In love with my bro's mate


1. Coming home

Chapter 1

Coming home

(jen point of view)

So I'm Jen and im 19 I live in Dublin, Ireland. My bro is Niall Horan go ahed fan out. Yes hes from One Direction and hes coming for the summer to visit.


Im so nervous cause the whole band is coming and I want to impress them so were not enemies but aaaaaaa! Im so scared and nervous why?!


"knock-knock" I hear "oh no their here!" I rush to the door and fix myself. "little sis how you been!" '"Niall where's the rest?" "here cutiepie" "harry?" "who else?".


"Harry shes off limits!" "yea I know its just im gonna call her that" "ok but no ideas!" "gosh ok man" "just making sure my sis is ok".


"Niall Im 19 stop, you know ill always come to you" "yae but Im a year older so yea" "ughh fine" "come in guys make yourself at home".


I greet the guys and Louis comes at the and he looked kinda cute. "hey" "uuu...hey" he just stared at me I stood there to try to get him back.

(Louis point of view)

I came with my suitcase when I saw Niall's sis she looked hot and was adorable when she said "hey". I responded and stared at her palish skin, pink cheks, brown hair, brown eyes, and slim body.

Dam it shes Niall's sister but I already like her he won't dare but I need to have her. First I need to get her to love and and come back cause she's leaving now.





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