And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


41. Lovers Reunited

After Vegeta's much loved entrance Cell thought it was time to step it up a notch. He set his mouth in a determined smirk and spread his legs apart, bending his knees and planting himself firmly into the ground. He clenched his fists and made it so his elbows paralleled his ribs, the back of his fists facing the ground.

Vegeta steadied his breathing as he faced the monster. They stood about eight feet from each other but Cell could feel the heat radiating off Vegeta. Vegeta's face was set much like Cell's but they were both completely different. Vegeta crossed his arms in front of his chest in his standard stance. The two stood there for a few minutes before Cell broke the steely silence.

"Come on Princey! What are you going to do just stand there?" he shouted.

Vegeta didn't say anything. He uncrossed his arms and took on the same stance as his opponent. He tried to ignore the pain shooting through his body. Vegeta knew that pain wasn't from keeping up the Super Saiyan status which could be very hard to do at times. Kami knew he had tried for years. He could feel his death drawing nearer. He wanted to give in so badly. Just give up so he could see Bulma again. But he wasn't a quitter. No, he would never give up a fight. Vegeta had to keep fighting. Just forget the pain and it will go away for the moment. Concentrate on the fight.

Vegeta put on his bad man look and taunted, "If you think you can handle it!"

"Oh I can," Cell replied. With that said he began screaming as his power level began to rise. It surpassed Vegeta's power by two. Vegeta didn't falter though he just put a smirk that would betray his pain and maybe just a little fear. A fear not of death but of living without Bulma. He didn't fear Cell like the others did. He was a man on a suicide mission. Fighting was his passion and his life. But this time he wouldn't fight for fun or because he wanted to. This time he would fight for Bulma, his fallen mate.

Vegeta readied himself as Cell's power began to level out. Vegeta knew Cell wasn't using all of his power. He was holding back by two thirds. He could be much more powerful. Vegeta decided to call him out. "Why don't you use all your power Cell? What are you saving it for something?"

"I don't need all my power to defeat you Vegeta. You are nothing to me," Cell laughed. "Now is your time to die!" Cell launched him self at Vegeta and the fight commenced. They exchanged kicks and punches. This went on for about five so six minutes. Then Vegeta fell back and landed a drop kick right into Cell's face. Cell landed on his feet holding his jaw stunned for a moment. Then, there was a low chuckling that began to get louder and louder. Vegeta sighed heavily. This was taking much more out of him than he thought.

"Come on, you have to do better than that if you are going to beat me," Cell taunted with a smirk.

Vegeta let out a roar and launched himself at Cell. Cell was ready and he sidestepped him. Vegeta stopped himself before he fell. His breathing was heavy and his knees felt really weak. Vegeta knew that one of them was going to die, but he feared that it might be him. Then he remembered Bulma and once again, just like all those years with Freezia, he was ready to die if it was to truly come about.

Vegeta took his sweet time getting to a standing position. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and put on his signature smirk.

Cell smirked too. "Are you ready for more?" he asked with a chuckle.

Vegeta didn't answer. He took a deep breath and prepared to charge again. He summoned what energy he had left and charged the big green monster. Vegeta speared him right in the stomach and Cell wrapped his arms around Vegeta's back, holding him there. Cell moved back a couple steps then his arms circled around Vegeta's waist. Cell lifted Vegeta up so that he was dangling upside down. Vegeta started thrashing around wildly. Cell threw all his weight back and threw Vegeta over his head. Vegeta flew through the air and crashed to the ground hard. He let out a groan and just lay there, his energy spent.

Vegeta heard gasps go around the other fighters. Vegeta thought they were surprised by what had just happened but all of a sudden he heard Gohan yell out, "Dad! You came back!"

Vegeta froze for a moment. Could it really be Kakkarot? Vegeta slowly lifted his head to see a pair of boots right in front of his face. He craned his neck to look up and sure enough Goku was standing there with a sad look on his face. He knelt down on one knee next to Vegeta. Vegeta felt so weak and it made him angry to be seen like this in front of his arch rival. He felt pathetic and so he looked at the ground in shame.

Vegeta slowly began to sit up. When Goku tried to help him Vegeta slapped him away, wishing the pain in his heart would go away. Vegeta finally got up and looked Goku right in the eyes. "What are you doing here Kakkarot?" he asked.

Goku smiled and said, "Kami let me come back." Vegeta closed his eyes and lay back a little. "Oh and by the way I saw Bulma," he said. Vegeta's eyes immediately snapped open.

"You saw her?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, she wants you to wish her back and take care of Jackie until she can be revived."

Vegeta closed his eyes in agony. Then Goku spoke again. "I told her that I knew you would and I feel bad for lying."

"Lying?" Vegeta asked.

"Yeah. I know you are going to die Vegeta I know about the bond and everything. We will wish you both back," Goku told him. "I think that Kami will let you come back. The bond is a little strange but I don't know if it would be considered a natural cause." Goku stood up and dusted the dirt off his knees.

"Well I guess it's time to fight," Goku said looking back at Cell who was waiting impatiently not saying anything. "I don't think the big guy is going to wait much longer."

Vegeta groaned and lay flat on his back on the ground.

Goku gave a knowing smile. He knew how much pain Vegeta was in. Well he couldn't really relate but he knew that it was hurting him much worse than any wound he had received in battle or otherwise. "Vegeta you stay here and let me have a go!" Goku called walking towards Cell. He set his mouth in a determined frown.

He reached Cell and stood about five feet from him. Cell crossed his arms. "You are much stronger than shorty over there," Cell said with a smirk. "I am confident that you might challenge me…he just a little."

"If you want a challenge you got one," Goku said crossing his arms too.

"Bring it on," Cell said uncrossing his arms and gesturing for him to come on.

Goku let out a roar and launched towards him. They started to fight. Goku's moves were calculated and so were Cell's. They were an even match for the moment. Cell had let his power level rise a bit since Goku was stronger than Vegeta. They finally pulled a part after a while. Neither of them could get a good hit in. They stood a short length from each other but they weren't breathing heavily.

"You surprise me," Cell said. "You are stronger than I thought and you aren't using your full power, but then again, neither am I."

"Why don't you just leave? You have no business here," Goku said calmly.

"I think not," Cell said. "Why don't you raise your power level to your full potential and we will see what happens."

"I have no reason to. You really haven't done anything to make me angry," Goku replied.

"Well let's give you a reason shall we," Cell said with a smirk. He turned to Vegeta and gave a chuckle. Vegeta's head was bowed and he was still breathing heavily.

Goku's eyes widened as he saw what was about to happen. "NO VEGETA!" he yelled as Cell raised his arm and formed a ki ball in his hand. Vegeta gathered enough strength to look up just as Cell released the ball. Goku ran to reflect the blast. He threw himself in front of Vegeta but the blast had already passed him. Vegeta's eyes widened and he turned over. The ki ball blasted him in the back. Vegeta let out a howl and fell forward.

Goku got up and rushed over to his fallen rival. "Vegeta!" he called breathlessly while turning Vegeta to face him. Blood was pouring out of his mouth and his eyes were closed.

"Vegeta can you hear me!" Goku asked frantically.

Vegeta smirked slightly and grunted. He breathed deeply and said, "Don't worry Kakkarot. Just take care of my daughter..." Vegeta was going to say more but couldn't find the strength. Suddenly his eyes shot open and he lunged forward. Goku moved back. Then Vegeta's eyes closed again and he fell back.

Goku felt his heart clench. "Go to her Vegeta. She's waiting for you. I'll take care of this monster. For both of you." Goku nodded his head and put his hand over his heart then place his hand to Vegeta's heart. He took a deep breath and turned back to Cell who looked very pleased with himself. "Alright Cell, let's do this."

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