And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


4. Jackie's First Fight

At Capsule Corp. Bulma Briefs surveyed her living room. Everything was neat and tidy, ready for her guests. It had been a year and a half since she'd seen ChiChi and she wanted everything to be perfect when she told her the good news! Feeling a tug on her jeans leg her 'good news' gurgled incoherently and held her arms up, signalling that she wanted to be held.

Bulma picked up little Jackie with a smile as her fuzzy brown tail curled around her arm. About nine months old and already she could get out of her play-pen and crawl as fast as any car to find her. Not only was she fast in movement, but mentally as well. Although she couldn't talk yet, she was now differentiating shape and colour blocks and even memorising some complex animal sounds that a one year old would be learning. Even number & letters!

Walking to the baby's play-room she put her back in her pen. "Ok, baby," Bulma cooed. "Mummy's having a few friends over for a while. Yes!" She said as her daughter clapped her hands with a toothy smile. "You'll get to meet them after nap-time, Okay sweetie?"

The infant gave a bubbly giggle in replay which Bulma took as a 'yes'.

Giving the baby a warm bottle, about a litre of formulated milk as well as some of her own, she headed downstairs just as the doorbell rang.

"Hi ChiChi!" The mother exclaimed as she opened the door, only to be pounced upon by her long-time friend.

"Bulma! How have you been? It seems like ages since we visited each other!" Her guest said happily. Beside her walked Goku and Gohan, both beaming at their reunion.

"I had some problems a while back, but everything's fine now." Bulma assured her friend as they made their way towards the living room.

"What problems? I hope that Vegeta isn't bothering you!" ChiChi scowled as they sat on the couch. "Because if he is… Then it's zoom!" She said as her frying pan appeared in her hands. She gave a couple of practice swings. "Pow! To the moon!"

"Vegeta can be a problem sometimes." Bulma agreed, ducking another practice swing. "But my troubles are mostly about work…"

As Bulma and ChiChi and the others began to get reacquainted, Gohan began to search for Vegeta. His father had found his way to the kitchen and he felt bored enough to spar with the older Saiyan. Sensing a ki in the GR he went outside to investigate Vegeta's old haunt. Finding the Gravity Room switched off confused him, normally it was on if someone inhabited it… Wasn't it? Opening the door a crack he could hear movement from within the chamber such as the rustling of clothing, strange pacing, cooing…


The half Saiyan opened the door wider and looked through it. A small child, barely a toddler, in pink pyjamas, was sitting in the middle of the room gurgling in glee.

After her mother had left,baby Jackie had finished her bottle of warm milk. Not feeling at all tired, she decided to visit her second favourite person in the world. Vegeta. She recalled the times she would crawl up to him for attention. He would always growl or frown at her and demand what she wanted, but then would smirk when Jackie met his eyes, telling her that although he was bigger then her,she was certainly not afraid. Her father would then pick her up and speak to her in her language and feed her bits of bloodied meat, something the child could feel was a secret between the two of them. She enjoyed the meat and in thinking that some would hit the spot right about now she pulled open the cribs bars and with her tail flowing behind her,she headed towards the GR, a place she knew her father would always be, come rain or shine.

Finding that Vegeta wasn't in the Gravity Room, which she felt was a astonishing feat, Jackie decided to look around finding weights and other fighting stuff her father used everyday. Deciding to wait for him, she clapped her hands and cooed at the strange shiny stuff she found until she was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

"Hello, little girl. Where did you come from?" Jackie looked at the stranger that entered the room, big blue eyes stared unblinking into the others black ones.

Gohan looked back at the baby, feeling slightly unnerved by the child's penetrating gaze. Walking towards her he continued to look at Jackie, who stared right back.

"Well, whoever you belong to, you can't stay here." Gohan continued as he picked the child up, not noticing the tail. " If you do then Vegeta might eat you for dinner or something." He said laughingly.

At the mentioning of 'dinner' the baby remembered her mission. To find her father and get something to eat. At that point instincts took over and the baby opened her mouth at the only thing available to her.

Goku sat back with a sigh. After eating everything in the Briefs refrigerator, including something defiantly raw, the full-blooded Saiyanjin decided to rest for a while… Well until the next meal anyway.

Feeling his son's ki fluctuate rapidly snapped Goku out of his daydream of his next meal. Figuring Gohan might be sparing, he concentrated on the ki near him. It was unfamiliar to him, and yet…not? Deciding to check out his sons opponent he headed towards the GR in curiosity. Whoever it was, although it had an extremely low level ki, he was beating him up good.

"What the…!" He said as Gohan passed the GR's window at a run with something blue and brown attached to his face.

Opening the door in a rush he found his son now on the floor, trying to pry the thing off him with no success.

"Get it off of me, get it off, get it off, get it off! Ow, ow,ow! Help, help!" The little fighter screamed, struggling with the infant.

Goku ran to Gohan and grabbed Jackie as gently as possible. Regrettably, all it got was a yell from his son as the child dug his teeth deeper into his nose while tightening his hold around his neck with her tiny fists and tail.

"How long has it been on you?" Goku asked Gohan, as he finally got the baby off him, with a scream of pain from Gohan. Jackie squealed in protest and began to fidget in the Saiyans grasp, trying to see the person who took her meal away from her.

Gohan huffed. "About 10 minutes." He touched his tender nose and winced. "She almost bit my nose off!"

Goku turned the baby around to meet his face. Seeing the child's big blue eyes he grinned and brought him closed to his face. "Hi, there!"

Jackie grinned evilly with the prospect of a bigger meal.

Over at the house, Bulma had just finished talking to ChiChi about her 'little problem'.

"… And since I had to take a few months off I have been swamped with paperwork ever since." Bulma finished. She sipped her tea and waited for her friend to ask her what she was waiting for.

"What made you take those months off?" ChiChi asked.


"It wasn't Vegeta forcing you to make something, was it?"

"What are you two women chattering about?" A familiar voice said from the hall. Vegeta appeared in the doorway, his scowl ever present with a hand on his hip. The other hand held two dead rabbits by the neck.

"Were just talking about how Bulma had to take months off her busy schedule and be forced to make stuff for your training." ChiChi snapped at the Saiyan no Ouji.

"I have never pressed the Onna into doing anything she didn't want to, harpy." Vegeta snapped back. His eyes fell on Bulma and, for a short second, softened. Then they snapped back in their usual piercing glare.

"That's right!" Bulma said, defending her husband. "Vegeta has never forced me into doing anything I didn't want to do." She then thought, "Except for that one time when he was frustrated and the only thing to calm him was…" but decided not to tell her friend about that particular night-time pleasantry.

"…And where is your useless mate and his weakling brat?" Vegetas harsh voice pierced through her daydream memory.

"I don't know, maybe training!" ChiChi said sarcastically. "Something you should do."

Everyone heard the back door close at a slam. Gohan emerged in front of them, panting. His nose was now a big shiny red blemish from the ordeal it went through. (Think Rudolf!) Leaning on the wall of the living room, he tried to catch his breath.

"Killer… chibi…" He breathed as everyone looked at him. "Got… dad!"

"Killer chibi?" ChiChi asked.

Bulma and Vegeta went shock still. "Jackie…!" They both said. And without a warning to their guests, they ran to the back door, bowling Gohan over, and headed towards the GR at an incredible speed.

Reaching their destination in record time both parents tore the Gravity Room door open to reveal their daughter in the same position as she was before, teeth on nose with hands and tail around neck. Goku was now the one running around, arms flailing in the air and chanting his son's previous song of "Get it off of me!".

"Kakarott." The prince snarled softly as he witnessed his kinsmen's stupidity.

"Goku, come here." Bulma said trying to sound calm instead of worry for her daughter.

Goku had finally stopped running around like a headless chicken and walked over to where he heard Bulma's voice, baby still on his face.

Bulma gently grabbed Jackie's sides and tried to pull the little half-saiyan off. "Ok, sweety," She told the baby, who still hadn't let go of his prize. "It's time to get off Uncle Goku and have a little nap."

Hearing her mothers voice, baby Jackie let go and, to everyone's surprise, laughed happily in the woman's arms. Snuggling up to her, the child instantly began to doze.

"Well that was anti-climatic." Bulma said, turning away from her stunned friends and over to Vegeta. "Who taught my daughter how to attack peoples faces?" She snapped at her husband.

"It is Saiyanjin instinct to hunt when hungry, Onna!" Veggie said in equal tone. "She was just giving in to her needs as my offspring! He has teeth, she should learn how to use them! Why the hell do you think I've been hunting such small and pathetic prey!" He waved the rabbits around, still in his hand. "I could easily swallow them in two mouthfuls, let alone have a meal!"

"What's going on here?" Goku said. He touched his sore nose. "And when has she gotten that appetite?"

"We might as well explain everything inside… I don't want to repeat everything twice." Bulma said, now passing the two into the house.

It had been a long and busy day for baby Jackie. In her cot she recollected the days events. After her father had fed her some bloodied meat, which made her really sleepy, her mother and the two other strangers met with another person. She didn't like the strange sound that came out of her and cried out a protest in the hopes that her mother would protect her from the weird lady. She had indeed saved her by taking her into her arms and snapping at the creepy woman and calmed her down by rocking and speaking softly to her. Putting her in her crib she then kissed her head and returned to the strangers in the other room, snapping at the odd words from the lady and her father. He snuggled deeper into her blanket. Sure the lady was scary, but playing with the others was fun. She couldn't wait for the next visit!

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