And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


45. And The Storm Raged On

Weeks have passed since the bond between Bulma and Vegeta was broken. Vegeta was trying his best to pretend like nothing had happened. This meant that he was pretty much ignoring Bulma all together, as if she didn't exist. On the outside the Prince may seem to not care about breaking the bond, which is the very thing that he had been trying to do for weeks and weeks before, but now that it had happened he was less than happy. Vegeta felt like there was a piece missing, he felt like there was a humungous hole in his heart. Never had he felt like this. Even after his world had been destroyed and he had lost everything he had held dear. He had never had such intense feelings as he did now, training in the GR, without the training bots. This was because his concentration was off and every time he zoned out a bot would smack him in the face. Now Vegeta wondered, 'Is this what it is like to have loved and lost?'

Bulma too was a nervous wreck but, unlike Vegeta, she let it show. If she wasn't zoning out, she was crying, and if she wasn't crying she was fussing over Jackie, and if Jackie happened to be sleeping then Bulma would be pigging out on chocolate. Yes, the beautiful and usually collected scientist was at her wits end with grief and heartache.

On this day Bulma sat at the kitchen table staring off into space. She didn't hear her mother enter the kitchen and only realized that she was there when Mrs. Briefs put a hand gently on her shoulder. At the human contact Bulma got into fight or flight mode and jumped up from her chair. Her heart was racing and after a couple of seconds she realized who had touched her and put a hand to her heart perhaps to steady its rapid beating. Her chest heaving she said, "Mother don't do that. You scared the life out of me!"

"I'm so sorry dear I didn't know that you were busy," Mrs. Briefs said with a dumb smile. Her mother's usual cheeriness made Bulma want to vomit but she just frowned instead.

"I wasn't busy mother, I was just lost in thought, that's all," Bulma replied sitting down again as her mother went to the refrigerator.

"Oh, well, are you hungry dear? Would you like me to fix you something to eat?"

"No mom. Not unless you have about a pound of chocolate." Bulma replied in a miserable, and somewhat pathetic, tone of voice.

"Darling," Mrs. Briefs said closing the refrigerator door and turning to her daughter, "I wish you would tell me what is wrong. Is it Jackie? You aren't still having those feelings you had when she was born are you? What was that the doctor said…post-something-or-other?"

"Post Partum Depression mother and it isn't that. I love my son. It's just his father that I'm having trouble loving. Well, maybe its love." Bulma sighed and didn't continue so her mother persisted.

"You're not sure that you love Vegeta?" Mrs. Briefs pushed her daughter, it was more of a statement than a question.

"I don't know mom," Bulma said laying her head on the table. "I just don't know. I don't want to talk about it."

"Well, dear, it might help if you did talk about it. I'm your mother Bulma, you know you can talk to me about anything and I'll listen."

Bulma sat up and rested her face on her fist but continued to stare down at the table. She was trying to think of something to say. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, readying herself for the task of telling someone how she had been feeling for the past couple of weeks. "Mom, I've had feelings for Vegeta for a long time and when we had a child we formed this thing he called a bond. It was something that his people did when they chose a mate that they had strong feelings for. I think that royalty wasn't supposed to bond but somehow he did. And he bonded with me. I guess you could say that the strong feeling we have, or had, was love. I'm just not sure really. See, I didn't think that Vegeta could be capable of love since he had never been shown any. Now I see that I was wrong. He can love and he does love me…or did love me," Bulma's voice cracked at the last part. Her eyes welled up with tears that she didn't know if she could hold back.

Mrs. Briefs went to her daughter and pulled a chair up next to hers. She sat down and put a hand on her daughter's back. Bulma laid her head down on the table and began to sob.

"Go ahead Baby. Cry all you want. That's right. That's a girl. It's all right now, Mama's here. Just let it out." Mrs. Briefs soothed her while stroking her hair. "That's my baby."

Bulma sat up and put her face in her hands and Mrs. Briefs stood up and held her daughter's head to her breast.

"I don't know what to do, mom. I just love him so much and I broke the bond because I told him that I didn't love him. I tried to take it back but the bond wouldn't go back. Vegeta said that it would only have broken if I meant what I said. But I didn't mean it Mama! I didn't mean it! Why did it break if I didn't mean it?"

Mrs. Briefs took a deep breath, "I don't know honey. I really don't. But I think that you need to talk to Vegeta and see if you can straighten it out with him."

"I can't mom. He doesn't want to talk to me." Bulma said sniffing loudly she had almost stopped crying, just a few tears leaked from the corner of her eyes.

"Well you have to make him talk to you. Your father and I raised you to try to succeed at everything and never give up," Bulma's mother answered.

"All right mom. I'll try." Bulma said with a weak smile.

Her mother smiled back, "Good. Are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah, let me go see Vegeta and straighten this out."

"Just tell him how you feel Bulma," Mrs. Briefs said and then headed up the stairs.

"Okay," Bulma wiped her eyes and straightened her clothes then headed outside. She looked up at the sky and saw that dark clouds were covering it, shutting out the sunlight. There was a slight breeze that held a sense of impending doom. Lightning crackled in the distance. Thunderstorms had always scared Bulma ever since she was a young girl. She made a B-line directly for the GR. She was almost ten feet away when the door slid open and Vegeta stepped out. Bulma did an immediate U-turn and headed back towards the house. She could hear Vegeta walking behind her. She was trying to walk slowly and seem normal. She hoped that Vegeta hadn't seen her turn around and that he didn't know she was coming to see him and lost her nerve.

But of course Vegeta knew and he chuckled to himself. It was the first time in weeks that a resemblance of a smile had crossed his features. True, the Woman was very entertaining. For the moment he forgot all about the bond and what had passed between them so many days ago and decided to have fun with her.

They had almost reached the house when Vegeta sped up and zoomed past the blue haired woman with super-human speed. He jumped in front of her and Bulma slammed right into his chest and fell back. She closed her eyes and readied herself for ground impact in 5…4…3…2 and…. But she never hit the ground. Two strong arms wrapped themselves firmly around her small body, enclosing her into sheer warmth.

Bulma had her eyes squeezed shut but allowed one of them to open after the contact had been made. She hesitated, and then opened the other eye. She had a tingling sensation going through her body, starting at the top of her head and running through to her toes. Was Vegeta feeling this sensation too? Bulma looked into his face and his expression told her he was. His facial expression was of pure shock and a little anxiety. Yes, he had felt the connection just as strongly as she had. Was this because they had touched? They hadn't since that day when he had held her in his arms similarly as he was doing today.

The two continued to stare at each other for what seem like an eternity, not saying anything, not thinking anything, not daring to even breathe lest they break the spell. Finally Vegeta composed himself and decided to break the mesmerizing silence. "Woman," he said.

Bulma nodded dumbly then answered in a whisper, "What?"

"Watch where you're going," And he pulled her up until she was standing. Bulma straightened herself up. Vegeta began walking towards the house mentally shaking him self from the trance he had been in only moments ago when Bulma called out to him.

"Vegeta," Bulma yelled after him, thunder rumbled in the distance and the wind blew Bulma's hair across her face, her skirt rustled violently. She struggled to keep her hair from her face and wasn't succeeding. Suddenly big drops of rain began falling from the sky. They came hard and fast and Bulma was soon soaked to the bone, Vegeta too. Despite the conditions of which they were under the two didn't seem to notice they were only staring at each other. Vegeta wait for Bulma to continue speaking, when she didn't he began to walk towards her.

Suddenly there was a flash and a lightning bolt hit the ground right between them. Vegeta put a hand to over his face and fell back a step. Bulma screamed and covered her head with her arms. She began shaking from head to toe. When the shock of what had just happened went away Vegeta ran to Bulma and stood in front of her.

"Vegeta!" Bulma cried, daring to uncover herself and not noticing that he was right in front of her. Vegeta grabbed her arms to pull them off her and Bulma screamed again in surprise. The thunder rumbled and the lightning crackled again but didn't come near them this time.

"It's all right Woman. It's just a stupid storm. You're all right," he tried to comfort her. This was hard for him having never experienced comfort before he had met this woman. She had been there for him so many times and only now did he know that he needed to be there for her at this very moment in this storm that was their love. This storm represented them as a whole. Vegeta was startled a little by this realization but at the moment he needed to get his Woman inside before she gave herself a heart attack.

Vegeta wrapped his arms around her and herded her into the house. He opened the back door and the wind blew it against the side of the house. Vegeta pushed Bulma into the house and had to put more effort than he would have liked to into fighting the wind to pull the door shut. When he finally got it he turned to back towards Bulma to find her standing in a puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen. There were tears pouring down her face, or was that just the water from her hair? Vegeta couldn't tell. He went to stand in front of her. Her head was turned away from him. He took her chin into his hand and forced her took look at him. She still tried to avoid him by not looking into his eyes but that plan quickly failed and she was staring into his face.

Vegeta could now tell that she was crying from the sniffling noises she was making. Was she crying because of the storm or was it something else. He couldn't be sure and before he could even begin to figure it out Bulma had flung her arms around his neck and was holding on to him for dear life. She buried her face into his neck and began to sob. Vegeta could feel the emotions coming out of every pore in her body. Anger, frustration, sadness, even love, he felt it all. He didn't need a bond to know how she was feeling he just knew her well enough. His little mate with all her silly human emotions, she was so fragile in so many ways.

It seemed like first nature to him when he wrapped his arms around her wet and shaking body. He felt the need to comfort her immediately, it was an instinct now. He shook his head; he had been on this planet too long. She had changed him. Somehow this weak human had changed him. Him, this cold hearted monster, this killing machine, this murderer of millions of worlds and people.

He was so lost in thought that he jumped when he realized that the tingling sensation he had felt a few minutes ago was back and in full force. Bulma felt it too and stopped crying. She lifted her head to stare into Vegeta's face for conformation that he felt it again. He nodded wordlessly at her. "Is it…?" Bulma started.

"No, or at least I don't think so," Vegeta replied.

Bulma nodded and looked down. Then she took a deep breath and looked up. She leaned in quickly and put her mouth lightly on Vegeta's, testing him. Vegeta's eyes widened and he froze up in shock then his face relaxed and he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her back. Suddenly they both pulled away as the tingling sensation in their bodies intensified so much that it actually hurt. Tears welled up in Bulma's eyes. She felt like there were little pins pricking her all over her body. To her the pain was close to excruciating but to Vegeta it was just an annoyance.

Bulma began crying and pushing at Vegeta violently. "Make it stop, Vegeta! It hurts so bad!" She collapsed onto him and Vegeta continued to hold onto her. Then he moved to kiss her again thinking maybe if that's what started it then kissing her might make it stop.

"No Vegeta! It might make it worse. Ow!" Bulma whined. She pulled away from him totally and leaned back against the wall of the kitchen. She put her hands on her knees and hunched over breathing hard, then her head rolled back in pain. "Vegeta please make it stop!" she cried again and slid to the floor.

Vegeta didn't know what to do. He wanted to stop her pain as fast as he could. He walked over to his mate and gathered her up into his arms and walked as quickly as he could up the stairs and to their room, which had only been used by Bulma the last couple of months. He sat her down on the bed and proceeded to take off her clothes. Bulma whimpered every time they made contact and it was hard for Vegeta but he finished finally and laid her, naked, flat on top of the covers. Vegeta then undressed himself and lay down next to her.

Despite the pain Bulma turned to face him and looked at him. She stared into his face and then her eyes fluttered downward and she blushed as she looked at his state. She closed her eyes and heard Vegeta chuckle. Bulma took a deep breath and then opened her eyes. "Take me." Bulma said quickly. Vegeta was taken aback and didn't know what to say.

"What Woman?" he asked incredulously. Had she really just said that?

"Please Vegeta! Just do it. Make my pain go away." Vegeta took a deep breath and moved so that he was above her.

The pain in Bulma's body increased and she winced but didn't stop him so Vegeta continued. He nudged Bulma's legs apart and began to push at her entrance. He slowly entered her. She was so tight and her walls closed around his penis painfully. Vegeta gritted his teeth and sunk farther in until he hit her core. Bulma sucked her breath in and Vegeta waited to see if she was okay. Her eyes were still closed. When she realized that he had stopped she opened her eyes. Vegeta stared down at her and she nodded for him to go on.

He leaned down and placed a soft, gentle kiss upon her lips then pulled out of her slowly and slid quickly back into her. By the fifth time Vegeta had entered her all of Bulma's pain had melted away and she was now floating towards ecstasy. Vegeta kissed her neck and chest. He sucked on her left nipple, rolling his tongue around it then biting it before he moved to the right one.

Bulma rolled her head back and moaned as Vegeta quickened his pace. Bulma began to buck her hips against him. This made Vegeta push harder. He bent his head down and captured his woman's lips. He savored the taste of her and tried to put this moment in his head so that he would never forget it, or her, again.

Outside the storm raged on and so did they.

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