And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


44. The Breaking

Bulma stood in the backyard under the canopy her father had put up (with minimal help from Vegeta) opening bags of chips and pretzels. She placed them in the bowls that lined the cloth covered tables. She paused to check on her son who was sleeping blissfully in his swing. Bulma smiled to herself and then sighed.

Bulma looked to the GR. The lights were on and she could see Vegeta training. They hadn't said one word to each other since they had returned to earth. Bulma knew that Vegeta didn't make it to heaven but she didn't know how to talk to him about where he did go. She knew it wasn't even her place considering how the situation was going. The situation. Bulma sighed. Their situation was worse than she could have ever imagined. When Vegeta had returned and was standing a few feet in front of her she had wanted to run to him and throw her arms around him. She had wanted to kiss him and tell him how much she missed him. Most of all she wanted to know how his experience in Hell was. "Was it awful, Vegeta?" "Was Freeza there?" "What about your father? Was your father there?" She had wanted to ask all these things but she couldn't, didn't really have the chance to. When they had returned, Vegeta took one look at her, scowled, and then looked away.

What was she going to do now? "Bulma!"

Bulma heard her name called and turned around, shaken from her revere. Yamcha was walking around the house and coming towards her. She forced a smile and waved then went back to dumping the last bag into the last bowl. Yamcha finally reached Bulma and stood behind her waiting for her to turn around. Bulma crumpled up the bag and turned to face him. "Hi Yamcha," Bulma said.

"Hey," Yamcha replied. "What's up?"

"You're early," Bulma replied.

"I know," Yamcha said looking down with a nervous chuckle. The former lovers were silent for a moment and looked anywhere but at each other. Bulma knew that there may not be a chance with Vegeta and Yamcha knew it too. They both knew that Bulma had to make a choice. Keep fighting a losing battle to be with Vegeta or go back to being with the one that would always be there, no matter what.

The silence was awkward. All of a sudden Yamcha grabbed Bulma's hand. "Bulma…" Yamcha started but was cut off by a big bang and a shout from within the gravity room. Both looked towards the large dome as the door opened and Vegeta emerged out of the billowing smoke.

"WOMAN!" Vegeta screamed looking around for Bulma. He finally found her and his eyes narrowed at what he saw: the scarred human was holding his woman's hand. Vegeta started to march over to the two who were looking at him wide eyed then stopped. Vegeta remember their "situation." She wasn't "His Woman" anymore. But he just didn't understand why that old possessiveness just kept coming back. Why was it still there? Vegeta knew, though. It was the goddamned bond. Why couldn't he break it? He was the Prince, the one who should absolutely be able to break a bond. If he couldn't than no one else could. But now for the matter at hand. How could he break this up without it seeming that he cared for the woman.

Vegeta put on his best scowled and ignored the hand holding for the moment. He stormed up to the wide-eyed, blue-haired beauty and growled out "The machine needs to be fixed! Do it now!"

Bulma stared in shock, startled then realized that her hand was still in Yamcha's. She quickly pulled away and then anger overtook her. "What the hell Vegeta! I'm having a party today. Give it a rest!" she yelled.

"Listen Woman, I don't have time for your games. Now get your big ass in that room and fix it so I can continue training!" Vegeta yelled back with a smirk. Oh, how he had missed this.

"Wh-what!" Bulma sputterd in disbelief she had been expecting Yamcha to be plummeted into the ground not the response that she got. Then Bulma reminded herself that Vegeta no longer needed her and a sharp pain stabbed her in the belly. Bulma got herself back on track quickly and snapped back, "Fine!" She marched around the tables and from under the canopy into the bright sun. She stormed up to the GR. When she reached it she turned around at the two men watching her and yelled, "And my ass isn't that big!" Then she opened the door and slammed the button to make it close with a hiss.

With Bulma gone Vegeta could then focus on the stunned and now nervous Yamcha. Vegeta turned to his mate's ex with a snarl and a sneer. "And what the hell did you think you were doing with my woman?" Vegeta yelled getting in Yamcha's face. Yamcha backed up a little but Vegeta followed.

"Your Woman?" Yamcha asked confused. "I thought that you guys were over. Honestly!" the scared man said putting his hands up in defense as he walk away.

"Well, we aren't" Vegeta said stopping and crossing his arms over his chest. He took a look back at the GR while saying "We'll never be over." This sounded more like a complaint than just a fact.

"Um…whatever you say Vegeta just don't…hurt me!" Yamcha said with a kind of nervous laughter in his voice. He was cornered into two tables that had been pushed together and couldn't move any further.

Vegeta turned to the human and made a sound of disgust, "Pathetic." Vegeta turned back and headed to the GR.

Yamcha breathed a sigh of relief and then turned his attention to the food on the tables. "Ooh Chips!"

When Vegeta pushed the button to the GR the door opened with a hiss. Vegeta walked in quickly and the door shut behind him. He looked around for the woman and was surprised what he saw when he spotted her. She was kneeling with her head under the control panel fixing some wires, but her behind was sticking straight out and her dress was just barely covering her cheeks. Vegeta stopped breathing for a moment then a smirk slowly graced his features. He walked silently up to the woman making sure he made no sound. He analyzed his target then drew his open hand back and brought it promptly down onto Bulma's thinly covered behind.

Not expecting this Bulma lurched forward and knocked her head on the top of the inside of the panel. She screamed in pain and held her head while coming out from under the panel. She closed her eyes for a second to wait for the pain to subside a little. She could her the snickering of her attacker and she opened her eyes and turned to the sound. What she saw infuriated her.

Vegeta was doubled over in laughter and pointing at her. It seemed like he couldn't stop. Bulma was shocked for a moment and then her rage came and she screamed and lurched forward with her arms outstretched. Bulma started hitting Vegeta but he continued to laugh. The slaps didn't hurt and it was amusing how frustrated the woman was getting. Then the Bulma started crying and her crying turned into sobbing. Her slaps subsided and she cradled her face in her hands. Now Vegeta stopped laughing and looked confused. He didn't know what to do.

"Woman what's wrong?" Vegeta asked his voice cracking. He didn't expect this reaction. When she didn't stop he said, "Woman stop crying!" He said this a little gruffly and this made Bulma cry even harder. When all else failed and his woman wouldn't stop make that insufferable noise Vegeta did something very out of character: he wrapped his arms around her, a little stiffly, and held her.

Bulma started to calm down a little and then she was angry again so she pulled away and pushed him at the same time. "Why!" She yelled.

Vegeta thought she was asking him why he hit her and said, "Because it was funny."

Bulma huffed and said "Not that! Why won't this go away! Why can't we just love each other? Why won't you let me love you? All you had to do was stop being so possessive. Is that so hard to do?" Bulma cried.

"Woman I don't…" Vegeta said confused.

"Forget Vegeta! I'm done trying. If you don't want my love then…I don't love you anymore!"

As soon as she said these words both doubled over as a sharp pain went through their heads and then through their hearts. They felt like their hearts were breaking, and then, it was over. Bulma and Vegeta just stood their staring at each other and then they knew. Both of them. The bond was broken.

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