And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


10. Daddy's Little Girl Pt. 2.

My friends can't understand this new me. That's understandable, man, but think how bananas you'd be - you'd be an animal, too.

- Eminem "Going Through Changes"

The party continued on into the evening and everyone contiuned to coo over baby Jackie. Vegeta held her for the entire evening, unless handing her over to someone else. When it came time for Goku to ask for permission, he just laughed.

"I should let you," he bellowed, "my long-time rival who stole my honor and crushed my pride, the man who disrespected me and humiliated me, hold my newborn child?" By this time, the whole gang has heard these speeches before. Now they're just curious to see if he would actually let him. Goku just shrugged at his friend's bluntness, "Well, yeah, ideally..." Jackie was wide awake during this semi-misunderstanding and was squirming in her suit. Nonetheless, Vegeta handed her over, watching Goku's hands to make sure she doesn't slip out from his loose grip.

"Ahehe! Hey there little one." The taller Saiyan cooed. "Who's a little cutie? You are! Yes you are!" He laughed,nuzzling the infant's cheek with his own. "Hehe, she really looks just like Bulma eh?" Jackie cooed and gurgled,wriggling her feet.

Vegeta didn't understand why no one trusted him or they were suspicious of his behavior. He felt as if he were going insane with the paranoia surrounding a baby. He wasn't sleeping right. when he did nod off, it was in Jackie's nursery, not his bedroom. Bulma didn't mind. She was still sore from childbirth so sex was out of the question. There was this force driving him to his daughter, a connection so deep, it rivaled Bulma's maternal bond.

Goku handed her back over to him and Vegeta retreated back to his seat, mainly to eat. He just so happened to be at the same bench as 18, who had her arms full with Marron, who turned five recently. They awkwardly acknowledged each other, knowing that they both were once blood-thirsty killers now holding their respective children in a very human-like fashion.

Vegeta shifted on his side of the bench, "Don't get used to this, you tin can."

18 rolled her eyes, "Yeah, uh...same here?"

Bulma trudged over to her husband, holding out her hands, "There's my baby girl!"

Without knowing, Vegeta growled and coiled Jackie tighter into his arms, eyes fixed on Bulma. "Vegeta!" she yelled, "For Kami's sake, stop doing this! You're acting like a child. Anyways, we know that won't change..." She glanced over at 18 as if to be validated, only to get a stoic, unreadable expression from the android.

The party had, finally, come to a close and Bulma trudged into her bedroom to find Vegeta with his head in his hands hunched over on the bed. He seemed to be breathing unevenly and jaggedly. Bulma finished tying her hair in a ponytail and sat beside him, rubbing a hand on his spine-petruded back.

"Sweetie?" she cooed at him, "Are you alright?"

She recieved no answer nor could she she his face that was hidden from her, so she continued, "Did you each too much today, or does your head hurt? Maybe aspirin would help." She started to get up and walk to the bathroom when his hand grabbed her arm. She looked down to see Vegeta looking at her with a tear-stained face.

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