And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


16. Get Out!

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ!

Bulma woke up to find herself alone in her bed again. It was a week and a half since the incident at the restaurant. She sat up but flopped back down when her eyes came in contact with the bright sunlight. Bulma rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She went and took a long hot shower and got dressed.

Bulma decided that she would call Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, and Krillin and see if they would like to come over for a late breakfast. She went downstairs and into the kitchen. Picking up the phone, she dialed Chi Chi's number. The phone rang three times before someone answered.

"Moshi Moshi," came a voice on the other end.

"Is this Gohan?" Bulma asked.

"Hey Bulma!" cried Gohan, when he realized who it was.

"Hey, Gohan. Listen, is your dad or mom there?"

"Yeah, Dad's right here. Let me get him." Gohan replied.

"Hey Bulma. What's up?" Goku asked, picking up the phone.

"I was just wondering if you would like to come over here for breakfast. I was going to ask Krillin, too." Bulma said.

"Sure! When should we be there?"

"In about an hour." Bulma said.

"We'll be there." Goku said, hanging up the phone.

Bulma hung up the phone and dialed Krillin. When that was all done she decided to tell Vegeta. "Maybe if he knows he won't flip out again." Bulma told her self as she walked across the lawn toward the GR.

She was surprised to find that the power wasn't on. "That's strange, where could he be?" Bulma looked in through the windows of the GR room and, sure enough, Vegeta was no where to be seen. "Wait, didn't he tell me last night that he would be going somewhere tomorrow? Somewhere more peaceful, he said."

Bulma thought very hard to try and remember what Vegeta had told her. "That's right! He went to that island near Fiji. Well, I guess I don't have anyway to tell him what is going on. I am sure he won't take it to bad and maybe everyone will be gone by the time he gets back." Bulma thought aloud. She was wrong.

Ding Dong! The doorbell rang out through the house and Bulma ran to the door to answer it. She opened the door and there stood Goku and his small family.

"Hi everyone!" Bulma said smiling.

"Hi Bulma!" Goku waved. "Hello Bulma," Chi Chi said. Goku and Chi Chi walked into the foyer followed by little Gohan.

"Hi ya, Aunt Bulma!" Gohan greeted his older friend. Bulma closed the door after the family and ushered them into the kitchen where she was in the process of making brunch. They sat down at the kitchen table and talked for a while about how everyone was doing and what they had been up to. About ten minutes before the food was ready Krillen showed up. Krillen had always had a crush on Bulma. When he came in he gave her a hug and Bulma ushered him to the kitchen to sit with the others.

Bulma set out plates and silverware while everyone talked. The food was finally ready and they began to eat.

When they had all finished Bulma started clearing plates and cleaning up with Chi Chi.

"So where's Vegeta?" Goku asked as the girls were putting the dishes in the dishwasher, while he picked up the baby who was crawling around on the kitchen floor.

"Oh, I think he is on some small island near Fiji." Bulma replied.

"Good old Vegeta. He just won't stop until he gets stronger than Goku, will he?" Krillen said.

"No, I won't." Vegeta replied. He had just walked in through the back door.

Bulma stopped what she was doing and turned to look at Vegeta. 'Oh no!' She thought. "Vegeta...heh...heh...back so soon?" Bulma asked.

'I hope he doesn't mind. Wait! Why should I care! These people are my friends. I would never get with Goku. He shouldn't have a problem with this.' Bulma thought to her self again. But when Bulma looked into Vegeta's eyes as he turned his gaze to hers she saw a flicker of anger pass through his eyes and then disappear.

"Well, Vegeta we were just leaving." said Goku, as he then set the infant down. "I have training to do and I am sure you do, too."

In about three minutes, Goku and his family were gone, leaving only Krillin. ", out training in Fiji I hear?" Krillin said as he fidgeted with his belt.

Vegeta slowly walked towards him, who backed away in fright. Vegeta then held out his hand and formed a Ki ball the size of the short one's head and said, "Beat it baldy, or you'll be nothing but a pile of dust."

Krillin scrambled toward the foyer and shouted over his shoulder, "Bye Jackie! See you Bulma!" and ran out of the door.

Vegeta watched him go with a smirk on his face. His smirk soon turned into a scowl as he turned toward Bulma, who then picked Jackie up. "V-Vegeta it's n-not what you th-think! Goku and his family and Krillin just came over for brunch. I tried to tell you but you had left. And-" Bulma was cut off by Vegeta's hand closing over her throat.

"You remember what I told you last week?" Vegeta asked her, their noses almost touching.

Bulma nodded. "Then what the hell is baldy doing in our house, hm? Are you getting close to him, too?" Vegeta asked.

"He is my friend that's it! Now let me go, Vegeta! I can't breathe!" Bulma pleaded, tears running down her face. He dropped her to the floor and she started coughing and sputtering. The baby started to whimper, hiding it's face in her mother's shirt. "Oh, baby... It's all right.." She murmured, pulling down her shirt a little and feeding the baby.

Vegeta stood there watching her. When Bulma finally got her breath she yelled, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE VEGETA! NOW!"

"What!" Vegeta yelled back.

"You heard me! Get out! I have had enough and it will end here!" Bulma said getting up from the floor and looking him straight in the eyes. "I am not your property!" She screamed.

Vegeta stalked up to her and grabbed her arm and pushed her head back to show a bite mark on the right side of her neck. "This mark says that you are!" He yelled in her face.

"That mark doesn't mean anything to me!" Bulma said back, pulling away from him and walking into the living room. "This is not the first time that you have done something like this." Bulma said to him.

"What do you mean this isn't the first time?" Vegeta said, following her into the living room.

"This isn't the first time you have acted like this. So...possessive!" Bulma said turning around to face him.

"For the last time, WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME!" Vegeta shouted at her clenching his fists at his side. Bulma scoffed and went upstairs to put the baby down to sleep, she then headed back downstairs.

"The first time you flipped out when I was talking to another guy was not with Yamcha! It was at the mall when I was giving this guy directions and you turned him into a pile of dust!" Bulma yelled clenching her fists too.

"He was staring at you!" Vegeta replied getting angrier.

"So what!" She screamed.

Vegeta grabbed her again and then kissed her. Bulma struggled against him and broke free. She tried to run past him but he stuck his arm out and caught her around the waist. "Woman, listen to me." Vegeta said kissing her neck. Bulma struggled in his grasp.

"No, Vegeta, I don't want to do this anymore. You can't keep doing this."

"Doing what." Vegeta asked nonchalantly still nuzzling her neck and nipping her bite mark with his teeth.

"Controlling my life, Vegeta!" Bulma screamed. Vegeta let her go and spun her around. "You don't own me Vegeta!" Bulma yelled.

Rage was the only thing on Vegeta's mind. "The hell I don't! You gave yourself up to me and now you belong to me. You are my mate, and mine alone!" Vegeta yelled. Bulma was amazed at what she heard.

"Vegeta, get out of my house." Bulma said quietly.

"NO!" he yelled.

"You're going to wake up the baby, damn you!"


"I SAID, GET THE FUCK OUT!" Bulma yelled.

Vegeta bore the look of a crazed man on his face. Vegeta pushed Bulma to the floor. He started flipping over the couches and throwing lamps. Bulma started screaming and took cover on the inside of the stairs. Vegeta blasted the TV and stereo and went to the stairs. Bulma saw him and got to her feet and started running up the stairs. Vegeta hurried up after her.

He followed her into their room and blasted the door open when she locked it. Bulma ran to the balcony but was grabbed the hair and pulled to the bed. Vegeta threw her down on the bed and lay on top of her. "You want me to leave?" Vegeta asked her.

"Yes!" Bulma yelled. "I hate you Vegeta! I hate you!" she screamed.

Vegeta pulled her head sideways and re-opened her bite mark. Bulma cried out in pain and Vegeta flew out of the balcony doors.

Bulma sat up, putting a hand on her bleeding neck. She walked to the balcony doors and looked out. She got a last glimpse of Vegeta stepping into one of her father's space pods. 'Oh, no!' She thought. 'What have I done?' Bulma ran downstairs as fast as she could, still holding onto her neck.

She went out the back door just in time to see the engines in the pod rev up. "VEGETA!" She cried as the pod lifted off the ground and flew into space. Bulma collapsed on the grass and lay on her back crying as she watched the space pod go father and farther from earth. Bulma watched her prince disappear.

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