And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


48. New Friends Pt. 2

Gohan and Vegeta sprang to their feet.

"Where could they have gone?" Vegeta gasped.

Gohan looked around wildly trying to sense their energies. "This way," he nodded, taking off in one direction.

Vegeta ran after him.

"Goten?" Gohan's cry erupted throughout the forest.

Vegeta came to a creek where Gohan stood in the middle, waist-deep, holding Baby Trunks high above his head. Vegeta's son was crying.

Spotting Vegeta, Gohan flew out and quickly handed him the baby. "Get him dry; I have to find my brother," he said before diving headlong into the creek.

Vegeta took a step forward, and then realized the little bundle in his arms was shaking uncontrollably.

He gritted his teeth and then looked back at the churning waters before flying back to the picnic tables.

Gohan swam among the rocks and murky ice water. His clothing was quickly drenched and his body was losing heat; but he had to find Goten.

He looked around blindly before bobbing to the surface once more.

"Goten!" He screamed.

This time, he heard soft crying.

He turned his head in the direction and found the infant above the water's surface for a split second before falling back under.

Gohan quickly dove after him.

Vegeta came back to the creek just sixty seconds later. Trunks was in his arms still, but he was covered in a soft warm blanket. He was still shaking, but not as hard as before.

His eyes searched the dark waters for signs of life.

"Gohan," he muttered.

He ran along the bank, before he realized the creek had picked up its pace. His footsteps stopped when he reached the edge of the cliff.

The water gushed over the edge.

Trunks began to cry again and Vegeta clutched him closer as he flew down.

"Gohan! Goten!" He called, his voice echoing throughout the woods.

Then all at once, a familiar chunk of hair crawled and then walked out of the water.

Gohan stumbled a little at first; still a little disoriented from his swim. But he held fast to a small bundle in his own arms, and it was crying.

Vegeta met the two at the shore.

Gohan's breath came out shaking; he was shaking uncontrollably from the ice-cold water and then from the chilly air. The water wouldn't have bothered Vegeta, since he was full-blood Saiyan. But Gohan's human half was freezing him.

Vegeta wished for a brief moment that he had gotten to the creek first.

"D-do you have enough…b-blankets for Goten?" Gohan asked shakily, revealing more of his also shaking brother who he had held close to his chest.

"Yes," Vegeta said, before holding out a hand.

Gohan handed his baby brother to Vegeta. He stuffed his hands back under his arms once he had done so. "I w-wonder how th-they got all the w-way out here…" he stammered.

Vegeta paused, looking at him. "That doesn't matter now; follow me."

Gohan nodded, and tried to control his shaking as Vegeta took off.

Gohan soon followed.

During the flight back Vegeta glanced once or twice back over his shoulder to see how Kakarot's brat was holding up. Although Gohan was drying, the cold air was worse with the higher altitude…Vegeta even thought he could hear the boy's teeth chattering. But Gohan didn't complain at all.

Once they had gotten close, the two descended to a walk so the few joggers and dog walkers now inhabiting the park would not be alarmed.

Gohan tried to look as normal as possible to look the part.

Vegeta set both babies down in Trunks' stroller as he packed up his things.

Gohan turned to do the same.

"Do you need a ride," Vegeta offered under his breath.

Gohan turned, a little surprised. "W-well as long as Becca i-is fine we-we can walk."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Don't be stupid, you're still shaking like a maraca."

At that point arguing with the Saiyan was useless; so Gohan obediently obeyed. Packing everything into Vegeta's car, Gohan got into the backseat so he could hold Becca while Vegeta got into the driver's side.

From her car seat Baby Jackie giggled happily and kicked her legs.

Gohan looked down at his baby sister as the car started. She was wrapped in a pale yellow blanket with green polka dots. Nothing about him was shaking or cold; she just smiled and laughed at her brother, reaching for his hair and then grabbing it.

"Hey! Knock it off!" Gohan laughed, before shivering slightly again.

Becca seemed confused by this, and so she grabbed a finger of Gohan's. She analyzed it for awhile before deciding to shove it in her mouth.

"I'm not food!" Gohan teased, taking his finger out.

But then he realized from the hurt look on her face that she was just trying to warm him up.

"I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine. Really." He skipped his stuttering since he actually was warming up from the heat in car.

Becca decided to believe him then and his attention quickly fell on Jackie again. Likewise, Jackie seemed to want to play with Becca.

"Gohan," Vegeta's voice suddenly came from the front. The younger boy looked up.

"There's a basket attached to the back of my seat; put her in it and climb up here."


Gohan was confused, but followed his orders as he unbuckled his belt and carefully and gently released Becca into the basket's secure structure.

Facing his peer, Becca laughed and clapped her hands while Jackie grinned.

Gohan smiled faintly before turning and hopping over the passenger seat and sliding in. "What is it?" He asked.

"I have to stop by my house to pick up something," he lied, "Do you want to come?"

Gohan paused, but then a kind of friendly understanding passed between the two. He nodded. "I think Becca would like that."

Here he looked back once more, to find Becca sleeping in the small softly swinging basket.

Jackie was not far away in her car seat, though it was clear both had been playing up until the moment they had nodded off.

"Vegeta," Gohan said, "They did become good friends."

Vegeta glanced in the rearview mirror at the infants and smirked.

"They did."

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