And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


23. Please, No Stay Away.

Bulma found a big rock and sat on it. She closed her eyes and lay her head back. Within minutes she was asleep. (I guess there is a tree behind the rock? Just go with it ) This was a perfect opportunity for a certain someone to sneak up on her. The smirk on his face widening with every step.

Bulma began to stir as a hand was placed on her swelling belly. This didn't dawn on her as strange because she didn't remember where she was. There was a sudden rustling as the hand was removed. Bulma's eyes shot open and she stood up looking around. She could have sworn someone was there.

A twig snapped behind her and she spun around to find nothing but trees. 'Someone was here and maybe they still are,' she thought to herself. Bulma began to backup. She turned around and smacked into something that resembled a brick wall. She stumbled backward but two strong arms clapped around her waist. She looked up into the owner of the arms.

Bulma's breathing became heavy and labored, then seemed to stop all together . She couldn't find her voice and her knees weakened so much Vegeta had to hold on to her harder than he was. So many feelings rushed through her.

Vegeta opened his mouth to speak. "Woman, I am going to kiss you now," and he did. It was a kiss of such sweetness that tears began to form in Bulma's eyes and she wrapped her arms around him as if she let go he would disappear. The kiss suddenly turned from gentle to needy and then to possession. Bulma did the only thing a girl could do in that situation, she gave in.

They devoured on another. Playing tag with their lips and their tongues. The only time they were a part was when they came up for air, which wasn't very often. For ten minutes this went on before Bulma finally found her sense and pulled away.

Vegeta growled as she pulled away. "What do you think you're doing, Woman?" Vegeta asked her.

"Being the smart one out of the two of us," she replied, breathing hard. She walked back to the rock and sat down.

"Woman come here now!" Vegeta demanded, seething. 'How dare she.' he thought.

"How dare I?" Bulma yelled jumping to her feet. "How dare I? What about you Vegeta? You almost killed our baby and then you have the nerve to come find me and try to sweep me off of my feet. Well let me tell you something Mr. Prince, it's not going to happen. You can't win me back that easily not this time."

"That's what you think," Vegeta said smirking. He began to walk toward Bulma with his arms crossed.

"I know you can't win me back!" she yelled at him. "Stop right where you are and wipe that smirk off your face!"

Vegeta's smirk widened. "You're going to be a great mother you know that?" he said still walking toward her.

"Of course I will be, Any idiot would know that," she said crossing her arms and standing up. Bulma closed her eyes, stuck her nose up in the air, and hmphed.

Vegeta began laughing uncontrollably. Bulma uncrossed her arms and looked at him with fire burning in her eyes. "What's so funny? Huh?" She put her hands on her hips.

"When you did that you looked just like me!" Vegeta said still laughing.

Bulma began to laugh a little too. "Yeah, I guess I did," she said. She stopped laughing and so did Vegeta. Bulma looked down at the ground.

"Woman, come back to me. It's lonely without you."

"Not just yet Vegeta. Give me time." Bulma said continuing to look down at her feet.

"I gave you time. You've had two weeks to recover," he said stubbornly.

"Vegeta I know this is hard because you don't have a heart, but I do…" Bulma stopped when she saw the look on his face. "Vegeta?" she asked taking a step toward him.

"Stay away from them. Stay away." Vegeta growled and shot up to the sky and flew away.

"Vegeta! Comeback! I didn't mean it!" Bulma shouted to the sky.

When Vegeta was out of sight Bulma sat down on the rock and began to cry.

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