And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


28. The Fight

Bulma reached into the crib and picked her daughter up, holding him to her. She started to sing. She took, her to the rocking char and sat down.

Bulma continued to sing until they both fell asleep. At about 3 o'clock Dr. Briefs came in ad put Jackie back in the crib, then he kissed his daughter and put a blanket over her. He walked out of the nursery and close the door behind him.

The day of the fight with the Androids dawned bright and early. Bulma's eyes fluttered open but closed again from the brightness of the room. She threw the blanket off her and stood up, stretching the kinks out of her back. Maybe sleeping in the chair wasn't such a good idea.

All of a sudden there was a wail from the crib. Her son was up and hungry. Bulma sighed and picked up her squirming son from his crib. "Okay baby. Time for some breakfast." She proceeded to feed her baby until he was full. Bulma then went into her room to change.

After she finished dressing Bulma went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. Her father was just leaving.

"Oh, hello dear. I was just on my way to the lab are you going to join me?" he asked.

"Actually I was going to go cheer the Z fighters on."

"Hmm, do you really think that's such a good idea Princess? It could be dangerous," Dr. Briefs reminded his daughter.

"Dad, the need me. I am always there for them. They will protect me," she told her worried father.

"They may be too preoccupied with fighting."

"Don't worry dad!" Bulma threw her arms around her dad and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh but I do," and with that he turned and went to his lab.

Bulma smiled to herself. Today was going to be a good day. The Z fighters would win as always.

Vegeta. She hadn't thought about him all morning. Now all her thoughts focused on him. Where was he? Why wasn't he here? Will he really come back? Her fears from a few months ago came flooding back.

She had told Goku that he would be there. Was that really going to happen or was it all a lie?

Bulma didn't know. She didn't know a lot of things anymore. Suddenly Trunks started crying. "Oh dear," Bulma sighed before running upstairs.

Bulma arrived to the spot where Goku and the others were with a squirming Turnks in her arms. Goku saw her first and smiled and waved. Bulma smiled back. Krillen was about to greet her but stopped when he saw baby Turnks.

"Hey, Bulma! Is that your kid?" Krillen asked.

"Yeah, isn't he cute?" Bulma replied.

"Yeah," Krillen admitted, "he kind of looks like…"

"Vegeta?" Goku finished.

"Goku!" Bulma cried out surprised.

"Well he is," Goku mumbled looking down at his feet and scratching his head.

"Is it really Vegeta's kid? I thought he left?" Gohan said.

"Yeah, I thought Vegeta would have more honor than to leave a pregnant woman." Krillen said.

"Well obviously he doesn't." Yamcha said quietly.

"Alright guys let's not talk about this. When will the Androids be here?" Bulma asked changing the subject.

"Pretty soon I think," Goku said.

"Wait! I feel two beings with immense strength headed this way!" Goku exclaimed.

"No," Goku said, "there's three. Two from that way and one from over there." Goku closed his eyes in concentration. "Hey! I know that Ki! It's Vegeta's!"

Bulma shifted Trunks in her arms. 'Vegeta? He really came. He came back!' she thought to herself. "I knew he would come. Didn't I tell you Goku?"

Goku smiled at his friend. "You sure did Bulma."

Suddenly Vegeta appeared next to Krillen who jumped in surprise.

"Hey Vegeta you made it!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Of course I made it you fool!" Vegeta answered but wasn't looking at Gohan. He was looking at Bulma. His eyes were questioning. The look in eyes changed totally when he saw their squirming son in her arms.

"Well guys, now that we're all here. Let's go meet these things and end it," Goku suggested.

The Z fighters nodded and took off. Vegeta stayed where he was still looking at Bulma.

Goku turned back. "Hey Vegeta are you coming?"

"In a minute Kakkarot. I'll catch up," Vegeta replied.

"Okay!" Goku said then flew off with the others.

Bulma didn't know what to do or say. She became uncomfortable under his gaze because that's aoll he was doing. Just standing and staring.

"Are you going to say something Vegeta or just stand there?" Bulma asked getting frustrated.

Bulma regretted this as Vegeta began walking towards her. She began backing away but her back smacked into a rock. Suddenly Vegeta was so close she could feel his breath on her lips. Trunks, who was feeling a little squished, began moving.

Vegeta looked down at his daughter. A sudden anger sparked in his eyes. He felt disgust for the tiny baby. Disgust and contempt. He wanted to kill the half breed. He couldn't' stand those crystal baby blue eyes, those tiny hands,she looked like a mere weakling. Vegeta turned his attention to Bulma.

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