And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


9. Daddy's Little Girl

"Vegeta? ... Vegeta, please come help me! Vegeta!"

Bulma's voice rocked the entire compound. She was referring to setting up the party decorations and those that were particularly high on the ceiling. He was in her nursery, holding her, watching her as she slept. He played with her tuft of blue hair. He's happy to see so much of Bulma in her, but at the same time, disappointed that neither of his children looked like him. Both of Kakarott's children resembled that buffoon - yet another thing to add to his list of "reasons why I hate Kakarott".

The baby opened her eyes to show off their deep aqua color. Vegeta smirked, "Hey, princess."

He was interrupted by Bulma rushing in, hands on hips, "There you are! The party starts in an hour, could you please get ready?' She went to grab Jackie from him when he grabbed her wrist and growled. She flinched and retreated back. He narrowed his eyes then hesistantly handed over his daughter.

"Thank you!" She took her over to her changing table and dressed her in Bulma's favorite outfit of hers. Jackie's little legs kicked around in her pink velvet "one-zee". She placed a burping cloth over her shoulder and held her there, tapping lightly on her back. Vegeta remained in the room, watching their interaction. Bulma noticed his presence and mentally yelled at him for not going to get ready yet.

She awkwardly bounced Jackie and walked over to him, "I'm glad you're here, you know."

He tried to think of something clever and blunt in response, but all that he uttered was, "Me too." He went over and kissed her on the forehead then stroked her cheek with a finger - large in comparison to her small face. Vegeta proceeded to leave the nursery and head down the hall. Bulma looked her daughter, "Your Daddy loves you very much, Jackie,always remember that."

The party was all set up for. Pink seemed to consume the entirety of the compound - inside and out. Goku and his family where the first to arrive. They were transmissoned into the kitchen where Vegeta stood picking at the platters of food, unbeknowngst to Bulma.

Goku grinned at his long-time rival, "Hey, Vegeta!"

He didn't pause his nibbling nor respond, "Your house looks...great! There's so!" He was about to say something along the lines of Goku being a bumbling idiot when all of them heard a soft whimper that seemed to grow louder and louder. Vegeta seemed to bolt upstairs, gusts of wind following, leaving the Son family with a lot to comprehend. When he reached the nursery, Jackie was alone in her crib, flailingly rapidly. He ran over and picked her up, bouncing her. She screamed at such high frequencies so close to his ear, Vegeta thought it was going to start bleeding.

He was nervous. His child was yelling so loudly and he didn't know why or what to do. As if his prayers were answered, Bulma walked in, hearing the screams, "Vegeta!"

He was still bouncing her around the room, "I don't know what's going on! I heard her scream and so I came in here - now she won't stop!" Bulma reached and grabbed the baby, this time he let her. She sat down in the plush chair and lifted her shirt and bra, exposing her swollen breast. Jackie began to find her way to her source of salvation. Vegeta's eyes widened and he swallowed whatever had risen.

The two made their way downstairs, Jackie snoozed on Bulma's shoulder, occassionally sneezing or coughing, scaring the wits out of Vegeta. The whole gang finally arrived and was in the backyard, since everyday in West City was a beautiful one. Mrs. Briefs continued to serve platter after platter to her guests.

The three of them appeared and Bulma called out, "Hey guys!"

As if in sync, everyone rushed to see the two-day-old baby. Vegeta's protective instincts flared but he knew no one here would ever deliberately hurt her. When Jackie started to whimper again, he panicked. He didn't want his wife to whip out her breast in front of everyone, and he didn't want to hear those screams again. But, to his surprise, they just cooed and giggled at her. The festivities went on and he continued to keep a close eye on her. When Bulma handed her over to him, life seemed to pause as they watched this not-so-delicate-man handle a six-pound baby.

Vegeta loved holding her, but he got embarrassed in front of his former enemies. He turned his back to them as he skillfully held her on his shoulder with one hand, and reached down to get food with the other. Jackie awoke from her intermitten slumber and giggled when she realized who she was with. Even though she looked like Bulma, they could tell she was going to be like Vegeta.

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