And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


14. Possessive

Vegeta sat on his knees breathing hard. Sweat poured from his overheated body. His spandex clung to his legs and his muscles ached. It was almost seven o'clock. 'Time for dinner,' he thought. Time to see his beautiful woman in her revealing clothes. Vegeta went behind the control panel and hit the off button. He left the gravity room, shutting off the lights as he left.

Vegeta trudged his way to the main house wiping his face with a towel as he went. He walked through the front door to find someone other than who he expected.

"Oh, Hello dear," said Mrs. Briefs in her usual ditzy tone. Vegeta just stood there. "Your dinner will be ready in a few. Why don't you go change?" she said when Vegeta said nothing.

"Where's Bulma?" he said, a look of annoyance on his face. He hated surprises, especially when those surprises messed up his usual routine.

"Oh, she didn't tell you?" Mrs. Briefs asked, slightly amazed that her Bulma hadn't told her Vegeta about her plans.

"No, she didn't," Vegeta was starting to get angry.

"She went out with Yamcha and his friends."

"What?" raged Vegeta.

"Yes, I can't believe she didn't tell you."

"Where did they go," he raised his voice in anger, loosing control.

Mrs. Briefs' face went white.

"Where did they go?" he asked gritting his teeth.

"She didn't say," Mrs. Briefs replied shakily, She had a feeling her house was about to be destroyed.

He hadn't meant to scare the woman. He was upset because of that weakling, Yamcha. Bulma was his. The Prince of all Saiyans deserved her not that weakling. Bulma had been his ever since that night they had slept together. She had been so passionate and warm under him. After it was over he held her closely for sometime. That was almost a month ago. She had moved into his room, which was cleaner than her own. He knew that he would never loose to an earthling. Yamcha would try to get her back. That's what Yamcha wanted. To get Bulma and take her away from him. No! Vegeta took off up the stairs. Mrs. Briefs looked confused and turned back to her cooking.

Vegeta ran to their room and shut the door. He sat on the corner of their bed and thought about where she could be. Vegeta then decided to find her Ki. It was extremely hard to find because of all the other weak Ki's around her.

Finally he found her and she was indeed with that idiot ex- boyfriend of hers, Yamcha. Vegeta started to get angry again and he hurriedly put on his clothes. He jogged down the stairs. As Vegeta walked through the kitchen Bulma's mother tried to talk to him.

"Vegeta dear wouldn't you like some dinner before you go out?" Mrs. Briefs asked. Vegeta ignored her and kept walking. When he got to the front door he threw it open and dashed out into the cool night.

Vegeta flared up his Ki a little and took off into the sky. He felt around for her Ki again just to make sure she hadn't left where she was and took of in that direction.

It took about ten or twelve minutes to find her but he did. When he saw her with Yamcha and all of his baseball friends Vegeta was filled with a jealous rage. They were all sitting in the Porta Pince restaurant in a booth by the front window. Vegeta hovered above the restaurant but kept himself at an angle so he could still see what was going on. Yamcha was sitting very close to Bulma, who had on the skimpiest clothes Vegeta had ever seen her in. Yamcha had his arm around the back of her part of the booth. He must have been telling a joke because Bulma and the others were laughing. Even the baby, Jackie cooed in amusement. Yamcha reached over and ran a finger along the baby's cheek caressing it. Vegeta then saw Yamcha reach over Bulma to pick up a menu and as he pulled back his arm grazed her almost exposed breasts.

Vegeta growled in anger. 'How dare that maggot touch my mate like that?' Vegeta thought angrily. 'How dare he.' Vegeta didn't want to go in just yet; he wanted to see what else would happen. Vegeta soon found out.

Yamcha had just finished ordering and when the waiter left to fill their order Yamcha put his hand on Bulma's leg. Bulma slapped it away while laughing. When seeing this display of Yamcha's affection for Bulma Vegeta decided that enough was enough.

Vegeta flew down and landed at the entrance. Rage burned in his eyes as he slung the doors of the restaurant open. He ignored the host, who was asking him how many people were in his party. He walked past many tables and finally stepped in front of the booth where Bulma and Yamcha sat. Everyone looked up with surprise on their faces.

When Yamcha realized who was standing in front of him a scared look came across his face. He stared wide eyed at the enraged Saiyan before him. Bulma was the one who finally broke the silence.

She swallowed loudly and cleared her throat. "Vegeta, what are you doing here?"

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