And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


22. Ahh,Wilderness

Bulma pushed her plate away from her, sat back in her chair, and wrapped her arms around her stomach. "I'm stuffed," she said. "I think I ate enough for me and two saiyans." She stood up and stretched, then turned to Goku. "Do you think I could go for a walk? I could use some exercise."

Goku thought for a moment then sighed and gave her a smile. " Go ahead, Bulma. Just don't be gone long." Bulma nodded and headed out.

"Don't worry little one, Mommy'll be right back, ok?" He cooed at the baby, lifting her up and holding her close. The baby looked up at him and cooed softly. Goku kissed her forehead as he gently started bouncing her up and down. The baby nuzzled against his Gi and yawned. He sat in a rocking chair and hummed softly, soon the baby was asleep in the man's arms.

Bulma closed the door behind her and started towards the trees near the Sons' house. The day was nice and there was a light breeze. Bulma breathed in the fresh air and smiled.

As Bulma walked she thought about Vegeta and how he was doing. She had wanted to contact him for the past week but was scared. She wouldn't know what to say anyway. A part of her missed him but another part reminded her what he did to her. Bulma didn't know what to think. It was true she loved him. He was her world, but he was also Vegeta, the proud Saiyan prince.

She wondered if people could change. Could she change him? Did she want to? Did he want to? She had no idea.

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