And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


43. Superpowers Collide

Yamcha and Tien got to Cell first and started their attack. Tien engaged fist to fist contact while Yamcha readied for his signature move. When Yamcha was ready Tien backed off and let Yamcha take the stage. "WOLF FANG FIST" Yamcha yelled and began attacking Cell. Cell easily blocked the attack and grabbed Yamcha by the throat throwing him a few feet away.

Then it was Piccolo's turn. His attack was a little more successful he hit Cell in the back and Cell flew forward. Tien tried to kick Cell in the face as he fell forward but Cell caught his foot and flipped him over so that he was on the ground on his stomach. Piccolo rushed up and kicked Cell in the back of his knee causing him to fall to one knee and let go of Tien's foot. Piccolo's reward for taking the big man down was having Cell swing around and punch him in the stomach. Piccolo keeled over and placed his hands on his knees gasping in pain. Cell then did what Tien had been trying to do. He kicked the green man in the face sending him flying backwards. He slammed into little Gohan and they both fell to the ground.

Goku had been coming towards Cell but when his son had been knocked to the ground he turned towards his son to see if he was all right. Before Goku had hardly anytime to react Cell had speared him into the ground. They wrestled for a while then they both quit and rolled over separately. They jumped up and stood facing each other, neither was breathing hard.

The rest of the Z fighters were up. Yamcha was coughing and holding his throat (like a pansy). The fighters regrouped and gathered around Goku. They had to try again. Goku looked more determined than ever. Then Cell thought it was time to talk some more shit, not realizing that he might just piss the Saiyan off even more.

"So your friends suck at this and you, well you are just like that spiky haired loser who I killed and that girlfriend of his, what a crazy bitch." Cell chuckled on the last part.

"Shut the hell up!" Goku yell infuriated. His power level was undulating, getting higher and higher. The Z fighters could feel the heat radiating off of him in waves. Suddenly he started to glow, subtly at first and then the heat surrounding him grew and grew until the fighters behind him had to step back for fear of getting burnt.

Cell smiled to himself. 'Yes,' he thought to himself. 'That's it. Bring forth your power so I can defeat you.'

"Oh I am so sorry. Am I offending you?" Cell asked sarcastically.

"Are you ready to fight me Cell or are you just gonna talk?" Goku said with a sardonic smirk.

The fighters were a little unnerved. They had only really seen him act like this when they had faced Freezia but this was worse. Goku was pissed.

"Okay let's bring the power levels up. All you pansies can show me what you got, but not you hot head," Cell said pointing to Goku. "I'm saving you for last."

"No way," Goku said shaking his head. I go first." Goku said.

Yamcha stepped forward a little. "Hey Goku let us have some time with him before you take him on again. Just give us a little time."

Goku shook his head but stepped back. The others had to step back too to avoid getting burnt. Goku let his power level went down a little and he continued to let it down in a dramatic way until it was diminished. He then stepped behind his friends and they all stepped in front of him.

Piccolo smirked and crossed his arms. "Okay Cell," he said. "Let's see if we can kick it up a notch. The fighters simultaneously began to raise their power levels to the fullest and Cell was sort of surprised at their strength. The were less powerful them him even put together but it would wear him down and then he still would have one more to deal with. And though he wouldn't let it show, he was not looking forward to what faced him after dealing with these idiots. Despite his amazing strength and un-mastered skills he was not as perfect as he seemed.

(A/n: okay I am not good at this whole fighting scene thing so I am going to get to the end. Sorry guys. Really)

The fight wore on for hours both teams were exhausted. Their arms and legs were weak, sweat was coming from every pore of their bodies and they had bruises and broken bones galore and half of them were down and out. Yamcha and Tien were knocked out and Krillen was too badly hurt to fight. It was just Goku and Piccolo. They were both breathing hard and staring at their opponent who was whipping the blood from his mouth. But he otherwise seemed to be fine and ready to fight so Goku decided that he would fight him, to the death. Goku knew that if he died this time it would be for good so he looked to Piccolo.

"Piccolo, would you do me a favor friend?" He asked and the green man gave a grunt and a nod so Goku continued. "Will you tell Chi Chi that I love her? And," he looked to little Gohan who still lay a couple feet away, "will you take care of my son?"

"Like he was my own," Piccolo replied with a short nod. Goku breathed deep and in reassurance then turned back to Cell. This would be Goku's last fight if he didn't play his cards right. He had to win this, for the safety of his world and the people that he loved.

"Alright Cell," Goku said. "Let's go, its just you and me, we will fight and one will die."

Cell nodded in agreement with a smug look on his face. They got down in a fighting position and took deep breaths. "Then lets do this."

Goku nodded but stopped for a minute, looked at Cell and said, "And just to let you know, the last one standing is going to be me." And he attacked.

To Piccolo who was watching the fight lasted a lifetime and seemed like their would be no end, but then lo and behold, Goku overpowered Cell with an uppercut to the face. Cell fell back Goku kicked him in the chest. He was a blur of light, golden light that slowly got brighter as he got more momentum until it was a blinding light that capture Piccolo's gaze and held it there. Piccolo was so focused on the light that he didn't realize the fight was over until Goku collapsed to the ground.

Piccolo began to run towards the two fighters who were on the ground not moving. They had their eyes closed and Piccolo sensed through the power levels that Cell's power was completely gone and Goku only had a little left. The realization his Piccolo like a ton of bricks: Cell was dead and the fight was over. But what of Goku? Would he live. Piccolo wasn't sure but his life force was fading fast and he had to find Dende.

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