And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


20. In The Dark

Hey You Guys. I know I haven't written in forever but I finally have chapter 7 written. Yay!

Disclaimer: Please don't make me say it again! Okay, okay, okay! (Said in a monotone) I don't own DBZ or any of its characters.

Onward mighty stallion! HI HO SILVER AWAY!

Chapter 7: In the Dark

Bulma stood up and pulled her ripped shirt tight around her. She felt movement behind her as Goku put his hands on her shoulders.

"I am really sorry Bulma." Goku said gently, comforting his best friend.

"You should be." Bulma said. Goku watched as she made her way up the stairs.

"Bulma!" Goku called. She stopped but didn't turn around. Goku continued. "If you need any help with your baby know that you can count on me and my family." Bulma just nodded and continued up the stairs.

Bulma threw herself on her bed and began to cry. 'Why must he be like this? What happened? He was so gentle the first night. So caring. Now he is a monster. Does he even know I am going to have a baby? Will he care? Will he leave? Maybe I should get an abortion before he finds out.' Bulma winced at this last thought.

"My Kami." she thought aloud. "What am I saying? Get an abortion?"

'You will not get an abortion woman!' Vegeta yelled in her mind.

'What the hell?' Bulma thought. 'Vegeta is that you?' she asked in her head.

Bulma felt silly when she got no answer. 'Of course we can't hear each others thoughts. We aren't telepathic.'

'Actually we are.' Vegeta said.


'Yes woman' Vegeta sounded sort of angry but also a little sad.

'How can you hear my thoughts?' Bulma asked.

'It is a mating thing.' Vegeta explained.

'Oh.' Bulma said. Still not to sure of herself. She didn't know if this was really happening or if she was dreaming this. Maybe she had gone crazy.

'Vegeta where are you?' Bulma cried in desperation. (A/N: They are thinking to each other remember this! ) 'Come home Vegeta I need you.'

'Listen woman. If you abort that child there will be hell to pay. Stop sniveling! You keep my heir safe!' Vegeta yelled at her.

'How dare you! I can't believe you! Will you never change? It will always be you, you, you won't it? Well you know what? I am sick and tired of it. You never think of me! Ever. I hate you! Don't come back Vegeta! I never want to see you again!'

'Woman! Listen to me! You-'

'No Vegeta you listen! Stay out of my head. I hate you!'

Bulma then closed her mind to him. She got off of the bed and went into the bathroom. She felt sick. She sat by the toilet and stared off into space.

After awhile she got up and changed. She slipped into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling. 'Jackie...' She thought. She wondered what her baby would be like. Would she be like Vegeta? Bulma hoped not. Maybe she would be smart like her. Maybe she would look like her too. She had wanted a child for so long. Now she wasn't sure.

Bulma woke up three times that night. She thought she heard Vegeta coming up the stairs every time she closed her eyes. Because of this it was hard to sleep. So many things were running through her mind and she was so tired. So tired she couldn't sleep. (Don't you hate when that happens?) She gave up and went downstairs to get some water.

When Bulma reached the bottom of the steps she could see a light glowing. She ran to the window and saw that the gravity room was on.

"Son of a Bitch!" she screamed. 'That bastard is training.' she thought. Praying Vegeta was listening and heard the 'bastard' part. "Wait until I get my hands on him!"

Bulma ran out of the backdoor and towards the GR. It was raining and her black silk nightie clung to her every curve. When she reached the GR Bulma began to bang on the door. Her hands started to hurt but she continued banging and screaming. "Vegeta get your ass out here. Come and face me you damn coward."

Vegeta stopped his spin kick in midair and narrowed his eyes. No one called him a coward and got away with it. He walked to the door and pushed a button and the door slid open. A soaked Bulma fell to the floor. Vegeta stood over her with his arms crossed and an angry look on his face.

Bulma groaned and rolled over, staring at Vegeta, blinded by the bright lights of the GR. "Get up woman!" Vegeta barked. Bulma held up her hand to be helped up. Vegeta stared at her hand and raised his eyebrows. Bulma huffed and got up by herself. She pulled at her nightie and squeezed the water out of her hair.

"What do you want woman?"

"What do you mean what do I want?" Bulma asked putting her hands on her hips.

"What was so important that you have to interrupt my training?"

"I can't believe you Vegeta!"

"Woman you are soaked go back into the house and change." Vegeta said. He turned around and walked back to the control panel.

"No Vegeta!"

Vegeta turned around and clenched his fists, his eyes narrowing. "What did you say to me ningen?" He walked towards Bulma.

"I said no Vegeta!" Bulma yelled as she backed away. "You are going to explain to me why you came back and the way you are acting this way. This is ridiculous!" Bulma's back was to the wall and Vegeta was inches from her face.

Vegeta leaned in close to her ear. Bulma shivered as his breath tickled her ear. "There is on lesson you must learn woman." Vegeta whispered lightly in her ear.

"What's that?" she whispered back.

"Never say no to a Saiyan Prince!" With that said Vegeta grabbed her around her waist and threw her to the ground.

Bulma tried to get up but Vegeta straddled her. Pinning her down with his weight, he reached down and put his finger on her lips. Bulma opened her mouth and bit Vegeta's finger.

Vegeta grinned. "You want to play rough?"

"No!" Bulma screamed. "I want to go back upstairs!" She tried to crawl away as Vegeta slipped out of his training pants.

"It's too late for that woman." A naked Vegeta pushed up her nightie and straddled her. She could feel his long, hard manhood on her thigh. "You belong to me. You need to learn that. You and our child belong to me."

"No Vegeta please!"

"Say it woman! You know you want it."

"Please!" Bulma begged.

"Please what?" Vegeta asked mockingly.

"Please take me Vegeta! You are right I do want it. I want it so bad. Do it. Just get it over with. I can't take it!" she screamed as she suddenly felt the need to let go of her sexual tension.

"Say you belong to me woman!" Vegeta barked. "Say it and you will experience more pleasure than you have ever felt."

"No Vegeta! I don't belong to you. I belong to no one!" Bulma spat. Angry that he would sink so low as to do this to her.

"Oh but you do. Remember this is a lesson." Vegeta retorted.

"Teach me Vegeta! Fuck me hard. Now!"

"Not unless you say it."

"No! Just do it. I won't say it. I won't."

"Then I won't do it." Vegeta said standing up and putting his training pants back on.

Bulma lay there stunned. Had that just happened? Did Vegeta choose not to have sex with her? That bastard! "This isn't over." Bulma told him through narrowed eyes. She stood up and pushed her nightie back to its original place.

"Woman I suggest you get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold." Vegeta told her.

"Save it Vegeta. It's not like you care!" Bulma retorted and went to run out of the gravity room. But someone grabbed her wrist.

"Let go Vegeta. Let me leave!" She screamed at him.

"Tell me what you meant by that." Vegeta said. He was becoming angry at her accusations.

"What are you talking about? What is there to explain?" Bulma asked twisting her wrist and pulling away. Vegeta held on too tightly.

"How about you explain what you meant by saying I don't care about you." Vegeta said trying to hold on to her without hurting g her.

"Just forget it Vegeta!" She said. She really wanted to go back inside. She was dripping wet still and she began to shiver.

"What the hell did you mean by it?" Vegeta yelled losing his patience.

"I meant that you don't care about me. You don't car how I feel, how much I love you, and you defiantly don't care what happens to me or the baby!" Bulma yelled.

Vegeta let go of her and stared. He was angry. He didn't know what to say. They both sat there in silence just staring. Then Vegeta said, "Woman, don't fool yourself. You know you could never find a man like me."

"No I couldn't. But I could find someone who would treat me better." She paused and then said, "Maybe I will." Wrong thing to say.

Vegeta's eyes widened and then narrowed with fury. Bulma could almost feel the anger radiating off of him.

Bulma knew she had better get away and fast. She turned and ran. When she reached the door she slammed the button to open it. The door to the GR began to slide open. Bulma was ready to run. She felt Vegeta behind her.

Just when the door had opened enough for her to slip out Vegeta slammed his hand on the button shutting it again. Bulma hit the button again and so did Vegeta only harder.

Bulma tried to push the button again but the door wouldn't open. She pushed and pushed but the door still wouldn't open. Bulma became hysterical. She kept hitting the button, hoping it would open. Bulma screamed in defeat. Vegeta had hit the button with enough force to cause it to malfunction. She was trapped.

Bulma stopped suddenly. She no longer felt Vegeta behind her. The lights in the GR cut off. She knew there were two reasons that might have caused this. A.) The storm had knocked the power out or B.) Vegeta turned them off.

Bulma voted on the latter. She could see a light on in her parent's house through the GR window. She heard Vegeta start to chuckle somewhere to the left of her.

"Vegeta." She called, her voice shaking with fear. She hadn't really meant to say that she should find someone else. How could she. She had a baby.

Vegeta stopped laughing. Bulma began to walk until she reached what she thought was the middle of the GR. She felt a breeze behind her. She gasped and spun around. She couldn't see anything.

"Vegeta, this isn't funny. What do you want from me?" Silence. "Vegeta you know I wouldn't want anyone but you. Please just stop this. Let me show you. Let me give you all of me."

Vegeta began to laugh again. "I already have all of you woman. I've tried to teach you. You don't want to be taught."

Bulma began to walk toward his voice. "Teach me Vegeta. I am yours. I'll never be anyone else's. I've never loved anyone but you!" 'Except for Yamcha and Goku.' She thought forgetting that Vegeta could listen to her thoughts.

She heard Vegeta hiss. 'You would lie to me?' He thought to her. "So you do love another. Kakarott!" Vegeta spoke aloud this time.

Bulma laughed out loud. He thought she loved Goku? "Bad move, woman. No one laughs at the Saiyan Prince!" Vegeta yelled. Bulma realized that she had made a mistake. It was too late. Before she could tell him what she was laughing about she was knocked off her feet by a slap to the face. She slid on her side across the floor until her back connected with the control panel.

Bulma was scared. Vegeta had never hit her before. Was this the real Vegeta she was seeing? The old Vegeta? The evil Vegeta?

"Vegeta please, don't do this. I love you. Yes, I love Goku, but it's a different kind of love. It's the love between a brother and sister!" Bulma stood up as she said this.

"You expect me to believe you now that I know you have feeling for my rival. How could you?" Vegeta asked her.

Bulma began to cry. "Please Vegeta just turn the lights on. Please!" she began to walk but she slipped and fell with her hands beneath her. She gasped as she felt something wet slid down her leg.

"Vegeta you need to turn on the lights now. NOW!" Bulma began to panic.

Vegeta sensed that something was wrong and could feel her emotions. He walked across the GR and turned on the lights. They were both shocked by what they saw. Bulma was bleeding.

Well that's it for this chapter. Tell me if you liked it or not. I think this is the longest chapter that I have ever written before. Yay! So anyway you know what to do, read and review!

Much love,

Lillian Rose.

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