And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


30. Saviour

After a while Bulma opened her eyes. She looked out of the windshield and saw that she was still somewhat in the air. "What the…"

Suddenly she felt the helicopter slowly descend to the ground. When all was still again Bulma set Jackie on the passenger seat and climbed out of the helicopter. She looked around for her savior.

"Bulma, what are you doing here? Are you crazy? You should have went home!" Yamcha yelled.

"I-I'm sorry Yamcha. Thank you!" Bulma said somewhat disappointed that it wasn't who she thought it was.

"Go home Bulma before you get us killed. We can't pay attention to them and you," and with that he flew off back to the fight.

Bulma looked back at her destroyed helicopter and then went to retrieve her baby. She got her out and looked around. She kind of recognized where she was and started off in a direction. She knew she would probably reach home by nightfall.

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