib and folded her arms on the side of it. "Oh Jackie, what are we going to do?" she asked her. The little girl made gurgling sounds and smiled up at her mother.

"I'll figure out some way to get your father back, I promise," she said reaching down to stroke the side of her face. Jackie reached up and put her fingers in her mouth covering them with spit. Bulma smiled and stood up then walked out the door. She paused in the hallway.

"That's it!" she cried. "I know how to get him back." Bulma ran down the hall jumping excitedly.

Now all she needed to do was find Cell and antagonize him a bit then call for Vegeta through the bond to help her. It was perfect. He would save her and she would have him back forever. "Bulma you are such a genius," she said to herself smiling.

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